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The Sealed Nectar

Book: The Sealed Nectar Author: Safiur Rahman Mubarakpuri The Sealed Nectar is an English version of Ar-Raheeq-ul-Makhtum: a biography of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), written in Arabic and Urdu by Safiur Rahman Mubarakpuri. Muhammad ï·º is the last/final Messenger (Prophet, Apostle) sent by Allah (God) to humanity for the Guidance.

Muhammad The Last Prophet a model for all time

Book: Muhammad The Last Prophet a model for all time Author: Sayyed Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi Muhammad ï·º is the last/final Messenger (Prophet, Apostle) sent by Allah (God) to humanity for the Guidance.

Will Doug Ford's Betrayal Persist?

Jawed Anwar LAST year the Ford government replaced sex-ed curriculum with an interim document from 2010 to be used until a new curriculum comes out this fall. The interim document contains sex-ed material from 1998 and doesn’t address topics such as consent, gender identity and LGBTQ issues.

Gender Apostasy and Sexual Disorientation

Jawed Anwar The creator of anything introduces and defines the purpose of its creation and how he creates it. The creator explains about his creation what it is and how it will function and operate.

Bring Your Bible Sharia and Implement it!

Jawed Anwar We were expecting a favourable response from our Christian brothers and sisters on principles and policies of the Islamic Party of Ontario (Islamic Ontario); but, unfortunately, that did not happen. However, few of them did send positive messages and tried to understand us. We appreciate and give high regard to them.

Sex-Education on Gay Relationship: British Religious Jews and Muslims Woke Up Late

IO News Relationship Education (RE) and Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) will become a mandatory part of the school curriculum in all primary schools in England – state, academy, free, faith, private etc. – from September 2020 (although schools are encouraged to start early).

Religious Jews will Leave UK to Escape School Lessons on Gay Relationships

Jawed Anwar The UK newspaper the Times reports that; “Thousands of Jews will leave Britain unless ministers back down from forcing faith schools to teach children about gay and transgender relationships and same-sex families, it has been claimed.

Racist Slur: Go Back to Your Home!

Jawed Anwar Lut (Quranic Arabic name, English bible name Lot), Peace Be Upon Him, was the Messenger of God and immigrant to the nation where he settled down to call the people towards Allah. He was the nephew of a prominent Messenger of Allah; Abraham (P.BU.H).

Attention Doug Ford: Please Restore Our Gender

Jawed Anwar This year my wife’s health card was renewed, and she was shocked to see that she had lost her “female” gender. She found that the space for gender on the card was vacant.   In the coming year, when my health card is renewed, I will also lose my “male” gender.

Premier Ford's Parental Consultation: What and How to Respond?

PREMIER Doug Ford opened up the promised parental consultation process on sex-ed by launching the Ontario government's consultation website. Based on your feedback from the consultation, the Ford administration will write a new sex-ed curriculum. This consultation will close on December 15. So please don’t delay. For all concerned parents, grandparents, residents, and citizens, it is like "do or die" situation. Please respond NOW.

The Miracles of Prophets -1

MOSES was sent to Pharaoh to invite him to two things; first, to surrender himself to God (i.e. Islam); and second, to release the Israelites - who were already Muslims - from his oppressive bondage. The Qur'an refers occasionally to both these objectives, and occasionally confines itself to mentioning either of the two.

Recreational Marijuana Legalized in Canada:  The Muslim Response

Jawed Anwar MARIJUANA, a member of the cannabis family, is legal and now available in the Canadian market for use as a recreational drug. Marijuana is a psychoactive drug that induces an altered state of consciousness. It is used to produce an altered state of consciousness for pleasure, by modifying perceptions, feelings, and emotions. When such a psychoactive drug enters the user’s body, it induces an intoxicating effect.

Thank You, Laura! Thank You, Islamophobe!

Jawed Anwar LAURA Loomer, an American woman from Arizona, crossed the Canadian border to protest against ICNA Canadian Muslims convention in Mississauga held at Thanksgiving weekend. She came to protest against two American speakers Imam Siraj Wahhaj (previously Jeffrey Kearse) and Linda Sarsour attending the conference.

Scrap the K-12 Gender-Killing, Curriculum Resource Guide

In Ontario Progressive Conservative (PC) leadership election TV debate, the sex-ed curriculum issue has been highlighted. From the “re-considering” the sex-ed curriculum stance by Doug Ford and Christine Elliot in the beginning, we have arrived at is promises of “repealing” and “scraping” the curriculum by Doug Ford and Tanya Granic Allen.

Indian Supreme Court Judgment on Homosexuality Death-Knell for Family

THE debate on the decriminalisation of homosexuality had not yet died down that the verdict resulting in decriminalisation of adultery has hit the headlines. So with the two “historical” verdicts in September 2018 on Homosexuality and Adultery, the corporatisation of Indian Legal System has almost reached its zenith.


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