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Gender Genocide in Canada-8: Change the Ontario Liberal Government

Gender Genocide in Canada-8: Change the Ontario Liberal Government

By Syed Jawed Anwar

We organized various seminars on the effect of Bill 13  in 2012-2013 in Thorncliffe Park Drive, Toronto and Mississauga. When Phil Lees of PEACE Education Services unfolded Bill 13 and Bill 33, everyone in the hall was stunned and shocked. All were listening and watching his presentation by holding their breath.

One of the participants said, “I never believed and sensed before it that Qiyamah (doomsday) would be so closer and dajjal entered so deep.”

The effect of Bill 13 and others to change the education and society started entering into Muslim homes.

Radical Sex Curriculum in 2015 was just a branch of the tree, “New ‘Accepting’ Education ACT” (Bill 13 passed in 2012).

The teachers of public schools start indoctrination of children as early as KG. They are teaching alternate family of two moms and two dads by reading stories of boys or girls with two moms/dads. Check a story how a lesbian KG teacher changes minds and converts young kids.

Grade 3 and up students have liberty for sexual orientation and gender identification (SOGI). Parents have to “respect” and “facilitate” the new gender of their children.

What should be the obvious result of these Ontario Liberal bullying to parents?

Muslims should vote to change the Ontario Liberal government. However, in contrast, surprisingly, Muslims were voting to re-elect the Liberals many times.

In 2007, Kathleen Wynne (she was first open lesbian minister, holding Ministry of Education) was contesting election from Don Valley West, one of the largest Muslim concentrated electoral district. Her rival was John Tory (leader of the Progressive Conservative at that time and current Toronto City mayor). John was promising public funding to all religious schools. Our Muslim neighborhood, parents, and Islamic schools (with other religious groups) could be immediate beneficiaries of John’s election promise.

But unfortunately, Muslims in majority voted Kathleen Wynne who later changed completely the character of Ministry of Education, public schools, and finally society. Voting in 2007 for Kathleen Wynne and continuously voting for her is a suicidal approach of the Muslim community.

Why is it happening?

  1. Ignorance: Majority of the community members (including many Imams and religious leaders and institutional heads) are not aware of what is going on around them in the government, the system, etc. They always watch news and read news about their previous home countries. Their presence here is just physical presence.
  2. “Muslim” Liberal Agents: Liberals managed to enter into most of the major Islamic Institutions and organizations. Most of them are members of Federal Liberal Party of Canada, not the Provincial Liberal. However, they pretend and educate others that federal and provincial are same. The worst cases are those centers where president and/or Imam are “Liberals” and promoting gay liberal politicians from the Mimbars of Masjid. “Muslim” liberal agents are mostly paid and employed by liberal/gay politicians. They are ruining our religious values and sanctity of Masjids.
  3. Messing Federal Issues with Provincial Issues: Progressive Conservative (PC) of Ontario is not Federal Conservative Party of Canada. Immigration policy is federal, not local. They should know that PC leaders are not “Islamophobic” and anti-religion. Liberals philosophy is based on liberalism, divorcing God from public affairs. They worship people’s desire and lust instead of God. Education, health and most of the social sector are provincial issues, not federal.

Divorcing God and worshiping of desire in education system is creating the gutter culture into which we are sinking.  

I believe this is the last chance to unseat the Ontario Liberal government on the issues that matter to us most. It was impossible to expect that Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario could bring these gender genocidal, sexual perverted and sexual disoriented laws. It was NDP agenda that was endorsed, taken and implemented by Liberal governments.

There is no other option. To defeat Kathleen Wynne government, we have to vote Progressive Conservative (PC). Not voting or voting for others is wasting of votes that facilitate Ontario Liberals re-coming with more harmful legislations. Ontario Liberal majority or Liberal minority plus NDP government will be disaster for us.

Can we afford that?


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