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Leader of the World: A Common Heritage of Entire World

Leader of the World: A Common Heritage of Entire World

By Syed Abul A'ala Maududi

WE Muslims call Prophet Muhammadï·º Sarwar-e-Alam, which means Ù€ "Leader of the World." In Urdu it is “Duniya ka Sardar”. In Hindi it's “Jagat Guru”. 

Although this title is a great honour, compared to his personality and achievements, the title still does not cover the great honour he deserves.

In view of this, we need to evaluate certain conditions;

The first condition to call one a leader of the world is that he works for the welfare of all sections of the world and not a particular section or group. How much respect do you have for a leader who loves his country or a nationalist leader as he worked for the welfare only of his own people? If he does not belong to your tribe or your community or your section, such a person cannot be accepted by you as a leader. If a leader's service is confined to China or Spain, for example, he cannot be considered a leader by others. If he believes his people as superior to others, he causes divisions and hatred. All people can accept a man as their leader only when he regards them equally, treats them without discrimination, and does not have preferences according to his personal interests.

The second condition necessary for someone to be a leader of the world is that he presents a parameter that guides people of the world and can solve all the problems faced by people in their worldly lives. A leader guides people to the straight path. Leaders are required to guide people towards the way of success in a better way. Therefore, a person who leads the entire world in a way that all people live a good life can be considered a leader of the world.

The third condition is that his guidance should not be confined to a particular era, but it covers all ages and is equal in all manners, useful and adaptable. The leader whose action is reduced to one generation only and unable to enlighten the world of all ages cannot be called a leader of the world. The guidance of a world leader is a light to all people as long as the world exists. 

The fourth condition is that he not only issues a parameter for others, but he also only implements it into his own life and establishes a living society based on it. Those who create an ideology can be called a thinker, not a leader.

Now let us see if these four conditions are found in Prophet Muhammed ï·º(peace upon him) whom we call "leader of the world."

Concerning the first condition, if you study the life of Prophet Muhammad ï·º, you will realize that this is not the life of a nationalist. He loved the entirety of humanity and had an ideology for the entire world. He saw everyone equally and never showed preference to a particular family, class, people, or country. He was all equal before him, rich and poor, lower and higher, black and white, Arab and non-Arab, and he never slandered any group of people. That is why Abyssinians, Iranians, Romans, Egyptians, and Israelis became his companions. People from all colours and seeds accepted him as a leader.

Concerning the second and third conditions, Prophet Muhammadï·º did not waste his time solving temporary and local issues. He dedicated his whole life to solving significant matters of humanity. If they are solved, minor problems will be fixed automatically.

Try to free yourself from time and place and look at the entire world to realize that all human beings throughout time and space have specific problems. These all stem from people living outside the will of Allah. A person who goes against the will of Allah either considers himself independent and becomes a tyrant over others or submits to the will of others.  

All this world is the kingdom of Allah. Earth, sun, moon, air, water, light, etc., are created by Allah. Human beings in this world are born subject to the systems of the universe. Their belief that no one is above them to whom they are responsible is against the universe's natural order. If human beings live adverse to the rules of the universe, this will create drastic results. Making others supreme in disregarding the Creator creates negativity and chaos within human lives and our environments.

For positive results, there is no option except to submit to the Supreme Being of the universe, and all that exists. This is what is natural, and when a person does not submit to Allah, his spirit is in rebellion with nature.

These are basic rules of reformation presented by Prophet Muhammadï·º for human beings. This is free from the limitations of East and West. This can make life better wherever human beings live. This is free from the boundaries of past and future. What were true and favourable hundreds and thousands of years ago is still aglow and offering peace and success for human beings of today's world and future generations.

In light of the fourth condition, it is a historical fact that Prophet Muhammadï·º did not come up with an idea based on imagination. He created a society based on the commandments of Allah. He convinced hundreds of thousands of people to follow the commands of the most Supreme Allah within 23 years, which is, of course, a very short period for such achievements. He liberated them from their narcissism and the worship of other than Allah. He assembled them on the basis of the pure teachings of Allah, establishing a new moral system, a new civilization, and a new economic and governance system. He showed the world, by establishing a practical and pure lifestyle, how life can be established based on his laws and how that lifestyle is pure, ethical, and secure.

These are the achievements made by Prophet Muhammadï·º, the spiritual leader of the entire world. His work was not for particular people. It was for the entirety of human beings and the sake of all creation. It is a common heritage of humanity. All have equal rights in this system. Everyone, as per his capacity, can achieve what he wants.

I do not understand why anyone can go against him for no reason.

 (It is a published Urdu article that was aired by All India Radio many years before the division of India in 1947. Syed Abul A'ala Maududi addressed to all Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, and Zoroastrians.)

-Compiled in Urdu by Naeem Siddiqui and Abdul Wakeel Alvi for the book "Seerat e Sarware Alam." 

-Translated in English by Br. Ibrahim Usmani and edited by Linda Ilham Barto.

-Compiled in English by Syed Jawed Anwar.





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