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Gender Genocide in Canada-6: Home-Schooling / Alternate of Public Education

Gender Genocide in Canada-6: Home-Schooling / Alternate of Public Education

Jawed Anwar

Since 2013, we (Seerah Education Movement) have organized several home-schooling workshops/seminars in our neighborhood in Toronto with the help of Muslim homeschoolers and ICNA local chapter.

Several families benefited from these workshops. And several of those who have chosen to go for home-schooling have no regret, and they never try to go back to public school.

Br. Ahsan and Faiza attended the first workshop and was the first family (as far as I know) from these workshops who chose home-schooling for two school-age children. They went from home-schooling to unschooling, and they never wished their children to go back to public school. Results were tremendous. Most home-schooled children are more advanced that public school children of the same age.

“After leaving public school, we reached a new era of education. Now the educators of our children are the whole city, nation, and world. We just have to choose what to accept and what to reject,” said Sister Faiza mentioning the success story of home-schooling of their children.

Michael H. Hart has written “100 most influential people in the world”; majority of them never went to school or were school dropouts or were thrown out of school. They learned from God directly (like Prophet Muhammadï·º, and Jesus, peace be upon them), great teachers of their time, or/and they self-studied and experimented.

Yusuf Estes, a new Muslim, educator, and great preacher of Islam says, “Toilet is better than Public Schools.” They will at least come out after washing hands.

We find that modern public education system is a problem, not a solution. It is a satanic system to divide and conquer the enemy of Shaitan. John Taylor Getto explained it in his several lectures on the purpose of public schooling.

All the great scholars of Islam were also not products of any public schooling/madrasah, including all great Muhaddisin, Fuqhah, Mufassireen, great Seerah authors, and great Mujadideen. They were students of great scholars of their time. They sat in front of those who were experts on the particular subjects. The madrasah students now learn and read the books of those scholars who never studied in public madrasah or schools.

Allama Shibli Nomani (June 1857 – November 1914), a scholar of Islam from Indian subcontinent, author of several books including Seerat un Nabi, learned from the great scholars of Arab and Ajam and never went to any public school system.

A great scholar of Islam, Syed Abul Aala Maudoodi (September 1903 – September 1979), who understood Islam and West (Western philosophies and sciences), better than any scholars of Islam and West of modern time, was home-schooled. Some of his critics find an excuse to reject him because he is not from any “Madrasah”. In fact, that was his big plus. He learned from great scholars of his time and experts on the subjects. He had also an extraordinary ability to read and learn. He went through thousands of books and digested libraries of books. He was a great researcher and most influential scholar of Islam of his time. His commentary (tafseer) of Quran, Tafheem ul Quran (English: Towards Understanding Quran), is the most popular tafseer of this age.

You can name and chose any big, great and influential name, and you will find all of them students of great scholars and not public schooling.

To know the intellectual history of Muslim India, read my article.

The Intellectual History and Education System in Muslim India

There are few important articles on homeschooling we posted on this website for your guidelines:

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