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How the Ontario New Education Act Will Affect You and Your Children

12 Sep 2012
How the Ontario New Education Act Will Affect You and Your Children


BILL  13 is an act (law) now; Accepting School Act. It is a biased act promoting homosexuality and seven-gender sex in public funded school. It is not an anti-bullying act as told by some politicians. It is promoting gender fluidity by denying the gender of birth. It is a culture-shift mandate to embrace the homosexual agenda. It is an act to corrupt the minds and souls of young children.

First, let us the check the responses of our community and Muslim neighbourhoods of Ontario:

Liberal Muslim politicians (with no exception?) fully endorse Bill 13 and treat it as a “right of homosexuals” and consider it as a “liberal value.” And they further say, “Muslims must endorse and respect these values if they want that their prayers in Masjid or school respected.”

Our so-called Muslim intellectuals treat it is a “minor” or “non-issue.” Voting to his/their “favourite” politicians (with liberal values) is a “ticket to paradise.” (I am not kidding; I am referring to a published Urdu article in a serious Urdu magazine from a well-known member of an “Islamic organisation.”)

Muslim Liberal Party gatekeepers of Masajid, Islamic Centers, and Islamic/Muslim organizations keep a silence. They devise a policy not to inform Muslims what is happening around them and do not respond to questions. They want to keep Muslims ignorant so that political and voting power of the liberal party can be kept intact.

Principals and teachers of the public schools are saying to parents that nothing has changed. (They have been instructed by the Ministry/Board not to inform families of “sensitive curriculum.”)

Politicians (liberals and NDP’s) respond to the parents that there is nothing changed, no harm of Bill 13, that is just an anti-bullying act.

There is one thing common in all above mentioned groups that they all are lying; lying for so many reasons; to protect the system, to protect the party, to protect their jobs, to protect political futures. Many of them from the Muslim community sold their faith and consciences cheap, very cheap, several times just for the hope of some future gain.

From the Muslim community, they are not all are clean-shaven misters. Many of them have short and long beards, several of them always wear Islamic dress. They include well recognized imams, presidents and “well respected” people of Islamic community. The organizations include Canadian Council of Imams, and all three and four letters Islamic/Muslim groups.

Several of them kept silent (publicly). And from all moral and religious values and standards, silence is an endorsement. It is a “silent” mandate to the evil.

It can’t be said they were ignorant. They have been well informed much before the legislation of the bill from some of our active and concerned sisters. They all know its ins and outs. The sisters cried, informed, and requested them to do something, but they all became dumb and blind. Some imams/leaders told the sisters clearly that they can’t go do anything because they can’t oppose liberals.

These imams/leaders also know that it was difficult to pass the bill from Ontario legislative assembly if Muslims of Ontario stood firm against the bill. Liberals could not afford losing a large Muslim voters bank in Ontario. Liberals know very well that Muslim community leaders can be herded very well. They had been dealing with them since long. Katheleen Wynne could lose election if she couldn’t keep Muslim/immigrant/faith-based votes intact in her riding.

On a googlegroups of GTA Imams and Leaders (gta-imams-leaders@googlegroups.com), an article has been posted from a top executive of a well known top Muslim organization with the heading “Can You be Gay and Muslim? Yes.”  No argument. The article was first published in the Huffington Post.

The irony is that there is not a single group left in Canada to “enjoin the right and forbid the evil,” a minimum requirement prescribed by divine books to save the nation from the wrath of the Almighty God. Al-Quran says (translation), “And from among you there must be a party who invite people to all that is good and enjoin the doing of all that is right and forbid the doing of all that is wrong. It is they who will attain true success. Do not be like those who fell into factions and differed among themselves after clear signs had come to them. A mighty chastisement awaits them on the Day when some faces will turn bright and their faces will turn dark. Those whose faces have turned dark will be told: ‘Did you fall into unbelief after you had been blessed with belief? Taste, then, chastisement for your unbelief.’” (3:104-106)

The absence of the group in Canada who can forbid wrong and stop indecency means we broke the shelter and safety-net of Allah (s.t.). May Allah forgive and protect us. We must start raising a group who can do “Amar Bil Maroof and Nahi unil Munkar” in Canada by a peaceful resistance movement; by voicing, stating and writing the words against “Munkarat.”

New York Imams showed an example of high character and courage by voicing out their opinion. Check: NY Majlis Ash Shura “Gay Pride Month” Release On Same Sex Marriage

Now let us see how the act will affect you and your children:

Phil Lees, President of Public Education Advocates for Christian Equity (PEACE) who has 30 years teaching experience in Public School says, “This is an extremely controversial bill that has serious implications for the traditional-principled, faith communities in Ontario. The bill is imposing changes that will guide the instruction and celebration of values that are in conflict with traditional, biblical principles; instruction that can lead to confusion in the minds of children about what is right or wrong for them. These changes have occurred because the traditional-valued faith community has not been informed or equipped to respond. Parents of young children are also so busy working full-time jobs trying to make ends meet and coping with increasingly hectic schedules that it’s not been possible for each family to keep up with these controversial changes.”

Laurel Broten, Minister of Education, said on 2nd Reading Speech, December, 7, 2011, “The goal of this Bill is to change attitudes and behaviours, and change them for good.” Her statements were agreed upon by NDP Education Critic Peter Tabuns.

