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Promoting Gay Culture and Gender Change in the Ontario Schools

Promoting Gay Culture and Gender Change in the Ontario Schools


CHECK the Ministry of Education sponsored TDSB documents/Guidelines that applies to every School District boards of Ontario and that is already in place since 2012. Ontario Liberal government with the collaboration of heavily funded LGBT agencies are promoting gay life style, brain washing young minds and encouraging proudly adopting, practicing and announcing the gender identity of their own choice. This is a shaitanic evil plan to produce  gender confused  and sexual perverted generation.

Read the following documents carefully:

Challenging-Homophobia and Hetrosexism-2012-update

Guidelines for the accommodation of Transgender and Gender Non Confirming Students transgender accommodation final_1_.pdf

Some of the highlights of the document of accommodation;

“School board and school staff are expected to challenge gender stereotypes and integrate transpositive content into the teaching of all subject areas in accordance with TDSB policy and procedures and Provincial legislation.”

“School leaders should make an effort to hire and retain transgender and gender non‐conforming staff. TDSB policy and Provincial legislation requires school board leaders to ensure staff are educated in, gender diversity, advocacy and anti‐transphobia education, in challenging gender stereotypes, and in using gender neutral and inclusive language. School and centrally –based leaders should designate a staff person within the school, or school district, who can act in an extended advocacy role for trans students (e.g., the Positive Space representative).”

Note: They are trying not to use the words â€œhusband” and “wife” and “dad” or “mom”

“School board and school–based curriculum leaders must integrate trans‐awareness and trans‐ positive advocacy training into staff professional development curricula. Librarians must acquire trans‐positive fiction and non‐fiction books for school libraries and encourage the circulation of books that teach about gender non‐conforming people.”

“Some transgender and gender non‐conforming students are not open about their identity at home for safety or other reasons. A school should never disclose a student’s gender non‐ conformity or transgender status to the student’s parent(s)/guardian(s)/caregiver(s) without the student’s explicit prior consent. This is true regardless of the age of the student. “

“All students have a right to safe restroom facilities and the right to use a washroom that best corresponds to the student’s gender identity, regardless of the student’s sex assigned at birth. Requiring students to ‘prove’ their gender (by requiring a doctor’s letter, identity documents, etc.) is not acceptable. A student’s self‐identification is the sole measure of the student’s gender.  Where possible, schools will also provide an easily accessible all‐ gender single stall washroom for use by any student who desires increased privacy, regardless of the underlying reason. Use of an all‐gender single stall washroom should be an option students may choose, but should not be imposed upon a student by the school because of the student’s gender identity.”

“Students have the right to a safe change‐room that corresponds to their gender identity.”

Note: A boy who identifies himself a girl (without any proof) can use girl washrooms and change rooms.

“Schools should support the development of a trans‐inclusive GSA (Gay‐Straight Alliance).  For greater certainty, neither the board nor the principal shall refuse to allow a pupil to use the name gay‐straight alliance or a similar name for an organization.”

(Syed Jawed Anwar can be reached at

Katherine Jaconello

Has this world gone mad? You have done your due diligence on this, Mr. Anwar. Words fail me. Perhaps later I can comment more clearly. But. thank you, for exposing this insanity.

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