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Why We Should Oppose Ontario S-x-Confused Curriculum

Why We Should Oppose Ontario S-x-Confused Curriculum


IN 2010, Premier Dalton McGuinty announced a revised sex-ed curriculum, the brain child of Kathleen Wynne, current Ontario Premier and ex education Minister of Ontario. Parents’ immediate reaction was so sharp and immediate that in fear of losing the government, minority Ontario Liberal withdrew or let’s say postponed it. Now newly elected Premier Kathleen Wynne has vowed to bring back the sex education curriculum without any change or amendments.

However, before getting the wheels rolling, she has lobbied to present a bill in the Ontario Legislative Assembly; Bill 13 with the sugar coating of “anti-bullying” in 2011. This bill has been passed with Liberal and NDP majority support with exception of two MPP (Catholic Christians).

Laurel Broten, Minister of Education, Ontario Liberal Government in the second reading of the bill speech on December 7th, 2011 said that “The (Liberal government’s) goal of this bill is to change attitudes and behaviors, and change them for good” (brain washing of young children).

Bill 13 has been passed resulting “Accepting Education Act” in Ontario Public funded schools and implemented in 2012.

According to Phil Lees the President of P.E.A.C.E. Ontario, It was a cultural shift mandate-embracing the Homosexual Agenda.  “Accepting” is a code word for accepting trans-gender life styles and alternate family.

They also made changes in the Human rights bill and passed another Bill 33 (Freedom of Gender Expression Act). The implication of this ACT is it;

1. Gives men who dress like women access to girl’s washrooms, public showers and pool change rooms.

2. Create a Legal right for transgendered men to use public bathrooms intended for women.

3. Allow the right to ‘gender expression’ to be interpreted by the courts as giving men the right to ‘express their gender’ by using a girl’s washroom, change room or shower.

4. Threaten the lives of girls and women by putting them at greater risk from male sexual predators.

5. Give men a legal alibi for getting caught in the girls’ bathroom or change room, thereby freeing them to offend another day.

6. Allow men who plan to assault women in the bathroom to escape prosecution by pretending to be a cross-dresser. Now Freedom of Gender expression Act is in application. A male teacher of the school who declares himself female will be named Ms. XYZ instead of Mr. ABC. On October 17, 2012; The Toronto District School Board announced that “any student could enter the male or female student washroom whenever they like” – and it would be against the human rights policy to question it.

An environment has already been created in public schools so that a new sex education curriculum could flourish there. Parents of Ontario have already swallowed this camel sized evil due to lack of awareness of what is going on around them. Government, liberal media, and so called community leaders of liberal-mind set (conformist and yes sir! type of people) along with political activists have either misinformed parents or kept silent.

The New Accepting Education Act doesn’t apply only in Physical and Health education but has been incorporated in subjects such as, English Reading, Social Studies, Science, Math, Gym, special days, etc. For example, last year Public Schools celebrated “pink day” and on this occasion a story book "My Chacha Is Gay”  had been read in English Reading Class in Pakistani/Muslim  community neighborhood  public schools.

After New Accepting Education Act (Accepting homo-sexual life style to make it common), it was easy to implement new sex curriculum. When parents already swallowed the camel (Accepting Education Act) size evil, it will not be difficult to swallow “mosquito”  (sex ed curriculum 2010) size evil. However, this small mosquito is also too poisonous.

Last month, the Kathleen Wynne government conducted a pre planned survey with questions that were so general the government could justify any lesson content. Further, only one hand-picked parent from each school was allowed to complete the survey. Now they are calling selected and liberal friendly community leaders to inform the “benefit” of sex education curriculum.

Irrespective of the surveys, discussion, and meetings, the Minister of Education has already said that curriculum will be fully implemented in September 2015.

Following are the parents concern related to sex-ed curriculum.

  • The 2010 Gr. 1 – 8, Health and Physical Education Curriculum introduced sexual information in greater detail with graphics at earlier ages.
  • Grade 3 students would be introduced to the topic of gender identity and sexual orientation.
  • Grade 6 the promotion of self-discovery through masturbation.
  • Grade 7 classroom instruction would include anal and oral sex.
  • The curriculum may lead to sexual activeness from early age.
  • In 2010 the government agreed that the proposed content in the sex ed component of the 2010 Health and Phys Ed Guidelines was too graphic, not age appropriate, and that the curriculum needed a serious rethink. At the time it was promised the province would “provide opportunities for parents to lend shape to [sex-ed] policy with which they are more comfortable;”
    a) The government has not provided any opportunity for input.
    b) The government is going bring back the same sensitive, graphic and age inappropriate curriculum, designed to change the traditional attitudes and values of our children
  • c) Little information has been communicated about the specific process regarding the 2010 curriculum.
  • Psychiatric and Pediatric associations agree that children should not be forced to engage in lesson content/information that they are not asking about, and that doing so can lead to negative consequences.
  • In New Brunswick, the government tried the same curriculum approach in 2005, and teen pregnancies increased 40% between 2006 and 2010. [ McKay, A., (2013), Trends in Canadian national and provincial/territorial teen pregnancy rates: 2001 – 2010. The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality, Vol. 21, No. 3 & 4, p. 165.]
  • The ‘American Association of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry advises parents of young children, “parents should respond to the needs and curiosity of their children by offering no more or less information than their child is asking for, and is able to understand.” Readiness can vary significantly form one child to another. How can a universal provincial curriculum provide flexibility to suit the sensitivity and needs of each child?’ [ Mitchell, Peter Jon, (2014) Making Sex Education Work, Institute for Marriage and Family Canada, p. 2]

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Abu yahya


The information is great. Now tell us how we can mobilize and oppose this collectively as a faith based community.

Mian Abdul Qadeer Ahmed


Keep up the good work Brother Jawed Anwar. Let me know how can be of further assistance and keep us posted on these matters.Knowledge of these goings on will In Sha Allah will lead to more people taking a stance this kind of education.



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