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Sex-Ed Curriculum: Ford’s Betrayal and What to Do Now

Sex-Ed Curriculum: Ford’s Betrayal and What to Do Now

Jawed Anwar

DOUGH Ford betrayed and broke one of the significant promises he made during his leadership campaign and later provincial election in 2018. He repeatedly promised during the campaign he will repeal the Wynne’s sex-ed curriculum as soon as he is elected.

His Education Ministry did nothing except a few minor changes. You can say now it is a Wynne/Ford Sex-Ed curriculum.  

The Wynne/Ford sex-ed is here for yet another year: one more year of radical sex education and “gender identity theory” in our children’s classes when they return to school on September 3.

“The Ford sex-ed curriculum will harm children just like the Wynne sex-ed: by excessively sexualizing them at young ages, and by continuing to teach the unscientific gender identity theory with which many parents disagree.” As Granic Allen, President of Parents as First Educators (PAFE) said: “Exactly nothing of the Wynne sex-ed has been repealed. Doug Ford lied.”

The only highlighted feature is “opt-out.”

According to PAFE Press Release:

“The feature of the 2019 version of the Ford-Wynne sex-ed curriculum that will get the most media attention is the so-called “opt-out” for parents.

“Parents groups have long pushed for an effective ‘notification and opt-out’ provision when it comes to sex-ed,” Granic Allen said, “but this attempt by Ford and Stephen Lecce will be completely ineffective.”

According to arguments made by Ministry of Education lawyers in last winter’s court case brought against the government by a coalition of unions and others, there are absolutely no restrictions on what aspect of ‘sex-ed’ can be discussed or taught by any teacher, at any grade level. The only restriction is the grade at which a child is to be examined on a particular question. For example, the controversial “gender identity theory” is scheduled for formal introduction and examination in grade 8, but it can be introduced and discussed as early as grade 1. The “notification” and “opt-out” provision can only apply to the formal and scheduled teaching of a topic and affords no protection for children at other grades.

“According to the government’s own lawyers, the government will do nothing to stop a teacher if s/he decides to teach the ideological ‘gender identity theory’ to six-year-olds,” said Granic Allen, “and there is absolutely no ‘opt-out’ or ‘notice’ if this happens.”

What the government should have done, Granic Allen suggests, is to keep its promise and actually repeal, or eliminate, inappropriate material such as gender identity theory altogether, so it is not taught at any grade.

“In February 2018, Ford explicitly cited ‘gender identity theory’ as an example of the ‘liberal ideology’ that the Wynne curriculum was ‘forcing down the throats’ of Ontario parents and children,” said Granic Allen. “What has become of Doug Ford’s promise to stop teaching this unscientific theory? Another Doug Ford lie.”

Federal Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer promised $4,000 per child tax credit for parents who send their children to private or independent schools. But now before the election, he withdrew his promise. The promise was appealed to many families who were looking to escape the public school and chose private schools as an option.

Both Federal and Provincial Conservatives betrayed after making promises; one after the election, and second before the election.  Liberal and NDP were never in support of Tax Credit. They are staunch supporters of Public education, radical sex ed, and gender identity theory. If they (Liberal and NDP) got the power, they would enforce in private schools too.

What parents should do now?

I will advise parents to boycott public schools as much you can. It contrasts our purpose of education. Public education was never right for all who have traditional family values.

The public education system will corrupt the heart, mind and soul of your children. They will be no more like you. Ultimately, they will not belong to your faith, your tradition, your culture and your values. That’s the natural outcome of Public schooling with few exceptions.

Jawed Anwar can be reached at

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