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Western Education Vs Islamic Education

Western Education Vs Islamic Education

By Syed Jawed Anwar

WHEN Western educated Caucasians entered into Muslim India in 17th century, in 18th century, and in 19th century, they didn’t have any passport of their country of origin or any visa issued by the Indian embassy. There was no requirement of passport or visa he had to obtain for entry into Muslim India or anywhere into the Muslim world. There was no embassy of any Muslim Country anywhere to issue the visa to visit or to migrate.

These western educated “Westerners” didn’t find any hindrance to buy the lands, even strategic located lands in the coastal areas. They didn’t find any obstacle to start commence trade or practice any profession anywhere in India. There was no law to discontinue anything related to obtain worldly success.

These Western educated Whites were dealing with Islamic educated(with more than 80 % literacy rate; a survey done by British in 19th century) brown people. These Islamic educated people believe that the land, earth, and ultimately the world belong to Allah swt. His best creation “human” bore free and we don’t have any right to control them. They have right to travel, migrate, and settle anywhere on earth. As an Islamic educated Muslim, we don’t have right to make impediment into human’s decision to migrate and their choice of living.

Muslim rulers throughout history followed the same constitutional rights of immigration to Madinah at the time of Prophet Muhammd (s.a.w.). The immigration law of Madinah was as such that any person of the world who wishes to migrate to Madinah can migrate and the state will take responsibility of protection of their life, wealth and dignity.

Western educated British White people took advantage of the generosity of Islamic and Prophetic Madrasa educated people. They bought the lands on the coastal lines all over India. They built castles, and went on to form a Corporation named; East India Company and started trading. When they became large enough they asked the Mughal emperor in Delhi for getting a business contract of the revenue collection in the State of Bengal and they got the contract. However, the Western educated British were not there to do only business, their primarily purpose and hidden agenda was to occupy India and establish British rule.

They bribed and hired people from Muslim Bengal, and started to develope their own army. In 1757 the East Indian Company’s military killed the Bengal ruler Nawab Siraj ud Daullah and occupied Bengal State, the largest and richest state of India of that time. One by one the British with the help of the East India Company and its military force occupied all the states of India within a century, and completed its full control after slaughtering the Moghul King and his sons in Delhi in 1857. It is a long history of lies, deception, betrayal, and conspiracy of these western educated people. They built an India railway line (some consider it British generosity) to transport the wealth to the Coasts to ship it to England. British sold this colony “golden bird India” in 1947 to America in exchange of getting cash money to support it after being financially bankrupt after World War II. America was only beneficiary of the war who was selling arms to both sides of the nations.
The Western educated (in Western education System) people after taking the lessons of “nationalism” resembled crazy dogs.

They were bloody enemies of all countries, communities and people. They did not like to see other nations in existence. They fought two World Wars and destroyed nations killing millions of people in the process.

Here were all western educated Americans and British Generals who planned and plotted. Those were Western educated pilots who dropped the nuclear bomb on Japan’s Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 which killed at least 129,000 people.

After World War II, the US and its allies involved themselves directly or indirectly in every war. The death toll of all the wars in 20th and 21st century is 160 million. All were perpetrated by Western education experts; the enemies of human kind.

German Nazis were Western Educated elites who declared that no other nation has right to exist except German. They physically committed genocide of Jews.

If you accept the US version of Conspiracy of 9/11; the (Muslim) pilots hit the twin towers. Those pilots were western educated youths.

Terrorism in New York, London, Bombay to Paris and even you accept the all the empire’s version of news that they were “Muslim terrorists,” these “Muslim” terrorists were western educated youth not Madrash going students.
There is big contrast in Islamic and Western Education System.

Islamic Education believes in Tauheed (Unity) and all human beings are equal and sons and daughters of Adam and Eve. Western Education teaches nationalism and practices racism (Check the recent revealed horrible story of aboriginal residential schools and their children).

The purpose of Islamic education System education is to instill unequivocally the “best character” in humanity.1 The purpose of Western education is to develop materialism and make a student a salable commodity for the job market.

Islamic education purifies the heart, mind and soul of the student. Western education pollutes and corrupts the heart, mind and soul of the students. It produces a confused personality (Gender confusion after Ontario Accepting Education Act and new Sex Ed Curriculum).

In an Islamic Education, the Character of a person matters. In Western education, money matters.

In Islamic teachings charity increases the wealth and Usury destroys the wealth. In the Western education system, money, usury/interest, accumulation of wealth, unlimited increasing profit and Capitalism matters.

In Islamic system, education is a social, spiritual, religious and psychological requirement. In Western education it is just a material and business requirement.

Qur’an says Adam (AS) was superior to the angels because of his knowledge. The modern Western Bible says a Man is superior who has more money in the bank. The ranking of a person is based on his wealth. West teaches that the knowledge that can’t materialize in wealth and profit is a useless knowledge.

Islamic Education System develops wisdom. Western Education system is just a collection of data and information.

The Islamic educational system is universal; it is not to serve any ethnic, racial, national or communal interest. The foundation of this system is based on: 1.unity of the Creator, 2. unity of the creature (human beings), and 3. accountability on the Day of Judgment. The Western education system is based on; 1. secularism, 2. nationalism and 3. fulfillment of humans’ worldly desire (liberal democracy).

Islamic education brings peace in mind. Western education leads to terrorism.

Western education system promotes division, selfishness and cruelty.

Terrorism comes from education. Terror ideas developed in heart and mind. Western education system and Public schools are reaping ground of terrorism.

We all need a generous Islamic Education System instead of selfish materialistic Western education system.

Prophet Muhammad (S.) said, “I have been sent as a prophet to teach the attributes of the utmost best character.” So the main purpose of the Islamic education is to instill unequivocally the “best character” in all followers and, furthermore, humanity.

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