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Recreational Marijuana Legalized in Canada:  The Muslim Response

Jawed Anwar MARIJUANA, a member of the cannabis family, is legal and now available in the Canadian market for use as a recreational drug. Marijuana is a psychoactive drug that induces an altered state of consciousness. It is used to produce an altered state of consciousness for pleasure, by modifying perceptions, feelings, and emotions. When such a psychoactive drug enters the user’s body, it induces an intoxicating effect.

Thank You, Laura! Thank You, Islamophobe!

Jawed Anwar LAURA Loomer, an American woman from Arizona, crossed the Canadian border to protest against ICNA Canadian Muslims convention in Mississauga held at Thanksgiving weekend. She came to protest against two American speakers Imam Siraj Wahhaj (previously Jeffrey Kearse) and Linda Sarsour attending the conference.

Scrap the K-12 Gender-Killing, Curriculum Resource Guide

In Ontario Progressive Conservative (PC) leadership election TV debate, the sex-ed curriculum issue has been highlighted. From the “re-considering” the sex-ed curriculum stance by Doug Ford and Christine Elliot in the beginning, we have arrived at is promises of “repealing” and “scraping” the curriculum by Doug Ford and Tanya Granic Allen.

Indian Supreme Court Judgment on Homosexuality Death-Knell for Family  

THE debate on the decriminalisation of homosexuality had not yet died down that the verdict resulting in decriminalisation of adultery has hit the headlines. So with the two “historical” verdicts in September 2018 on Homosexuality and Adultery, the corporatisation of Indian Legal System has almost reached its zenith.

Blasphemy of the Prophet (British India): The Right to Revenge - 3

The BRITISH government of India didn’t allow any opposition to the government, and saying anything in the resistance of the British government was a criminal act. Today’s so-called champion of “freedom of expression” and democracy --hypocrite West-- never allowed any voice of dissent in any part of their occupied lands. But it was allowed to disgrace and abuse the most sacred personalities of Islam. Their “freedom of expression” only applied if it went against Islam and Muslims.

Blasphemy of the Prophet (in British India)-2

BRITISH occupied India from the Muslims. Although the Indian public, including Hindus, resisted British power initially, a special interest group of high-class Hindus with the support of the British Raj emerged. They made Muslims’ social and religious life miserable. Western orientalists and new Hindu revivalists had been rampantly attacking Islam, its culture, religious practices, and its respected personalities.

Blasphemy of the Prophet: Right to Revenge-1

MUSLIMS have requested that blasphemy (ridiculing, insulting, disgracing) against Prophet Muhammad, Jesus, Moses, Abraham, and other Messengers of Godï·º be made a punishable crime, felony. UN should declare it a crime and ask every nation to make laws to control it. Muslims have been crying for this for a long time but are still unheard.

Liberalism is a Lost Cause in Pakistan

Omer Bin Abdullah blogger@chaiwhy Prof. T.N.T. Moungbein, chairman of the department of Other Worlds Studies, Muddleburg University, has invited Prof. Vahshat Nashaybaaz, chairman of the department of international studies, University of Streetsville, who specializes in Pakistan studies. The topic of discussion is “Will Liberalism Survive in Pakistan?”

Shall We Allow Subversion of Education, As Was Done In East Pakistan? 

 Muhammad Abd al-Hameed THE 18th Amendment to the Constitution of Pakistan (passed in 2010) entrusted curriculum and syllabi and preparation and publication of textbooks entirely to the Textbook Boards of the provinces. Shall we suffer the same consequences in our provinces as occurred in East Pakistan in 1960’s?

Messengers of Allah Being a Human Being- 2

We initiated your creation, then We gave you each a shape, and then We said to the angels: 'Prostrate before Adam.') . They all prostrated except Iblis: he was not one of those who fell Prostrate. (Al-Quran 7:11) These verses should he read in conjunction with (al-Baqarah 2: 30-9). The words in which the command to prostrate before Adam is mentioned may give rise to the misapprehension that it was Adam as such who is the object of prostration.

Few Imams and Readers' Comment on Gay-friendly Islamic Leadership

Syed Jawed Anwar Excerpts of two Imams without comment: One of the Imams (locally educated) once said, “Is it not the issue of LGBT like a racial issue (black) of Americas? People were discriminating black in the past. Now it is nation of LGBT (discrimination).”Another Imam: “Homosexuality is a Canadian thing. It has to stay here. We must vote Liberals.”

Messenger of Allah Being a Human Being-1

THE misunderstanding has always been common among the ignorant people of every age that a human being could not be a Messenger of Allah. They rejected a Messenger just because he was a human being and took his meals and had wife and children like themselves. In contrast to this, after the passage of the time the credulous followers of a Messenger began to claim that he was not a human being at all because he was a Messenger.

This is Not How Friends Act

Omer Bin Abdullah blogger@chaiwhy A Satire on Pakistani Politics Maulana Fazalur Rahman of his eponymous faction of the Jamiat-e Ulema-i Islam (JUI-F) has come down for breakfast in a somber mood, if the word somber describes it. He has not even touched the once piping hot nihari and naan, and the halva and puree laid out by his host, Sen. Muhammad Talha Mahmood, the JUI-F deputy parliamentary leader in the Senate.

Our Gay-friendly Islamic Leadership (4)

Syed Jawed Anwar In 2015 parents’ campaign against radical sex-ed curriculum when these Imams came under fierce criticism, they issued a statement on sex-ed curriculum in which they tried to satisfy both government and the community. But they failed. They did not post this statement even to their own website.

Our Gay-friendly Islamic Leadership (3)

Syed Jawed Anwar After resignation of Dalton McGuinty, Liberal Premier of Ontario, the leadership election of Ontario Liberals was held in 2009. The majority of Muslim liberals voted for Kathleen Wynne. There were few candidates in the race who were adherents of traditional family values. All “others” were rejected by “Muslim Liberals”.

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