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Gender Genocide in Canada-1: Before and Beyond Bill 89

Gender Genocide in Canada-1: Before and Beyond Bill 89

Syed Jawed Anwar

Muslims are facing extreme hardships all over the world, both in Muslim and non-Muslim states and governments that include ethnic cleansing and genocide at several places.

Canadian Muslims who think that they are safe are mistaken. Physically, they might be safe, but spiritually they are in a process of complete elimination. Provincial and federal liberal governments are bringing bill after bill, act after act, and making law after law in order to complete destruction of spiritual, social, and family life in Canada. They are on the path of gender genocide, denying God-given biological gender and fighting with God to change and confuse it.

After the passage of Bill 89 from Ontario Assembly in June 2017, a child born into any Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, or any other religious and traditional family may go to a gay foster family. Your child is no more your child; he or she is the property of the state. You are just a “co-parent” and only as long as they (the Provincial Minister and Premier) allow you.

Gay parents can’t give birth, but they need children in their homes. So now children from the home of a traditional family may move to gay families.

Making a case for child abuse is very easy and simple now. A grade three student of the public school is free and encouraged toward sexual orientation and identification (other than the biological sex given by God). Once a child is “identified” or “judged” by the teacher as a transgender and the child “feels” that the parents are not “cooperative” or “adjustable”, it will easy to transfer the child to a gay family trained in foster care (which includes a modern approach to gender pluralism).

It appears that and the majority of Muslims living here believe that Liberals and Democrats are mostly Muslim-friendly. However, they are not aware that they all have hidden “knives” in their hands to slaughter your Rooh (spiritual life). They are cruelly on the path of destruction of the gender and traditional family. They are “mass-murderers” of soul. They are doing genocide of children; killing before birth by adopting gay lifestyle and changing biological gender of the children.

Liberals have Canadian Muslims’ leadership support. Many Imams and Community Islamic/Muslim leaders are in their ranks. Some are hidden (purdah nasheen), and some are open. Liberal and Democrat Muslim MPs and MPPs are front line supporters and participants of this gender/spiritual mass killings.

The mother of all evil bills and acts is Ontario Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne. And she is all time “darling” of our Muslim community. She has a long list of support of ladies and gentlemen from the “Liberal” and “Democrat” Muslims.

Kathleen Wynne knows the politics of how to silence and neutralize the Muslim community and its leadership. She knows the psychology of the Muslim community who are ignorant of religious and political responsibilities, and they don’t dare to speak out.

Pro-life Christian religious groups are already neutralized and unpopular in other religious groups because of their racism, anti-Islam, and Muslim hatred. Christians as a religious group completely failed to pursue their religious values and responsibilities. They are heavily influenced by the liberal and secular forces and values. Most of them worship their own desires.

Ontario’s lesbian Premier Kathleen (ex-family-oriented woman) worked hard to change the social and family system and laws in Canada. And she did it. A well-organized, well-financed special interest group [Planned Parenthood (mission to curtail human population of the world) and hundreds of LGBT orgs] and gay community stood behind her.

She initiated and engaged in the campaign to legalize “same-sex marriage” in Ontario. On June 10, 2003, the Court of Appeal for Ontario issued a decision immediately legalizing same-sex marriage in Ontario, thereby becoming the first province where it was legal. Ontario became the third jurisdiction in the world (after the Netherlands and Belgium) as well as the first jurisdiction in the Americas to legalize same-sex marriage.

Following Ontario, the Federal Civil Marriage Act was introduced by Prime Minister Paul Martin's Liberal minority government in the Canadian House of Commons on February 1, 2005 as Bill C-38. It was passed by the House of Commons on June 28, 2005, by the Senate on July 19, 2005, and it received royal assent the following day.

The introduction of a federal gender-neutral marriage definition made Canada the fourth country in the world, and the first country outside Europe, to legally recognize same-sex marriage throughout its borders.

In 2012, based on the false flag using a suicide incident of a gay student, the Ontario Liberals (catalyst Kathleen Wynne) introduced an Education Bill 13 as “Anti Bullying Act”. It was campaigned that the bill is important to protect gay students in the public schools who were bullied.

