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Indian Supreme Court Judgement: Another Nail in the Coffin of the Marriage Institution

Dr. Javed Jamil IN another “remarkable” judgment, the Supreme Court on October 11, held that sexual intercourse by a man with his wife, who is below 18 years of age, is rape. A girl child below the age of 18 cannot be treated as a commodity having no say over her body or someone who has no right to deny sexual intercourse to her husband, the Supreme Court held.

The Rohingya Muslims: The Victims of Pure State-Terrorism

"The population of the Rohingya Muslims is being continuously annihilated as per a blue print of ethnic cleansing."Double standard has become the most established norm in world politics; one rule for the Muslims and another rule for the non-Muslims is now visible everywhere. If a terrorist attack takes place in a western city by a Muslim, the western governments, the European Union, the media outfits, even the UN Security Council, spare no time to condemn it.

Syrian Muslim Brotherhood Commits to a Political Solution

Syria Muslim Brotherhood in its sixth session of Shura Council issues following statement on October 7, 2017, Ikhwanweb reports.

Gender Genocide in Canada-3: Our Message

By Syed Jawed Anwar Our message is clear and without any ambiguity. There are two biological genders –men and women— created by God. All the religious books –Al-Quran, Tanakh (Jewish Bible), Christian Bible (including the Gospel, Talmud, Vedas, Upnishads, Tripitaka, Guru Granth Sahib— say the same thing— that the genders are two, men and women.

Wynne Oversteps Again!

By Tanya Granic Allen Kathleen Wynne, who seems intent on controlling all decisions regarding our children’s education, has another item she can tick off her agenda. After it was brought to Wynne’s attention by a reporter that high school students in Hamilton are earning their required volunteer hours by participating in pro-life activities such as 40 Days for Life, Wynne saw her opportunity and seized it.

Biography of Muhammad (PBUH) By a Muslim

By Dr. Muhammad Hamidullah, D. Phil., D. Litt. (9 February 1908 - 17 December 2002) IN the annals of men, individuals have not been lacking who conspicuously devoted their lives to the socio-religious reform of their connected peoples. We find them in every epoch and in all lands.

Women Wage Peace Movement Rallies in Israeli Occupied Land

By Yvonne Ridley, UK WHEN US President Donald Trump made an election pledge to move the American Embassy from tel Aviv to Jerusalem it was bound to cause a seismic reaction in an already volatile of the world and maybe that's why he shelved the plan when he got the keys to The White House.

Gender Genocide in Canada-2: What Should Muslims Do?

Syed Jawed Anwar ALLAH sent prophets and messengers all over the world at different time periods, particularly when evil envelopes good completely. The Prophethood has been completed and finalized with the last Messenger Muhammad ï·º( 1429 years ago. Now the responsibility to convey the Message of God [and His Prophet Muhammad ï·º (peace be upon him] transfers to Ummah (the party, community, group) of Muhammad ï·º(peace be upon him) till Qiyamah (Doomsday).

American Racism Stops Mohammad Alqadi to Attend Marathon

By Yvonne Ridley THE New York Marathon is a huge event drawing in nationalities and runners from around the world but I want you to spare a thought this year for Palestinian marathon man Mohammad Alqadi who has been stopped in his tracks by American racism.

The Problem of Qadiyanism (So-Called Ahmadiyya)

By Syed Abul A'la Maududi (1903-1979) In January 1953, thirty-three Muslims scholars (leading Ulama of Pakistan) representing various Muslim organizations and parties from all parts of East and West Pakistan held a conference in Karachi to discuss government suggestions and recommendations for the new constitution presented to parliament. The meeting ended with many suggestions and reforms one of which was ".

Why Should I Have to Apologize for Something I Have Nothing to Do With?

By Abubakar N. Kasim, Toronto, Canada THE media and islamophobes continue to harass Muslims. They demand statements of condemnation every time a crazy mad man takes matters into his own hands and commit atrocities.

Gender Genocide in Canada-1: Before and Beyond Bill 89

Syed Jawed Anwar Muslims are facing extreme hardships all over the world, both in Muslim and non-Muslim states and governments that include ethnic cleansing and genocide at several places. Canadian Muslims who think that they are safe are mistaken. Physically, they might be safe, but spiritually they are in a process of complete elimination.

Reasoning Behind the Need for Prophethood of Muhammad (s.a.w)

By Syed Abul A'ala Maududi (Translated from the book "Seerat e Sarwar e Aalam ﷺ, Chapter “Why Did the World Need Prophet Muhammad ﷺ After Other Prophets?”) (42:14 part) Indeed those who were later made the heirs of the Book are in disquieting doubt about it.

Deja Vu as Trump ignores Rohingya

By Yvonne Ridley By the time you read this war could already have started between America and North Korea, such are the precarious times in which we live. Certainly the world moved one step closer to the abyss thanks to sabre rattling from your president, Donald Trump who recently despatched US Air Force bombers and fighter jets to fly off North Korea's coast.

Prophetic Perspective of Jihad and the Doubts of the Modern Mind

There are many misconceptions and misunderstandings created by several non-Muslim scholars, orientalists and authors in their research works. One of the misconceptions which they constantly present is that the religion of Islam is a religion of terror and war and the aim of this religion is to engage its followers and others in the battlefield. This is absolutely a wrong concept about the Deen of Islam. In fact, Islam is the Deen (religion, way and system of life) of peace.


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