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Pakistan: Things to Fix List

Pakistan: Things to Fix List

Jawed Anwar

1- Civilization Slavery

The international establishment, bolstered by local counterparts, has ensnared the state in the chains of servitude through Westernization. This includes adopting Western systems, civilization, education, culture, language (particularly English), bureaucracy, red tape, grading systems, hierarchical distinctions such as " BaDa Sahib" and "Chota Sahib", designations like officer, clerk, and peon, Western economic structures, capitalist systems, influence from America and its institutions like the US Foreign Office, Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, Pentagon, IMF, World Bank, and various international agencies. Additionally, the influence extends to advertising agencies, American think tanks, loans, white-collar and blue-collar jobs, unemployment, bankruptcy, the judiciary with its black-robed judges and lawyers, whose tongues are full of lies, high salaries, and extravagant lifestyles. Judgments often reflect personal and selfish desires, with the scales of justice tipped by falsehoods, power, and wealth. The media, in a Western style, perpetuates deception through newspapers filled with lies, television and film obscenity, family-destroying dramas, fake news, fabricated stories, provocative advertisements, and numerous other mechanisms aimed at perpetuating the slavery of civilization.

They employ various tools, initiatives, investments, local institutions, NGOs, the military, police force, and their several coercive measures.

2. Injustice (Lack of Adl):

Adl encompasses not only the realm of justice dealing with civil and criminal cases and their corresponding penalties but also extends to various other domains such as family, inheritance, social, political, economic, educational, administrative, national, human, global, environmental, and animal justice. Acts such as starving or torturing animals are inherently unjust, constituting cruelty. Therefore, it is imperative to establish a system of Adl in this kingdom of God, upon which the entire universe is predicated. We must align the systems of the world and our nations with the universal order.

Human beings, confined by time, space, and personal biases, are incapable of devising a system of justice (Adl) that can ensure fairness among individuals. True justice can only be achieved through the divine guidance provided by the creator of humanity. Adl can only be established through the implementation of Shariah law, which is derived from the Quran and the Sunnah (traditions) of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. The primary objective of Shariah is to establish Adl, and without it, justice cannot prevail.

Renowned Islamic scholar and jurist, Allama Ibn Qayyim (died 751 AH), emphasized that all the rules of Shariah are rooted in Adl, making Shariah synonymous with Adl. Where there is Shariah, there is Adl, and where there is Adl, Shariah must be present. Conversely, where there is no Adl, Shariah cannot exist.

3. Education

One of Pakistan's significant challenges is the deficiency in its education system. The situation is dire, characterized by both the inadequacy and inefficiency of education. Teaching without elucidating the essence, purpose, and methodology of education proves to be not only fruitless but detrimental, yielding adverse outcomes. It's lamentable that many of Pakistan's traitors, deceivers, and subversives are educated individuals.

American educator, historian, writer, and philosopher Will Durant (d. 1981) defined education as "the transmission of civilization." In essence, education entails passing down one generation's faith, beliefs, inspired teachings, wisdom, literature, etiquette, arts, crafts, methodologies, experiences, traditions, culture, language, history, and the valorous deeds of heroes to the succeeding generation. The pivotal question arises: Are Pakistan's children truly receiving an education?

The Quran teaches us a supplication: “Our Lord, grant us what is good in this world and what is good in the World to Come, and protect us from the chastisement of the Fire.” (Quran: 2:201).”

Our youth should acquire virtues for both this worldly life and the Hereafter, ensuring they are educated and nurtured in a manner that safeguards them from the perils of Hellfire. The primary aim of education is the cultivation of morals, with the exemplary conduct of the Prophet Muhammad serving as the pinnacle of moral excellence.

 “Surely there was a good example for you in the Messenger of Allah,34 for all those who look forward to Allah and the Last Day and remember Allah much.” (Quran: 33:21)

The dichotomy between religious and worldly (Deen and Dunya) education, as well as the educational disparities between the affluent and underprivileged, must be eradicated from Pakistan's education system.

4. Economy (Eradication of Riba)

The fourth biggest issue of Pakistan is interest (Usury).

