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Imam Yusuf Badat! It is a Bad Deal

Imam Yusuf Badat! It is a Bad Deal

[Note: This column was written in March 2018]

Imam Yusuf Badat of Islamic Foundation Masjid, Nugget, Scarborough, Toronto, decreed a fatwa on Pink Day (February 28) justifying and encouraging Muslims to wear pink shirts that day; however, he himself didn’t show up in the Masjid in pink on Pink Day. Neither his Qur’an students nor teachers of Islamic Foundation wore pink.

I asked this question by twitting and e-mailing, but he didn’t respond.

 “O you who have believed, why do you say what you do not do?”  (Quran 61: 2).

I believe it is just one step behind his next fatwa for wearing rainbow dress and using rainbow flag and participating in the gay (“oppressed people”) pride parade for the sake of “justice”. You may expect next fatwa in near future from him in the support of gay pride parade. It is just simply predictable as if x=y, and y=z, then it must be x =z.

(Thanks to his favorite Ms Wynne’s Ontario Liberal government gone in June 2018.)

Yusuf Badat completed his “Alim” course from South Africa. This alim course is equivalent to secondary education as it is recognized in Pakistan and India. In Deeni education, it is a graduation. His own school and school of thought doesn’t allow him (with his current education level) to give fatwa. It needs next level of Islamic education (Mufti) and specialization in Ifta (Fiqh and jurisprudence). He is also not self-studied, high-profile scholar to qualify for fatwa.

Furthermore, if you don’t know the culture, history, literary tradition of a society, and if you don’t know the terminologies, jargons, colors, and symbols used for different cultural and lifestyle aspect, and if you are not aware of the public education system, its pedagogy, its philosophy, current laws that affected public education, you are not qualified to give fatwa, or answer any question related to public education, faith or faith-based application and practice, no matter what your knowledge of Qur’an and Sunnah is.

In 2012, Bill 13 was passed in the name of “anti-bullying”. Several protest rallies were organized in Queens Park. Various faith groups (including Sikh and Chinese) participated in the rally except Muslim community leaders. Other religious groups knew what real “anti-bullying” means except Yusuf Badat and similar so-called “Islamic” Imams, leaders, and Liberal Muslim activists. When the bill passed to form the new education ACT, its name was “Accepting Schools Act”. “Accepting” is the code word of accepting LGTB lifestyle.

Yusuf Badat endorsed Bill 13 openly in one of his Jumuah Khutba in 2012 and asked the Muslim community not to be worry about it.

This columnist has been writing continuously for many years on this issue. I analyzed Bill 13 in 2012. But Yusuf Badat advised parents that there was nothing wrong with the bill (and the new Act).

He and similar liberal thinking “Imams” and activists were pointing us as “fear mongers” after I had written the following articles:

Ontario’s Homosexual Curriculum and Bill 13: The Background with a Muslim Perspective


Bill 13: Ontario Gay Politicians Bully Parents


How the Ontario New Education Act Will Affect You and Your Children

 I responded after above mentioned Khutba of Yusuf Badat.


Is Ontario “Accepting Education Act” (Bill 13) Neutral? Does it not Change the Curriculum?


Check the following curriculum document and how “the Accepting Schools Act” affects the public schools. All public-funded public schools are teaching under the guidelines of following the document prepared by Toronto School Board for Ontario Ministry of Education.

Ontario Homosexual Curriculum K-12 Resource Guide


 Check the Video

Words and terminologies can’t be taken from the applied meaning that special interest groups use it. It is not difficult to find what “anti-bullying”, “pink”, “pink day”, “pink shirt”, “rainbow”, and “inclusive” means in liberals, Kathleen Wynne, and LGTBS’s dictionary.

Pink shirt and Pink Day are to promote homosexual lifestyle particularly in kids and youth under the cover of “anti-bullying”. Check the following article:

‘Day of Pink’ teaches school kids to accept homosexuality, critic warns


The gays have chosen pink as their trademark color for homosexual men and rainbow as a flag. “Inclusiveness” means to include the gay lifestyle, same-sex marriage, and alternative family as normal.

You have to pretend falsely that bullying occurs only to gay students. In fact, there was no evidence of bullying of gay students except for a few isolated cases. It is doubtful that even a few gay students existed in the majority of schools before Bill 13 and “Accepting Schools Act” in 2012. The legislation has been made to promote and convert straight students into gay or confused gender by celebrating pink days, gay pride week, Gay-Straight alliance club (even in the school that does not have any student of that orientation).