It was basically Ms. Wynne’s smoke screen to implement and promote gay culture, gay lifestyle, and alternative family. It was politically organized social engineering.

The police data regarding bullying incident was completely different. More than 70% incidents of bullying were based on racial, ethnic, and religious orientation. Toronto District School Board (TDSB) formed a commission in 2007 under the supervision of a Toronto Lawyer Julian Falconer to suggest school safety after a murder of a grade 9, black student Jordan Manners, 15, was fatally shot in the chest at his high school, C.W. Jefferys Collegiate Institute. It was the first time a student was shot and killed inside a Toronto school.

In the report, there were also disturbing details of the alleged assault on a female Muslim student in a school washroom by six males, who have since been charged with gang sexual assault. The report devotes a section to a troubling climate of sexual aggression in the halls and recommends many changes to address the problem.

The report published in 2008 doesn’t show any concern, findings of homophobia in schools. In contrast, it shows hatred based on ethnicity and religion.

After the report, there was not any concern shown by the TDSB and Ontario government to protect colored students and female Muslim students in the schools.

Instead, lesbian Premier Kathleen Wynne and Ex-Premier Dalton McGuinty introduced and passed Bill 13 in the Ontario Assembly; anti-bullying act to “protect” LGBT students. The new act known as “New Accepting Education Act” brought a new school system and curriculum to change the mindset of young children. Ex-Premier of Ontario Dalton McGuinty stated that it was to change the society and to change for the “good.” It is unfortunate that pure evil has been considered as “good”, and we Muslims and almost all the religious groups let it go. The main features of the new act, system, and curriculum are Gay-Straight Alliance Club in every public school, celebration of gay Pink Day and Gay Pride Day or week (please note there is no religious or traditional family value celebration in the schools), story books of two moms, two dads, and gay uncles and teaching “alternate” and “nuclear” family from KG, freedom of sexual identification and orientation of students from as early from grade three, using all classes (science, math , language, music, P&H Education) to introduce the alternate family and alternate lifestyle, and culture.

In 2015, based on this act, a new sex-education curriculum of Physical & Health Education (P&HE) has been introduced in Ontario. The education of homosexuality and pictorial porno style sex-education started in the schools. Parents revolted against this and organized big rallies (however, most of Muslim religious organizations and leaders kept silence, but Muslim parents were out to protest in large numbers). Ontario government didn’t withdraw it. The law had already changed through Bill 13 in 2012. Parents had no right over “human rights” of transgenders. They and their children have to surrender and follow the dictates of LGBT supremacists.

Soon after 13, Bill 33 was introduced in the Ontario Provincial Assembly, popularly known as “washroom bill”. It was passed by majority Liberal and NDP both. It is for the “freedom of gender expression act”. Now a biological man (even having a long beard and big masculine body) can introduce himself as a woman and can use all the public facility, accommodation, and reservation as a woman. Now, a student of any grade could use any school wash room he or she likes. The human rights codes changed to accommodate “gender expression”. Now it is human “right violation” to stop the children in school (or adult at public places) to use any washroom by using the “freedom” of gender expression. This law applies to all public and business places including places of worship.

Gender neutral washrooms (all together; all gender washrooms) are already being constructed at several public places and started from the universities. Western Ontario University took the lead. Now, University of Toronto, York University, Ryerson University, Centennial College, Humber College, Seneca College, and Sheridan College have these facilities.

When Liberal Party formed the government at federal level in 2015, they passed a similar bill.

Previously the New Democratic Party (NDP) has introduced several similar bills in Federal Parliament. In 2009, NDP MP Bill Siksay introduced Bill C-389 to the 40th Parliament. The bill was passed by the House of Commons in 2011 but was defeated by the Senate (Conservative majority).

Bill C-279, introduced to the 41st Parliament in 2011 by NDP MP Randall Garrison, was passed and sent to the Senate in March 2013. In 2015, Senator Don Plett introduced three amendments to the bill, one of which exempted public washrooms and changerooms from the bill's protections. The bill was also ultimately defeated in the Senate.

