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My Chacha (Uncle) Is Gay! Pakistani and Muslim Parents! Your Children are Celebrating Pink Day in Ontario Public Schools

My Chacha (Uncle) Is Gay! Pakistani and Muslim Parents! Your Children are Celebrating Pink Day in Ontario Public Schools

YOUR children will read a story book tomorrow on Pink day at Ontario Public Schools. The story book name is “My Chacha (Uncle) is gay” The characters belong to Pakistan

The Pictorial story book [written by Nice Mangoes; a Desi writer) tells; “Meet Ahmed! He is a Pakistani and lives in the city of Karachi. He lives with his mother, father and baby sitter, his chacha, and his dadi. Chacha is Abu’s brother. People think Chacha is different because he is gay. That doesn’t change anything, especially not how much fun they have together. Chacha has a friend called Uncle Faheem, he is a pilot. Ahmed wants to be a pilot when he grows up too! Ahmed desn’t understands when people say that only men and women can “love” each other. Because everyone can see how much chacha and Uncle Faheem “love” each other. The way Ahmed’s mother and father love each other is the same way chacha and Uncle Faheem love each other.”

We have been campaigning against Bill 13, Accepting education act since 2012. The gay politicians and activists has been imposing their life style on all others and brainwashing our children in Ontario Public Schools from KG.  (check the curriculum in the link)

And Watch the video

Mrs Kathleen Wynne (ex-education Minister and current Premier of Ontario) took the leading role and played a significant act to make it real. Many of his Muslim (Islamic) friends/liberal activists supported in her endeavor; several of them are leading members of the Muslim/Islamic community associated with Islamic centers and Islamic groups and organizations.  Our Muslim/Islamic leadership except few exemptions kept complete silence on these issues. Liberal party members associated with Islamic groups/Masajid have managed to control and neutralize them.

Several Islamic conferences after Bill 13 were organized in GTA including one or two Sisters only conferences. However non of them even indirectly or remotely mentioned this issue in these conferences.

It is a shameful situation. We will be collectively caught as a “criminal” nation in the Day of Judgment if we will not stand now.

Start with two simple agenda items; 1. We will not vote and support those MPPs in the next election who supported and voted for the Bill 13. Tell them clearly, loudly and in advance. We will not accept till the removal of the bill and the Act. 2. Start supporting and participating in all the endeavors that provide alternate education system to our children.


I do hope you, Anwar saab, has mobilized the muslim population in Don Valley area AGAINST Ms. Kathleen Wynne. We cannot afford to let he back in to power after the damage she has inflicted on our children with her homosexual agenda.

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The best way to send a message to this corrupt government is to make sure Kathleen Wynne is defeated in June. She is the person behind this sinister agenda.

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– To Stop bullying somebody for sexual orientation – Does not mean to teach them to promote only for GAY/Lesbian ACT.
– Every act must have productivity- IF sex oriented education is included then curriculum must cover all the type of sex and its productivity, benefits etc.. at the same time.
–It must not be there for encouraging children for one type of SEX orientation.
— To stop bullying, teachers just need to teach that you can not tease somebody who are in Blaa… Blaa… category….And that’s all.BY teaching this we are actually dividing people.
— psychologically ………If somebody tease you for some reason … you will have bad feelings only when you feel what you do is wrong….. nothing else…..
– IN short , SEX is natural act , HAVE you ever see any adult animal(e.g. DOG, lion, cow, horse) teaches SEX to their child animal. They can do it without any teaching…so, there is no meaning of forcing children to ACT in some direction just by using bullying as an excuse…………
– How about the EDUCATION from 1st Grade with the elective subjects……….
– people can choose what they like from the beginning of children’s career.
– How do you know somebody is gay and another one is lesbian and third one is from the bisexual category and fourth one is from bla.. bla.. group……..By teaching this we are actually creating a groups in children mind….
– Whoever supported Bill 13… actually supported only gays/Lesbian groups….
– Do not support candidates who supported the bILL 13 for New Accepting Education Act (to enforce LGBT culture in the schools)

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Don’t support any candidates they will all promise not to endorse the act. And then they will break their promise. They are all liars and must do what the elite tell them to.
Steve Holmes is a narrow mind, we don’t need respect from your sort stay clear from children you might be overtaken by your desires and inflict it on children.

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Maktabs should teach the kids as a counter response to whats being taught in schools about gay education. Someone should take the responsibility in contacting all the Islamic schools and masjid to have or put in a place a already made programe.

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We will not support any candidate who endorses bill 13.

We also (sent) Lut: He said to his people: “Do ye commit lewdness such as no people in creation (ever) committed before you? For ye practise your lusts on men in preference to women : ye are indeed a people transgressing beyond bounds. And his people gave no answer but this: they said, “Drive them out of your city: these are indeed men who want to be clean and pure!” But we saved him and his family, except his wife: she was of those who legged behind. And we rained down on them a shower (of brimstone): Then see what was the end of those who indulged in sin and crime!
Qur’an 7:80

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Bill 13 and new education act is ridiculous. This is insane..knowing what Muslims believe to even make a story like this is a target to the Muslim community.. Why do children need to be taught about gayism??

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This is just disgusting!!!

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Fay Simjee

In reply to Steve Holmes.

@Steve, -There is a huge difference between “respect” & ” being instructed to accept & agree with” – to you is your religion/ perspectiven & to us is ours – u don’t make me agree to your opinion & I won’t force mine down your throat – that is respect!! Homosexuality is against the grain of aLl things natural – even animals mate with the opposite sex!! So don’t taint our right to natural discourse & freedom of religion by dictating to us what information our children should be educated with!!

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