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The Masjid-School Concept
The Masjid-School Concept
09 April 2010
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By CRISTINA (MARYAM) IGNAT DURING the early days of Islam – and when Islam started being strong, or “the Golden days of Islam” – the education system of the child was “complete” – right from the beginning. The role of the Masjid was to introduce the kids to Qur’an and Hadith (which is still being maintained in the madrasahs nowadays) – but also to provide necessary education to the potential students (children and adults) with the “dunia education (Math, Arabic, science, medicine, etc.

Our Traditional Educational Systems
Our Traditional Educational Systems
27 December 2009
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Asad Zaman N Orientalism, one of the most significant and influential books of the twentieth century, Edward Said describes how the European project of colonizing the rest of the world distorted all academic knowledge produced about the East (the Orient). The necessity of justifying and providing a moral basis for the loot and plunder of Asia, Africa and the Americas led to the invention of a large number of Western theories which made it impossible to achieve an objective understanding of the East.