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PC Ontario Budget: Our Two Points Suggestions on Education

1. Remove Sex and Gender Education and Celebration from the Public School System and Curriculum. Public schools should concentrate solely on academic subjects like math, science, and language. The main responsibility for sex and gender education should lie with parents and religious teachers. 2. Education Vouchers Policy:

Liberal’s Pharmacare Plan: Helping to Kill Babies Before Birth

THE Federal Liberal government has introduced a bill in parliament for Pharmacare legislation, fulfilling a key commitment to the NDP to garner support for the Liberal minority government. However, a significant aspect of pharmacare will be directed towards birth control and population management, and killing babies before birth.

Watch: Why COVID after COVID Vaccination

Watch Dr. Saben Hazen, MD's presentation to understand how Venture Capitalists, Big Pharma and governments misled the public about the COVID vaccine and why people still contracted COVID after vaccination.

Bill C-63: If You Will Keep Silence Now, You Will be Silenced Forever

Review of the Bill C-63: KEEPING silence on evil is also an evil. The destroyed nation of Lut (A.S.) includes all those who kept silent on the evil. All those who were saved from the wrath of God and destruction were only those who were supporting Lut (A.S.) and actively involved with him in stopping the evil (Quranic responsibility of nahyu ʿani-l-munkar).

Gender Identity Issue: New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Ontario

By Jawed Anwar As believers, we affirm the binary nature of gender and the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman. Attempts to change gender are morally and spiritually consequential, affecting the well-being of humanity.

Pakistan: Things to Fix List

Things to fix in Pakistan: 1- Civilization Slavery 2. Injustice (Lack of Adl) 3. Education 4. Economy (Eradication of Riba) 5.  Language 6. Electoral System 7. Constitution

Parents, Act Now: This Weekend's PC Policy Conference – Reach Out to Your PC MPPs

Dear Parents, The Ontario PC Party Policy Conference is happening this weekend, from Friday, February 2 to Saturday, in Niagara Falls. Now is the perfect time to reach out to your PC MPPs and express your concerns as parents regarding public schooling.

W.H.O. :Leave Kids Alone

Stop WHO's Project: Prioritize Children and Young Adults' Health! The WHO is pushing a dangerous agenda, and we need to act NOW! Just days before Christmas, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced plans to develop guidelines on “the health of trans and gender diverse people”.

Two Genders

IN the symphony of creation, the concept of two genders is not merely a societal construct but a divine truth, echoing across the pages of various sacred scriptures and religious teachings. The Vedas, old and new testaments, other religious books, and the Quran all converge on the profound acknowledgment of two genders, a truth reiterated by Messengers and Prophets of God throughout history.

I Thought I Was Saving Trans Kids. Now I’m Blowing the Whistle.

There are more than 100 pediatric gender clinics across the U.S. I worked at one. What’s happening to children is morally and medically appalling, by Jamie Reed

FIX it Now: A One-Year Public School Protest

Jawed Anwar Consider having your children stay away from public schools for a year. This move could lead to teachers losing their jobs and schools closing temporarily. Your concerns might be addressed in a matter of months or even weeks. This is how labor unions operate, and parents should adopt a similar approach.

One Million March for Children, New Gender Identity in Schools

By Jawed Anwar It was either the first or second day of the new session at Ontario Public Schools. A class teacher in the Peel District School Board distributed a gender introduction form. The gender identification previously registered by parents in public schools, based on biological gender, is no longer considered valid. Now, every student is required to redefine and "reassess" their own gender.

In Search of Safe Spaces for Children

By Jawed Anwar On July 15th, we rallied for Haya Day in Mississauga, Ontario. And on August 19th, we organized the School Education Conference 2023 in Richmond Hill. The purpose was for parents to understand what is being taught in public schools, what their children are learning, and how their education and upbringing will shape them.

LESSON: A Father Lost Her Girl in the School's Gender Identity Theory

A father has lost his daughter, who secretly changed her gender and left home. Her public school influenced the girl's beliefs on gender theory, and this has caused changes in gender. You might have seen a widely shared video of the upset father, but this isn't an isolated incident. It's happening in many places across Canada.

Talking Points for MPPs, Education Minister, and Premier

By Jawed Anwar September is the start of the school year. Public Schools, Catholic Schools, Public School Boards, and Catholic School Boards are all part of the Ontario Government's Ministry of Education (if you live in Ontario). Education is mostly managed by each province, and the Premier of the Province has a lot of power.


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