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ICNA-MAS Convention: Growing Numbers, Speakers, and Content

Syed Jawed Anwar Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) USA and Muslim American Society (MAS) organized its 42nd convention on Easter weekend (14-16 April) in Baltimore, Maryland. I attended after more than decade when it was in Hartford, Connecticut. At that time, the convention attracted under 10,000. After a few years the numbers crossed 10,000, and the convention organizers changed its venue to the Convention Center, Baltimore. Now the numbers are over 20,000.

Graffiti Boys of Syria

By Yvonne Ridley Around four years ago I was told exactly how the Syrian Revolution began and who started it. After investigating the story I realised it challenges supporters of the Assad regime and silences those conspiracy theorists who blame everyone from the CIA to Mossad, the Saudis and Russian intelligence.

Syria: Planned Genocide and Eviction of People to Expand Israel

Jawed Anwar From the last few years till now, 470,000 people were killed, including 55,000 children in Syria. 13.5 million fled and were displaced all over the world. Among them 6 million are internally displaced. 4.6 million are refugees outside Syria but mostly in neighboring Muslim countries.

Time to Tear Down the Barriers of Fear

By Yvonne Ridley SO we might never know why someone hired a car and committed the murderous attack on a group of innocent people in London before turning his attentions on a policeman stabbing him to death. And yet the media has delivered a huge goal to Daesh by its round-the-clock coverage examining in minute detail every aspect of the 90 second attack. The first three days, in the absence of any real facts other than the subsequent identities of those killed and how they died, was all speculative.

Talim and Tarbiyah

By Sheikh Muhammad Saleem Dhorat Children are a Blessing Being gifted with children is a great blessing from Allāh ta'ālā. For any blessing we receive we need to do shukr, i.e. be grateful to Allāh ta'ālā. True shukr meets the following requirements: 1. Realise the blessing is the result of the Grace of Allāh ta'ālā and that it has come to you without your being deserving of it. 2. Acknowledge your gratitude in your heart and express it verbally as well. 3. Use the blessin

Muhammad [Pbuh]: World at the threshhold of His Appearance

AT the end of the sixth century AD humanity was facing a very depressed and deprived condition. There was no Guidance from its Creator and Sustainer to guide its destiny as all were “lost” or mutilated due to human interpolation. There was no Kingdom of God on earth to deliver justice and equity to human abode. There was no concept of human rights and no court of justice to take care of their violations every now and then.

The Foundational Characteristics of a Believer in Times of Distress

By Sheikh Mikaeel Olivieri (Abdur Rahman) Almighty Allah has put us in this world for a short amount of time. In our time here, we must quickly assess and examine our situation. By the grace of Almighty Allah, he has guided us to the religion of Islam. Islam has left no stone unturned in showing us, in a very beautiful and simple way, how to live. The biggest test, of course, is dealing with trials and tribulations. Allah, outlining this, says in the Quran:

Evidence of Prophet Muhammad's Prophethood

ALL prophets came with signs and evidences furnished by God to show that the prophets were truly who they claimed to be. Among these signs were miracles that defied the laws of nature and were witnessed by the people. Generally, miracles are experienced only by the people who were there when the miracles actually occurred. Allah, however, furnished Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) with a miracle that would endure for all time. That miracle is the Qur'ân.

The Rights and Duties of Workers in the Light of the Teachings of Muhammad (PBUH)

ONE of the characteristics of the teachings of Allah’s Messenger (pbuh) and the commandments of Islamic Shariah is that they are compatible with the conditions and requirements of all ages. The events and annals from the time of the advent of Islam bear testimony to this fact. The world has witnessed catastrophic events through the vicissitude of time and life, but the teachings of Allah’s Messenger (pbuh) are still fresh, vibrant, and relevant.

A Holistic Vision of Islamic Education-Tarbiyah Curriculum

A Holistic Vision of Islamic Education-Tarbiyah Curriculum

Top Tips To Develop Mental Toughness

LIVING in a society where being Muslim is regularly likened to being a terrorist and where our culture and way of life is constantly misappropriated and misunderstood can take a real toll on our mental and emotional well being.

Fruits of Dishonor

If you are talented, be a scholar; if you don't have such talent, be a student; if you cann't  be a learner, love scholars. If that too is not possible, at least don't  hate those who are knowledgeable. A ruler of half the world gave his citizens this small lesson in what we often call civilization or culture.

Accomplishment of the Task

Jawed Anwar Long weekends, holidays, and 2016 have gone. We did everything on these days except the one thing that Allah commanded us to do and for which Allah sent His Messengers (and Books) on earth --warning and glad tidings.

Shebe-Abi-Talib: Oppression of Quraish Arab

THE exile of the entire clan of Banu Hashim, to which Prophet Mohammadï·º belonged, is the worst example of trials and tribulations faced by him and his Companions (R.A.). When the Quraish came to know that the Abyssinian Christian ruler Najashi welcomed the Muslim migrants from Makkah and was moved by the Dawah of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh), they became sad as well as furious. They came down heavily on the Prophet and his Companions and even secretly planned to kill him. A pledge was taken that they would not

Imam Hamiduddin Farahi: Pioneer of Concept of Coherency in Quran in Modern Time

By Afzal Usmani It will not be an exaggeration to say that Maulana Hamiduddin Farahi is the most celebrated Quranic scholar Mohammadan Anglo Oriental College and Aligarh Muslim University have ever produced. He is known for his groundbreaking work on the concept of Nazm, or Coherence in the Quran. He was instrumental in producing highly scholarly works, which proved that the verses of the Quran are interconnected in such a way that the Surah, or Chapters, of the Quran form a coherent structure, having its


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