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Bill 13: Ontario Gay Politicians Bully Parents

08 Sep 2012
Bill 13: Ontario Gay Politicians Bully Parents


HOW an organized minority controls the government, the media and people, the Ontario’s legislation of Bill 13 is its shining example. The minority LGBTTIQ group lobbied, manipulated, lied, confused, and imposed the bill 13 with school curriculum amendments and changes, keeping parents completely unaware and ignorant.

A couple of homosexuals of Liberal government controls the party, and minority government of the party imposed their law to all 13 million people of Ontario, quick and fast. It is a small minority’s dictatorship over the majority. It is bullying the parents. It is snatching of children from the laps of parents for filling the laps of the seven fluid gender community; LGBTT1Q. It is genocide of a generation. Bill 13 that passed on June 5, 2012 from Ontario Legislative Assembly is social engineering and rebellious to the nature, the God the Creator. It is an effort to brainwash the children and plant “homosexual” bacteria in the young minds of children from Elementary, from the KG.

Let me examine the Bill 13 and its consequences.

1. The Bill 13 uses the word “positive” exactly 13 times; 12 times with “school climate” and 1 time with “behaviour.” The word “positive” is a code word for “gays friendly” or “homosexual heavens” in the schools.

2. Bill 13 promises to change the “attitude” of the people. That means all the teachings; moral, spiritual, approach or attitude that confronts homosexuality will be altered and fixed. It is a direct attack on federally granted religious rights under Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom.

3. The Part 9, subsection 303.1 says the bill will require by law that all public funded schools permit openly homosexual student clubs. These clubs are called Gay-Straight Alliances (GSA) although the bill permits similar clubs by another name. It’s clear this bill has a  “special interest agenda” to get kids to reject the religious beliefs held by their families regarding homosexuality.

4. The “gay equity” curriculum being legislated by part 2 of Bill 13 also expects teachers to promote the concept of “gender-fluidity” as early as kindergarten. This is the disputed notion that a child’s gender is not necessarily connected to their anatomy and that it’s perfectly normal for little boys to think they’re little girls, and vice-versa. The gay equity curriculum of the Ontario government describes gender as being socially constructed. Bill 13 redefines gender to consist not only of male or female, but to also include the disputed seven gender theory of LGBTTIQ, which stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Transsexual, Two-spirited, Intersexed and Queer. (It is eight but confined to seven to match the seven colours of rainbow, symbol of the group). This redefinition is contained in the pre-amble of the bill and in the guiding documents of the Equity & Inclusive Education Strategy that will be codified in law by Bill 13. That means now your children are going to learn the Seven Gender Theory more comprehensive and in more detail from as early as Grade three. Teachers training videos are available to teach same sex theory for KG and grade one class. Phil Lees, leader of Family Coalition Party mentioned an example of a class of grade 3 in which the teacher taught “same sex marriage” to the students and asked students to choose their same sex partners. They celebrated class room same sex mass marriage ceremony. The eight year boy told the story to her mom and said that he is married today with a boy. Bill 13 is designed to produce a generation of seven colours sex (LGBTTIQ) from the schools.

5. The bill will also codify in law controversial theories such as “heterosexism,” a term used to humiliate the parents, particularly those with any religious and family beliefs. Heterosexism means a prejudiced attitude of heterosexuals (straights) against homosexuals. After the Bill 13, the “heterosexism” will be the biggest “sin” and “crime” in the Ontario schools. A student can be banned from the school just for having a belief that homosexuality is wrong and against the nature. This is the humiliating slap on the face of all parents of faith and blasphemy to all the sacred books –Quran, Bible, Torah, Talmud, Gospels, New and Old testaments, Vedas (Hindu Scripture), Guru Granth Sahib (Sikh scripture), Vinaya Pitaka (Buddhist Scripture) and others. It is unbearable for parents.

6. The Classroom indoctrination of seven sex (rainbow) theory will be so rampant that it will be introduced through books, flyers, different awareness programs and campaigns, external presentations, lessons, extracurricular activities to normalize homosexual marriage and life style of any kind of sexual changes.

The gay equity curriculum being codified in law recommends that all schools, including Catholic, participate in the gay pride parade. The Toronto District School Board has already written into its Equity & Inclusive Education policy that teachers ought to get Grade 3 children to cut out images from the gay pride parade, and to hold their own gay pride parade in the school. Catholic schools have to follow the same. Peterborough Victoria Northerland Catholic School Board proudly displayed the Gay Pride Flag with the text “Rainbow is for Sexual Orientationused in many cultures around the world as a symbol of diversity, inclusiveness and hope. The different colours in the rainbow symbolize diversity in the gay community.” The Catholic board’s pamphlet also promotes the 2005 redefinition of marriage in an uncritical tone, in a manner that is certain to be perceived as a ”societal achievement”. The Catholic School Board flyer writes 2005Gay Marriage is legalized in Canada by the Civil Marriage Act.

7. This bill may allow the takeover of curriculum of private schools. An analysis of the bill by the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada which suggests that the sections of the Education Act amended by bill 13 may also govern private schools. If that’s the case, it means that Dalton McGuinty will have the power to impose gay clubs and the 7-gender LGBTTIQ theory even upon private Christian, Muslim and Jewish schools. It is also direct interference in federally guaranteed religious freedom under Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom.

