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Why Should I Have to Apologize for Something I Have Nothing to Do With?

By Abubakar N. Kasim, Toronto, Canada THE media and islamophobes continue to harass Muslims. They demand statements of condemnation every time a crazy mad man takes matters into his own hands and commit atrocities.

Gender Genocide in Canada-1: Before and Beyond Bill 89

Syed Jawed Anwar Muslims are facing extreme hardships all over the world, both in Muslim and non-Muslim states and governments that include ethnic cleansing and genocide at several places. Canadian Muslims who think that they are safe are mistaken. Physically, they might be safe, but spiritually they are in a process of complete elimination.

Reasoning Behind the Need for Prophethood of Muhammad (s.a.w)

By Syed Abul A'ala Maududi (Translated from the book "Seerat e Sarwar e Aalam ﷺ, Chapter “Why Did the World Need Prophet Muhammad ﷺ After Other Prophets?”) (42:14 part) Indeed those who were later made the heirs of the Book are in disquieting doubt about it.

Deja Vu as Trump ignores Rohingya

By Yvonne Ridley By the time you read this war could already have started between America and North Korea, such are the precarious times in which we live. Certainly the world moved one step closer to the abyss thanks to sabre rattling from your president, Donald Trump who recently despatched US Air Force bombers and fighter jets to fly off North Korea's coast.

Prophetic Perspective of Jihad and the Doubts of the Modern Mind

There are many misconceptions and misunderstandings created by several non-Muslim scholars, orientalists and authors in their research works. One of the misconceptions which they constantly present is that the religion of Islam is a religion of terror and war and the aim of this religion is to engage its followers and others in the battlefield. This is absolutely a wrong concept about the Deen of Islam. In fact, Islam is the Deen (religion, way and system of life) of peace.

The Toll of Natural Disasters

By Elder George THE greatest hardships experienced in the United States seemingly result from natural disasters such as fire, snow, rain, drought, flooding, tornados and hurricanes. The news media covers these disasters in great depth as it attempts to capture the emotional impact on the populace.

Peace One Day... But will Trump Make the Call?

By Yvonne Ridley I watched with incredulity from my farm in the Scottish Borders as Donald Trump made his first ever speech before the General Council of the United Nations. I knew it would be spectacular but not in this way - it was gross in the extreme.

Materialism-The Common Enemy

By Elder George Bringing about change necessitates having an enemy that can be readily railed against. While any movement requires a positive message to bring about change, the positive message requires direction against a common enemy

Rohingya: Golden History of Arakan (Rohingya) Muslims

ARAKANESE or Rohingya Muslims are indigenous to Arakan. Having genealogical linkup with the people of Wesali (or Vesali kingdom) of Arakan, the Rohingya of today are ancient inhabitants in their land. The earliest people in Arakan were descended from Aryans. They were resembling the people of India-Benga

Right of Self-Determination of Rohingya Muslims and the Responsibility of the Muslim Ummah

Dr. Firoz Mahboob Kamal Ethnic cleansing & the only option The massive campaign of ethnic cleansing provides little option for the Rohingya Muslims. Former Muslim majority state of Arakan –now called Rakhine, is being rapidly transformed to a Muslim-free zone. The current regime has proven that they can only offer deaths, rapes, destruction and eviction and no peace or security for the Rohingya Muslims.

Rohingya Muslims Sent Relief to Turkish People in the Balkan Wars

THE solidarity between Rohingya Muslims and the Turks dates back to the First World War, when the former provided material and emotional support to the Ottoman Government, a document released by Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey Fikri Işık showed Friday, September 8.

Rohingya's Wounded Children in Bangladesh

AGENCIES COX'S BAZAR, Bangladesh — The Seven year-old Rohingya boy lies on a broken mattress on the floor of a crowded government hospital, bandages covering the spot where a bullet fired by Myanmar troops tore through his chest a week earlier.

God, Human Suffering and the Believer

By Safi Kaskas HOW do you maintain a sense of faith in a God who claims to be merciful and compassionate, amid the myriad kinds of afflictions, pain, difficulties, setbacks, abuses, losses, and traumas that occur at the individual and collective scales?

Wahi (Revelation): Meaning, Forms and Types

Lexically, wahi means swift and secret instruction, i.e. an inspiration which is made with such haste and speed that none may know it except the inspirer and the one being inspired. As a term, this word has been used for the guidance and instruction that is put in the mind of a man by Allah like a flash of lightning.

Stop the Genocide of Rohingya Muslims, Put Sanctions on Myanmar

Petitioning United Nations General Secretary Antonio Guterres (United Nations General Secretary) and 7 others Share this Petition It is the world’s most silent genocide. So silent, in fact, that even in the unlikely event you have heard about it, it’s more than likely you know only its foggiest details.

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