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Muslim Prayer in Public School is a False Flag

Muslim Prayer in Public School is a False Flag

Jawed Anwar

I received an email from a person of Ms Kathleen Wynne Campaign team before 2011 Ontario Provincial election, Canada. It was for an “urgent meeting” called for Jumuah (Friday) prayer issue in Valley Park Middle School, East York (in Don Valley West Riding; Ms Wynne’s riding) created by a news published in a local Toronto newspaper.

It was a call to discuss on an issue on “serious community matter”. The person (a Muslim) involved in this email group initiator works in the office of Kathleen Wynne’s riding office. He has the least association with the religion and prayer. He is openly liberal in his thoughts and practices. Furthermore, his political campaign history shows that he always campaigned for “gay” politicians and always rejected “straight” politicians.

I received the email (CCs to several) on July 5, 2011, because I was a parent/community activist involved in the school councils of the public schools in my neighborhood and also had been publishing a local news magazine “Don Valley News”.

“Toronto Sun” had published a negative report on Muslim prayer in the school; on July 3, 2011, followed up four stories on July 4.

The story published (managed?) in a so-called “conservative” newspaper to make the issue more “serious” and loud. Muslim liberal members of Ms. Wynne’s campaign insisted on an urgent meeting on this issue.

One recipient of the email responded that it was not such an urgent issue and needed not to be discussed immediately. “We can discuss it later any day,” he wrote.

I also responded that the meeting could be called next week any day and I would be available.

But the person from Ms Wynne’s office insisted on doing it “today or tomorrow”. Finally, he sent an email next day (July 5, 2011) “Sorry for the short notice but due to urgency can we all meet today at 6:30 PM to discuss this issue at following address………”

I well understood the “politics” behind this issue.

I responded: It seems that if this issue will die tomorrow you have to create another issue; for example, you may bring a full truck of rocks and will unload it at the front door of our local Masjid in the night. Then you will call an early morning press conference on the issue of “serious concerns” for the Muslims. Your leader Ms Wynne will come on Muslims’ behalf and will cry on the issue of “social injustice” and “hate crime”. And finally, you will bag all the Muslim votes of this riding.

They do it. On every election season, they do it. And they do it successfully. All stupid progressive conservative candidates fall in the trap. They react according to what is published in the conservative media. Local liberals know well how to trap and fool them. They know for sure that in this situation PC will oppose “Muslim prayer”, “prayer accommodation”, and will criticize the segregation of women in prayer in Islam. They will criticize “Hijab” and “Niqab” and resultantly Muslims will hate to vote conservatives.

Now let us elaborate on this non-issue, a false flag of liberals.

Muslims offer Salat (prayer-worship) five times daily and only Dhuhar (noon prayer after midday) comes at the time of school hours. It is mandatory on everyone when he or she reaches the age of pubescence. It may vary and depends on the growth of a child. Generally, a boy at the age of 12 and girl of age 9 reaches pubescence. It might delay and go up to age 15.

Offering Dhuhar prayer has no problem and never was a problem in the public schools. Students gather in a room or in the field and can pray. They can pray anywhere collectively or individually as situation permits.

However, the Jumuah (Friday) prayer has some special requirements. Listening to the sermon is the part of the prayer. Therefore, it is always arranged by Muslims in the Masjid or at a rented place for an hour or two. It is a collective big congregation where a scholar and Imam delivers Khutaba (sermon) and then offers salat (prayer). In case of the school, someone, from outside has to come to deliver the sermon and lead the prayer. However, it is not mandatory. A student or a Muslim teacher who knows how to lead Jumuah prayer can lead. For example, my son could lead the prayer when he was in the high school. In case of non availability of the Masjid and public place, they can pray Dhuhar prayer. Jumuah prayer will not be obligatory on them.

We parents never asked Jumuah (Friday) prayer in the public schools. Most of the months of the year, Jumuah prayer times in our local Masjid are 1:45 pm and 3:30 pm (two prayers to accommodate maximum number of people). Public school students from all three schools of my area (majority of students are Muslims) can attend 3:30 pm prayer. It is 6 to 8 minutes-walk from all the schools. Principals know well and adjust the time accordingly.

In winter time (few months), when the noon prayer moves up 12:45 pm and 2:30 pm, students have to come back from the Masjid to schools after offering prayer. Here, the problem starts when some principals don’t allow a short leave (half hour) for prayers for their own reasons.

I visited the principal’ s office of Valley Park Middle School and asked Principal Nickolas Stefanoff what was the issue. He said there was no issue at all. The prayer in this school started on his own initiative to save the time of the school and the students. “It is not from Parents’ request. It was my personal initiative and decided after consultation with the Trustee and few parents,” he said. Interestingly, reporters of the paper were writing without interviewing and asking him.

Who, how and why this issue of prayer was raised?

“Toronto Sun” (conservative) publishes a story of the area (immigrant, new community) where always “Toronto Star” (liberal) covers. The story published in the month July where Friday prayer time in the Masjid was 3:30 pm (no school prayer arrangement) and school was closed for summer vacation. It was July. A “Hindu” (Pakistanis has historical issues with Hindus of India) representing a one-man Hindu organization came from outside the neighborhood and from far-flung area to protest against the “Muslim prayer” in a school where majority of the students are Muslims, second largest is Christians.

The school was closed. Muslim boys and girls are resting at home. Protesters protested (or just released news) in front of the lonely walls of the school.

Please note that the school was closed but the election campaign was open. It was the riding and campaign for the future Premier of Toronto, Ms Kathleen Wynn.

Why did they do it?

Do you still think it was not staged? Was it not a false flag?

Ms Wynne supported the prayer in school and got all Muslim votes.

It is also to engage parents in the politics of “prayer in schools” and left open the gay fascists to impose their lifestyle on the students and the society and snatch the parents’ rights to interfere on these issues.

It is to impose “New Accepting” education, new sex ed. (curriculum), homosexuality, and LGBT culture in the schools under the veil of “multi-culturalism” and “diversity”.

Jumuah Prayer in the school was a sugar-coated bribe to “ACCEPT” what they were going to OFFER in the public schools.

When Ontario liberals (from 2012) actively and aggressively started passing the bills and making laws to impose gay culture in the public schools and the society. When an “Islamic scholar” (liberal influenced) once said to me that “we have our rights” and “they have their rights” (to practice? or to impose homosexuality?). And when parents’ activists against sex ed. curriculum left the campaign to actively engage for Jumuah prayer in the school (Peel region and others).

Then I got the exact answers of WHY.

 Syed Jawed Anwar can be reached at



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