Now check his latest Fatwa:


“Pink Shirt Day” is a campaign to raise awareness to end bullying and discrimination at schools, work places, and online. Usually, at schools, private and public institutions and businesses, participants wear some form of pink apparel to show “solidarity” with the campaign to end bullying.

“In principle, there is nothing objectionable about the above. In fact, it is ‘encouraged’ from an Islamic point of view to stop all injustices and to work with others to promote peace, respect, harmony and unity for one and all,” he responded to a question asked at his website

You might think that what he said about pink day and pink shirt was in ignorance. But that’s not true. If you check the following paragraphs with his fatwa (answer):

“Homophobia, Transphobia, and Transmisogyny: Some Muslims may feel uneasy to participate or have their children participate in Pink Shirt Day since it may be an indirect approval of anti-Islamic values or views. The reality of the matter is that Islam teaches decent, fair and upright treatment to all (including Shaitan and Shaitani acts??), even though others may belong to various faith groups or practices. As long as the Muslim is not forced to commit or approve a sin, one may collaborate for the bigger picture. It should be noted that the same “Pink Shirt Day” campaign has tackled islamophobia and bullying against Muslim students (?????). Hence, there is no issue in participating in the Pink Shirt Day campaign, while maintaining one’s Islamic identity, value system and practices.”

Imam Yusuf Badat! Pink day is a day not just to counter homophobia, but it is also for promoting gay/transgender lifestyle among children, among kids. And it is not to counter “Islamophobia”.

Children from KG grade are learning the story of mom marrying mom, stories of two moms and two dads, story of gay uncles.

Pink Day is not against Islamophobia. Are children learning Islamic values and practices, Islamic teaching of sex, marriage and family life in public schools?? No!

Muslims with Islamic attire and values have been bullied all over places, all over the world. Do public schools manage to teach Islam from early childhood so that Muslims can be protected? No.

Yusuf Badat! Are you fooling Muslims, fooling Allah, his Deen, or fooling yourself?

Yusuf Badat quoted Quranic Ayah and Seerah of “justice”, “righteousness”, and making “alliances” in wrong places and  taking meaning just opposite of what Qur’an actually means. He quoted:

“And cooperate with one another in righteousness and piety, but do not cooperate in sin and aggression” (Qurʿān 5: 2).

In fact, what he is doing and advising Muslims is to “cooperate in sin and aggression”.

His fatwa clearly says that Muslims have to respect all “practices” (not only all faiths).

It is liberal social philosophy. It is the gay-inflicted liberal ideology Yusuf Badat is promoting to the community, youth, and his students, from the minbar of Masjid.

It is not Islam.

It is making fun of Quranic Ayah and examples of Seerah by quoting it wrongly to justify yourself.  He lacks Islamic knowledge, wisdom, piety, and most importantly Iman. Instead of showing courage to say “no” to evils, sins, and wrong-doings of people, he is trying his best to make it acceptable for all and make adjustments with evil doers.

Now, check the following news of his own school:

A 24-year-old male teacher at a private Islamic school in Scarborough is facing charges after a 10-year-old student was allegedly driven off school property and sexually assaulted earlier this month. Toronto police say that on Feb. 16 at about 11:15 a.m., a 10-year-old boy was taken from the grounds of The Islamic Foundation of Toronto School at Nugget Avenue and Markham Road. Investigators allege the boy was driven to Neilson Road and McLevin Avenue in the Malvern area and sexually assaulted. After the assault, the child was driven back to school. On Tuesday, police arrested a suspect identified as Saleh Momla. He was charged with one count of sexual assault and one count of sexual interference.

“Islamic Foundation of Toronto spokesperson Yusuf Badat said the accused was employed at the school in a program where children memorize the Quran. The victim was enrolled in that program.

“Badat said that once the school was made aware of the allegations, Momla was banned from school grounds. He later resigned. Badat said the letters urged any child who has been victimized to contact police immediately.”  (

In a separate statement Yusuf Badat said that “it was an isolated incidence”.

It is true that it is the first “police-reported" incidence.

What can one expect in the political, social, and educational culture in which Imam Yusuf Badat and few other “Imams” and “leaders”, Muslim columnists, writers, and liberal activists are preaching?

You reap what you sow.

Imam Yousuf Badat! It is a bad deal.

May Allah protect our community from the effect of these “Imams’” teachings and liberalization of Masjid and Minbar.

Syed Jawed Anwar can be reached at




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