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The Fire of Public Schooling Reaches Your Home

26 Jul 2017
The Fire of Public Schooling Reaches Your Home

Syed Jawed Anwar

Story 1: A Muslim sister was crying when she called me a few days ago from Ottawa. Her daughter had left home and was living as a lesbian with another girl. She asked if there is any spiritual solution.  Is it not too late?

Story 2: A Muslim couple with a daughter migrated from Pakistan. The wife started began attending a school in order to further her education.  While in school, she fell in love with a lesbian and started dating her. She changed herself, and her daughter also changed. They both have lesbian partners. The wife kicked out her husband who told his story to me. He had been spending nights in his car on the street at the time when we met in Toronto.   

Story 3: Few weeks ago, a friend of mine told the story of one of his relatives, living in East York, Toronto. A fourth-grade girl of a religious family was arguing with her parents that a family can have two moms or two dads and be a normal family. Where did she learn that? Of course, from her teacher at school.

Story 4: A seventh-grade girl living in a Muslim majority neighborhood in Toronto told her parents that she didn’t want to go to school because her Physical & Health Education (P&HE) teacher constantly talked about same-sex relationships, gender fluidity, and same-sex marriage. He used same-sex marriage pictorials posted on the walls. The girl may be one in a thousand students who told her parents as students were warned not to tell their parents about this type of education. The teachers threatened that, if parents found out, parents may remove their children from the public schools and put them in small Islamic schools without the freedom that public schools have.

Story 5: A Christian family complained that a son told about how he had married another boy in a same sex-marriage demonstration in school.

Story 6: Recently, news of the “first” open “Muslim gay marriage” was published in British newspapers.

These are some examples that contradict the theory that the home environment is the guarantee to protect your children. If there is a poisonous air in the environment, you can’t protect your home no matter how much you seal your windows. Children learn the language and culture of the street. Children learn from their peers. Children learn from their classmates, from their cousins and relatives.  Children learn from the media and pop culture.

Bill 13 from the Ontario Legislative Assembly passed in 2012 to make New Accepting Education Act. ‘New Accepting’ is code to accept the transgender lifestyle. The Act denies the biological gender and confirms the person’s freedom of choice of the gender. Bill 33 Freedom of Gender Expression Act, passed the same year, gives choice to any biological gender to change, announce, and express another gender whenever desired.  Bullying of gay students was a smokescreen. The purpose was different, and the purpose was a planned gender/sexual apostacy and perversion to all children.

The new laws and new education system give the right for even a third-grader to change and express his or her gender whenever desired. School boards of Ontario have given instruction to all the principals that any student can use any gender washroom; preventing such is a “human right violation”. Schools are teaching and promoting the LGBT culture, not only in sex education of physical and health classes, but also in other classes. They are teaching it in science, math, language, social studies, and music classes. All the schools now have “Gay-Straight Alliance Club”. It is an intentional promotion of this lifestyle even in a school where there is no child like this.

It is school policy now not to inform parents about the changes made in their children through these sexual-gender fascists; liberals, democrats, , curriculum committee of ministry of education, gay teachers, and gay advocates.

It is planned sexual indoctrination of children, and it starts as early as KG. It is an organized way to teach students and to facilitate gender changes.  Many gay human rights/relief organizations and population control organizations are behind it with enormous resources.

When heavy rains bring floods that pour into your home, you take shelter on high, at a home built on a peak, higher ground. Islamic centers/Masajid might be the best place for the shelter in this situation.

But most of the Masajid, Islamic centers, Islamic/Muslim organizations are neutralized through heavy influence of Liberals and Democrats. They have already entered our centers. They are speaking from Mimber of the Masjid. They are either keeping silence on these issues (silence means supporting) or openly supporting them through misguiding the parents. They have economic and political interests. They have job and business interests. They have interest for political positioning, having seat for MPP and MP from Liberal and Democrat Platforms. There are several so-called Imams and scholars involved in it. They sold the faith, religion, and soul of the community at very cheap prices. They hide the book Al-Quran and conceals the testimony in the same way Christians and Jews hid Scriptures before. They are knowingly going against teachings of Islam. They are ruling and controlling us because we made them Arbambim Min Dunillah (god other than Allah) as Christians and Jews did to their priests and monks earlier. They speak of all the Sunnahs except the main and biggest Sunnah (practice) of the prophets --witnessing the truth, enjoining what is good and forbidding what is evil, and utmost struggle to establish Deen of Allah.

They are busy distracting the people from real issues and real Sunnahs. 

However, congratulations go to those Islamic centers and Masajid that, without having many resources, opened Islamic schools with the desire and sincerity to protect the children. They must be praised and supported by all means and resources. They are the beacon of light for those Islamic activists who are raising 10 to 20 million dollars to build Islamic centers but without provision of Islamic schools. They are spending millions of dollars of community donations on Mimbar, Minar, parking, and on once a week Jumuah prayer. But they are not investing a single penny to build classes for Islamic schools. It is a moral crime. It is an intentional effort to hide the head in the sand. But winds are coming. Winds will blow you out. Fire from public schooling will burn your homes and centers.

You may not see it, but people with eyes can see it. You may not feel it, but people with feeling can feel it.

Syed Jawed Anwar can be reached at jawed@seerahwest.com

Tazeen Hasan

God reward your efforts mashallah. I know working alone is not easy but some of them are performing this duty of telling the truth.

Muhammad Riaz

Another eye opening effort. May Allah give you steadfastness.


Besides what you mentioned in this article, there are many other subtle influences prevalent in most if not all public schools, its the concept of atheism, darwinism, modernism and other satanic practices etc... The promotion of music, immodest dressing, alcohol, drugs, etc... but at the same time its important that when a muslim school is setup the foundation principles is shariah compliant and not just a school for muslim kids, otherwise it will be secular under a muslim guise. May Allah grant us all understanding

Tahir Syed

Salaam & Jazakullah chair for speaking out. Let me share with others, inshaAllah.

Huma Bokhari

As we know Shataan promise to Allah that he will change the nature,so he did it (May Allah protect our kids) great effect jzk k.


I know some of the issues mentioned in the article (especially related to kids education painted in LGBT moulds by K.Wynne), and I appreciate the authors struggle - while the MAJORITY of the so called Muslims are LIVING DEAD! The INTEREST (be it jobs, votes, offices, etc) have CORRUPTED CANADIAN MUSLIMS just as the JEWS were corrupted when JESUS(AS) was trying to show rabbis/jews god-given laws! When people LEAVE the deen, they were supposed to live-by-example/protect - they are shown hell gates right here in this world - by the time eyes are opened - the matter is laid to rest! The Jews renounced, the Christians gave up, and now we see the Muslims - after they WITNESSED (shahada) to stand by! By migrating from pak/pure land, knowingly - they are opting for HELL of public schools (for the kids at least)! May Allah(SWT) guide us, Ameen!

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