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The Implosion of Western Society (Part 4)

The Implosion of Western Society (Part 4)


MAN’s inability to identify with a homogeneous whole represents his primary frustration with modern society. He does not feel that he belongs, instead he experiences a sense of aloneness in a world of self-centered and materially motivated people, a condition that begins with his lack of family orientation in childhood and continues through old age when put into senior citizens housing to await death.

Treated as a finite material commodity instead of an infinite spiritual entity he is referred to as a human resource and its subcategories such as wage earner, professional, factory employee, government worker, and a host of other functional designations.

This dehumanization of the individual began with the neutering of the Western male and the resultant reduction of men and women to persons and then to automaton production workers.

Before describing the details of the dehumanization of humankind it serves our interests to review here the natural order of things.

The natural grouping of mammals and for most species of life consists of an association of the male, female and offspring they produce. Examples of this grouping are found among deer, baboons, and lions.

The challenges and hardships of survival frequently require more resource than the basic familial grouping can provide; therefore, a larger grouping develops called a herd, troop, or pride, respectively among the deer, baboons, and lions.

Among humans this larger grouping is called the extended family or tribe, the natural association of humans and also the most effective in preserving the species and advancing the common good. These groupings have as their heads the male, who is larger, stronger, and equipped mentally, physically, and emotionally to provide the environment and means for the females to bring forth life and nurture it. The name given to this structure is called patriarchy and has existed worldwide since the beginning of human association.

The patriarchal structure exists among lions, deer and especially baboons, who have harems that among other activities, cater to the dietary preferences of the male. They also have an intricate societal structure that grooms youth for adulthood.

The tribe provided for the sustenance of the weak, disabled, and elderly. It also provided ethical training based on the spiritual understanding necessary to sustain a high level of morality.

The Western materially based culture from its inception has attacked and destroyed the patriarchal structure internally and wherever it traveled to by eliminating or neutering the male, thus leaving females and offspring to be controlled by the government. The practice of neutering the male is very common in the raising of livestock, which should be noted inasmuch as Western governments treat people as livestock.

Among humans a more blatant form of neutering the male existed in American slavery in which the slave males were beaten, removed from, and stripped of any authority thus making women and children completely dependent upon the slave master for their very existence.

In modern Western societies the practice of neutering males is done with more sophistication and subterfuge. The liberal element takes control by neutering the male in all political and economic activities, enabling the ease of divorce, and having the government take over the many facets of child care, which they have unsuccessfully substituted for nurturing love. The financially oriented conservative element weakens the family by the economic independence of women and children, and its disruption and dislocation of the familial grouping.

People have lost the personal leadership of familial groupings and become dependent upon an impersonal government for the necessities of life, which creates loneliness and a frustrated desire to belong, regardless of the financial wellbeing of the individual.

The absence of ethics normally inculcated in people by the family coupled with the focus on material matters creates a sense of government supported selfish thinking among the populace. The slogan “Health care is not a privilege but a right” motivates pure selfishness. Why is it my right to have strangers pay for my health expenses? Food stamps were promoted with the slogan “Having food stamps is smart.” Why should someone else pay for my food? The various rights that the government bestows on people pit one group of people against another and in general creates a self-centered, selfish, “me versus them attitude.”

During the Great Depression I did not see people dying in the streets from lack of nutrition or healthcare. Nor did I see people at schools and public events, get shot, and stabbed even though we didn’t have any security cameras or guards. I saw very few unwed mothers, even fewer divorces, and a prison population 5% of what it is today. People were cared for in a safe and secure environment provided by the family and extended family even though they were poor. The onslaught on the patriarchal way of life was in its infancy and unnoticed.

Today the effects of the destruction of patriarchy are rampant and an integral part of our daily lives; however, before going into the details of the destruction of patriarchy I will make an analogy with the deer mentioned earlier. If the antlers are cut off the stag will the doe be able to do anything that the stag was able to do before his antlers were removed?  Of course not. The result will be that the herd will become vulnerable to another entity, whether the hunter or livestock raiser.

Neutering the male does not give power to the female, it gives power to an authority outside of the familial grouping. In the case of humans it is the government and the powers that influence and control the government.

Devoid of spirituality and the ethical behavior that derives from spirituality governments attempt to compensate by increasing surveillance and police protection. The result is increased chaos, immoral behavior, divorce, venereal disease, suicide, gang membership, drug addiction, killings, beatings, and a nationwide increase in the feelings of insecurity and loneliness.

Western society is imploding throughout the world. There is no fixing it. It is built upon a weak foundation of gross materialism. In order for a human society to sustain itself it must have spiritual awareness, gender understanding, and family focus. The Western world is devoid of these three principles and is imploding.

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