The eradication of riba (interest) is the demand of Islam, the command of Allah, the requirement of Shariah, the demand of the Constitution of Pakistan, and the decision of Pakistan's judiciary. Without the abolition of interest, capitalism, excessive wealth, market instability, monopolization, economic sluggishness, materialism, hoarding, economic inequality, skewed wealth distribution, capital concentration, exploitation, unfavorable conditions, class divisions, economic fluctuations, unemployment, bankruptcy, hunger, poverty, and the resulting sighs, cries, screams, and agonies in society, compromise in familial relations, estrangement, neglect of the needy, and the end of humanitarianism are the consequences. These are the gifts of riba.

5.  Language:

The fifth biggest problem of Pakistan is the language issue.

When the English government of Bengal made English mandatory for employment, and those who could read English letters and read the names of railway stations in English began to be employed as station masters, overnight, those proficient in English script became Anglo-Indians and got high jobs in the new government. Muslims who were experts in Persian, Urdu, and Arabic, scholars, intellectuals, and skilled individuals became unemployed, and they were forced into poverty. The enslavement to a foreign language began to erode the culture, traditions, literature, and heritage of a nation. The English government stripped away the beauty of language, the fragrance of flowers, the call of the cuckoo, the chirping of birds, and the melodies from the lush green and vibrant valleys of Muslim lands.

The English slave rulers of Pakistan also imposed English through power and authority and continued efforts to suppress and crush Urdu. According to the demands of Pakistan's constitution and law, Urdu should have been declared the official and administrative language of Pakistan long ago, but the English loyal rulers of Pakistan continuously violated the constitution and the law. The Supreme Court of Pakistan only dispenses justice for the powerful and the elite; it does not care for the nation and its language. Urdu, the language in which the thoughts of our nation were conceived, which provided a means for expression, expression for a style, style for a dialect, dialect for influence, and delight, was snatched away from the nation.

Reviving the Urdu language means reviving a civilization.

6. Electoral System

The sixth biggest issue of Pakistan is the flaw in the electoral system. Pakistan is an Islamic state. And in an Islamic state, how will the leader of authority (Amir, Khalifa, Imam, President, Prime Minister) be chosen? This is a very important issue. The current electoral system is non-Islamic, ignorant, oppressive, unjust, non-transparent, murky, susceptible to bribery, founded on propaganda, influenced by wealth, and dominated by power. This system operates on the 5Ms of English, meaning it is managed by money, muscle, media, and military. It is difficult to predict good or bad outcomes from this system, whereas it tends to produce evil. The scholars of Islamic Pakistan should exert scholarly effort to establish a method and approach for the selection of a leader in the modern era. In this regard, guidance can be drawn from the Quran, Sunnah, and particularly the political practices and thoughts of the righteous Caliphs, especially Umar Farooq (RA) and Hazrat Ali (RA). In Islam, two qualities are essential for leadership: Salehiat (righteousness) and Salahiat (capability), meaning divine qualities and qualifications, piety and organization, knowledge and action, character and guidance, are the best adornments and support for it."

7. Constitution

The seventh biggest issue of Pakistan is the reform of the constitution.

The Objectives Resolution of Pakistan, the preamble of the Constitution of Pakistan, is now part of the constitution. According to it, the supremacy of the Quran and Sunnah has been established in Pakistan. Legislation cannot be done in Pakistan other than in accordance with the Quran and Sunnah. Therefore, all the chapters, articles, regulations, clauses, amendments, and explanations of the Constitution of Pakistan that have been made, written, and promulgated apart from the Quran and Sunnah need to be amended. It will not be called an alteration in the constitution but rather a reform. Now, there should be no room for the British system-based judiciary, the British Indian Penal Code, and the laws of the British Indian Imperial Police in Pakistan.

Harmonizing the constitution with the objectives of Pakistan is a constitutional obligation and a national duty.





Shams Javaid Ansari
Shams Javaid Ansari

We have been conspired by a great conspiracy in order to uproot the magnificent Islam. It is our utmost responsibility to turn down the western systems and culture and know to love and adopt Islamic values on an emergency basis.

07 February 2024
Mobashsher Khan
Mobashsher Khan

Ma Shaa Allah This is really true Thank you very much This message gives lots of proper and appropriate advice advice to all humanity May Allah bless you with knowledge and good health

08 February 2024
M. Khan
M. Khan

Very beautiful analysis based suggestions.Thank you.

08 February 2024



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