8. The part 7  3.1 of the Bill 13 says, “If a board enters into an agreement with another person or entity (in regards to use) the board shall include a requirement that the person or entity follow standards that are consistent with the “code of conduct” and “ethics”……..” That means all the religious faith groups must embrace the “religion” based on “seven gender sex theory” before asking to rent a place in the Ontario schools premise. In future, it may broaden to all government owned property. It is direct interference and bullying the rights of religion federally guaranteed in Charter of Rights and Freedom. This clause would be used to ban all those churches, Islamic Centres and Masjids to use the school premises, if they dare to preach, or be known to preach, about God’s revelations and passages that deal with human sexuality.

9.  This bill defines “bullying” in a way that will directly affect the Canadian Human Rights Act. In Part 1a of Bill 13, McGuinty has rewritten the definition of bullying to include “behaviour by a pupil where… the behaviour would be likely to cause harm, fear or distress to another individual…”  Who will interpret whether certain behaviour is “likely” to cause fear or distress? It’s important to note that no actual harm, fear or distress needs to take place for something to be labelled as bullying. Only somebody’s subjective interpretation that a behaviour, speech, or attitude was “likely” to cause those things. This definition is designed to censor certain opinions –the views, education and opinions that go against homosexuality. This will be the state of federally guaranteed freedom of religion under Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and Canadian Human Rights Act. The Ontario Liberal dictators still says they practice “democracy.” Shame, but you don’t have.

10.  Part 4 of the Bill adds an invented term taken straight from the lexicon of the gay lobby: “homophobia.” As a matter of fact, ‘homophobia’ is a propaganda term designed to marginalize religion and religious groups. Check the vague definition of “homophobia” provided by McGuinty’s Ministry of Education: “homophobia. A disparaging or hostile attitude or a negative bias which may be overt or unspoken and which may exist at an individual and/or a systematic level, towards people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgendered (LGBT)

The definition of homophobia put forward by Premier McGuinty can label all people of faith as suffering from a phony, psychological illness called “homophobia” which manifests itself in the form of “hostility” and “negative bias” towards those who experience same-sex attraction. This propaganda term is discriminatory towards people with traditional religious family beliefs. Bill 13 will put this anti-religion slur on the lips of every school teacher in Ontario. Those who object will themselves be labelled “homophobic.”

Make no mistake, Al-Quran, Bible, Torah, Talmud, Gospels, New and Old Testaments, Vedas, Guru Granth Sahib, Vinaya Pitaka and all other Scripture that promotes family life and dislikes unnatural behaviour of homosexuality will be declared/considered a homophobic literature, and propagators and preachers of  these scriptures will be declared/considered  “homophobes” and “heterosexist.”

This is the liberal’s definition of “multi-culture” and “plural” society. Most of the immigrants of all faith associated with these political groups and consider them “immigrant favourable.” They are soon going to snatch your beloved and innocent children from your own home and will indoctrinate them with seven gender sex theory.

11. The Bill 13 completely ignores the main cause of bullying of all students. The most common reason students are bullied: their physical appearances. Kids are bullied most often for being fat, skinny, hair style, wearing glasses,  Muslim girls in hijab or veil, Muslim boys in beards and loose long clothes, and many other reasons. Instead of targeting the number one cause of bullying, it focuses obsessively on sexual orientation and promoting the sexual concepts of gender identityThis bill is designed as political social agenda to benefit exclusively for LGBTTIQ community and change the “sex” of new generation in seven different colours.

This bill was never intended to reduce bullying. It has a hidden agenda of social engineering, in the area of sexuality. It is a promotion of gay life style and culture in Ontario schools. Dalton McGuinty’s government has justified its special focus on sexual orientation and the disputed theory of “gender identity” by pointing to a dubious survey by EGALE, the very same gay-activist lobby group who coordinated and funded lawsuits across Canada against the true definition of marriage. This dubious survey gives the false impression that students who identify as LGBTTIQ get bullied vastly out of proportion in comparison to their heterosexual peers.

12. Through Bill 13, the Ontario government has shifted power from parents (through their elected trustees) to the Ministry of Education (Government). In Section 2, it grants the Minister of Education extra powers to force duly-elected school boards to change their Equity & Inclusive Education policy as she/he dictates. Bill 13 will effectively take power away from the local level and transfer it to nameless, faceless bureaucrats who are far removed from the people it affects. The gay Education Minister with gay members of the curriculum committee will develop the curriculum and impose to all children of the parents from all faiths. Toronto District School Board (TDSB) in its annual parents’ conference fools the parents every year (I am a regular attendee) that the education is a “partnership” between government and parents or board and parents. That is a complete lie. The Ontario education policy is a brain child of ex-education Minister of Education Kathleen Wynne and current Education Minister of Education Laurel Broten and they impose it upon 13 million people of Ontario. Majority of them even never vote Liberals.

Beware parents! The government is going to give a mandatory and forced shot of seven sex gender colours to your beloved children in all public funded schools soon starting the coming session. That will stop your race, your breed, your family and erase all your family culture and values forever.

(Syed Jawed Anwar  can be reached at jawed@seerahwest.com

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