Garrison re-introduced the bill to the 42nd Parliament as Bill C-204. And Bill C-16, a similar bill to the NDP bills, was introduced on May 17, 2016 by Liberal Federal Minister of Justice Jody Wilson-Raybould to the 42nd Parliament. The bill passed the legislative process in the House of Commons and the Senate and became law upon receiving Royal Assent on June 19, 2017, coming into force immediately.

Ontario’s Premier Ms Wynne’s race in the complete gayization of the society and gender genocide is never ending. She brought a new bill in the legislative assembly to delete the words “father” and “mother” from Province’s all documents.

On November 29, 2016, the All Families Are Equal Act (Parentage and Related Registrations Statute Law Amendment), 2016 unanimously (79-0) passed the Legislative Assembly. The bill changed the terms "mother" and "father" on birth certificates and other legal documents to "parent (parent 1 and parent 2)". The bill also ensures that couples such as those who use a sperm or egg donor or a surrogate are legally recognized as parents, and as such do not have to adopt their own children. It received royal assent on December 5 and took effect on January 1, 2017.

Then Bill 89 was introduced in the Ontario legislature just before last Winter holidays break. It is entitled Supporting Children, Youth and Families Act, 2016 and replaces the Child and Family Services Act dealing with child protection, foster care, and adoption.

“It gives wide jurisdiction to the State to control the lives of children in the Children Aid Society (CAS), and in doing so, interfere with the parent/child relationship. This occurs by defining the “best interests of the child” so broadly as to include the child’s physical, emotional, mental and developmental needs, as well as the child’s race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, family diversity, disability, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.

That is, these broad sweeping provisions in the legislation make every family vulnerable to the removal of their children from their home on the basis of the ambiguous provisions listed in the bill as defined by the government, especially by regulations, which require no public debate or approval by the legislature.

For example, this proposed legislation permits the CAS to withdraw a child from his or her family if it is determined the child is likely to suffer emotional or mental harm, or for a parent’s failure to provide the child with services or treatment. If a child decides he/she is of a gender other than his/her biological gender, the parents are required by this legislation to provide transgender medical services to the child or risk the child being removed from the home.

The reality, too, is that many children do resist parental direction as a part of the growing up process. As a result, they may experience “mental and emotional” discomfort when their parents insist that they do as instructed.  This parent/child conflict could, under provisions of the bill, lead to the removal of the child from the home.

Unlike the previous act, a child’s religion is no longer a factor to be considered in determining the child’s best interest. That is, “religious faith” has been removed at nearly every reference contained in the previous act.  No longer can parents direct their child’s religion, but rather it is the “child’s creed” that is to be taken into consideration when determining the needs of a child.   This provision will create conflict within the family over such issues as abortion, gender identity, gender expression, or even assisted suicide if the child decides that is what he/she wishes.” (Analyzed by the writer of the petition against bill.)

MPPs voted for Bill 89 include all “Muslim” MPP’s (Muslim electoral political activists of all parties! Please note).

Yes! all three; Reza Moridi (born in Iran); Yasir Naqvi (born in Pakistan); and Shafiq Qaadri (born in USA, father immigrated from Pakistan); supported and endorsed the bill including all previous gender-killing Ontario bills.

MPPs who voted against Bill 89:

PC Party: Ted Arnott; Bob Bailey; Toby Barrett; Steve Clark; Lorne Coe; Vic Fedeli; Ernie Hardeman; Michael Harris; Lisa MacLeod; Gila Martow; Jim McDonell; Monte McNaughton; Julia Munro; Rick Nicholls; Sam Oosterhoff; Randy Pettapiece; Todd Smith; Lisa Thompson; Bill Walker; Jim Wilson; John Yakabuski; Jeff Yurek.

Trillium Party: Jack MacLaren

All together was 22.

Now, visualize the Canadian society after 10, 25, and 50 years (if it survives and the time of God’s wrath extends). A society without gender. “Nuclear family” and “gay family” with the children in their laps who would born in most recent immigrant families. The children of the immigrants will be snatched from their mother’s laps simply because they were unaware and unable to meet the new seven gender (LGBTIQ) requirement as defined by Kathleen Wynne.

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