The first curriculum revised in January 2010 was the Health and Physical Education:

 Gr. 1 (6-year-olds) learn about the sexual parts of the human body.

 Gr. 3 would learn about homosexuality and “gender identity.”

10-year-olds were to learn that “gender identity” and “sexual orientation” cannot be changed.

 6th graders were to learn about masturbation and vaginal lubrication.

 7th graders were to learn about “oral and anal intercourse.”

Now watch the video in which KG kids were instructed with the story of two moms to develop first curiosity and then accept it as a normal family life.

The bill redefines gender to consist not only of male or female, but to also include the disputed seven gender theory of LGBTTIQ, which stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Transsexual, Two-spirited, Inter-sexed and Queer.

At first McGuinty defended the K-8 Sex Ed curriculum by claiming that his government had “consulted parents groups.” Which parent groups would allow such harmful sex-ed curriculum? A close examination of the parties who had been “consulted” by the government reveals a collection of homosexual-activist lobby groups called the Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Rights in Ontario. Do these gay lobby groups represent the values of the average Ontario parent?

I was the chair of Thorncliffe Park Public School Council [the largest (number of students and parents) Elementary School in North America at that time]. Katheleen Wynn, the Ontario education minister was the MPP from our riding (Don Valley West). She never attended any council meeting of the school, having largest parents and from her own constituency to “consult” the parents. Can Ms. Wynn name any parent from her own riding who was “consulted”?

When the ministry could not revise curriculum directly, they assigned the task to the TDSB that has created a curriculum document:

This document has 12 sample lessons at each level integrating positive LGBT messages throughout the K- Gr. 12 curriculum. This document also tells teachers not to inform families of sensitive curriculum (page 9 and 10).

The document is freely downloadable from the internet, and referred to at teacher training seminars held around the province;hence, as a parent, you are not aware of what your teacher is bringing into the classroom because the lessons are not available to you, unless you ask.

Some of the ideas include:

 Community units:  primary students will learn about “alternative families (LGBTTIQ).”

 Music Class:  new songs in primary music class about “alternative families,” attending gay pride parades, etc.

 Drama class:  students will be provided with LGBT themes to create skits and plays.

 Pride week/parades in schools.

 Drama class assignments portraying LGBT issues.

 Math class problems will include “alternative family” situations.

 Queer Hero strategy:  successful people from the various academic disciplines who were homosexual will have their sexuality identified in class/curriculum materials. NOTE:  this does not apply to successful heterosexuals.

It is an effort to brainwash the children and plant “homosexual” bacteria in the young minds of children from elementary, from the KG.

The act promises to change the “attitude” of the people. That means all the teachings –moral, spiritual, approach or attitude– that confronts homosexuality will be altered and fixed.

The Part 9, subsection 303.1, says the bill will require by law that all public funded schools permit openly homosexual student clubs. These clubs are called Gay-Straight Alliances (GSA) although the bill permits similar clubs by another name. It’s clear this bill has a  “special interest agenda” to get kids to reject the religious beliefs held by their families regarding homosexuality.

This club will expose your children to other lifestyles. Young minds adopt new things fast. Writing on the mind of a child is like writing on stone:  everlasting impact.

The “gay equity” curriculum being legislated by part 2 of Bill 13 also expects teachers to promote the concept of “gender-fluidity” as early as kindergarten.

Now it is a “disputed notion” that a child’s gender is not necessarily connected to his or her anatomy and that it’s perfectly normal for little boys to think they’re little girls, and vice-versa. This redefinition is contained in the pre-amble of the bill and in the guiding documents of the Equity & Inclusive Education Strategy that will be codified in law by Bill 13. That means now your children are going to learn the Seven Gender Theory more comprehensive and in more detail from as early as Grade three. Teachers training videos are available to teach same sex theory for KG and grade one class.

After the act, “heterosexism” will be the biggest “sin” and “crime” in the Ontario schools. A student can be banned from the school just for having a belief that homosexuality is wrong and against nature. This is the humiliating slap on the face of all parents of faith and blasphemy to all the sacred and holy books.

The classroom indoctrination of seven sex (rainbow) theory will be so rampant that it will be introduced through books, flyers, different awareness programs and campaigns, external presentations, lessons, extracurricular activities to normalize homosexual marriage and lifestyle of any kind of sexual changes.

The gay equity curriculum being codified in law recommends that all schools, including Catholic, participate in the gay pride parade. The Toronto District School Board has already written into its Equity & Inclusive Education policy that teachers ought to get Grade 3 children to cut out images from the gay pride parade, and to hold their own gay pride parade in the school.

This bill may allow the takeover of curriculum of private schools. An analysis of the bill by the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada says that the sections of the Education Act amended by bill 13 may also govern private schools.

This is the liberal’s definition of “multi-culture” and “plural” society. Most of the immigrants of all faiths associated with these political groups and consider them “immigrant favourable.” They are soon going to snatch your beloved and innocent children from your own home and will indoctrinate them with seven-gender sex theory.

Hitler had killed one generation. McGuinty Liberal government is killing all coming generations before birth by promoting a generation-killing lifestyle (LGBT community can’t produce children).

(Syed Jawed Anwar can be reached at jawed@seerahwest.com)

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