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Bill C-63: If You Will Keep Silence Now, You Will be Silenced Forever

Bill C-63: If You Will Keep Silence Now, You Will be Silenced Forever

Jawed Anwar

KEEPING silence on evil is also an evil. The destroyed nation of Lut (A.S.) includes all those who kept silent on the evil. All those who were saved from the wrath of God and destruction were only those who were supporting Lut (A.S.) and actively involved with him in stopping the evil (Quranic responsibility of nahyu ʿani-l-munkar).

Prophet Lut (A.S.) addressed the matter of homosexuality. He said: “Why do you ˹men˺ lust after fellow men, leaving the wives that your Lord has created for you? In fact, you are a transgressing people.” (Qur’an 26: 165-166)

The Federal Liberal government has now brought a bill; you can’t even talk against the evil on the net and social media. This is just the beginning. One "wrong" (for them) post on the Internet, or one speech, and you're silenced. Justin Trudeau's (In) Justice Minister Arif Virani introduced Canada, and the world, to Bill C-63, the "Online Harms Act".

Muslims should know that all the Bills passed in the Province and Federal that were disastrous to the natural, traditional, and religious family values were fully supported by all your elected "Muslim" MPs and MPPs. They were front-line supporters of these bills.

This bill also supports banning child pornography. Yes, it must be banned. All kinds of pornography on the internet should be banned. We support that part of the bill. However, we must have the right to voice against Sexual Disorientation and Gender Confusion, Israeli aggression, and genocide in Palestine.

We may not have that right after the passing of this bill.

False Flag:

All the bills/acts introduced in Ontario, other provinces, and the federal parliament to promote same-sex attraction, sexual (dis) orientation, gender identity (confusion), various gender expressions, multiple pronouns, all sex-one washroom facilities, facilitating adoptions (of children of religious/ traditional families) by LGBTQ+ couples , inclusion of LGBTQ+ themes in school curricula/system, and celebration of LGBTQ+ pride in schools and government institutions, as well as observance of events like Pink Day to promote perverted sexualities, have been enacted under the guise of addressing bullying against LGBTQ+ individuals.

Now, the new false flag is "hate." The government aims to legislate against online "hate" and "hate speech," leaving the definitions of hate and love to government and special interest groups’ interpretation.
The Canadian government believes that Palestinians are terrorists and that Israel is a democratic state defending itself from Palestinian terror. If you speak out against this false belief, your voice will be silenced. Essentially, you will be unable to criticize any action that the government deems "good."

Born into the Muslim faith, Justice Minister Arif Virani's proposed "DEATH of Free Speech" law includes the following provisions:

  1. Expanding the federal bureaucracy through the establishment of a "Digital Safety Commission" (referred to as Canada's own Ministry of Truth) and a "Digital Safety Ombudsperson" tasked with receiving complaints regarding "hate speech" and enforcing speech "standards" on various internet platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, Rumble, etc.
  2. Granting additional authority to the Canadian Human Rights Commission, empowering them to compel content removal and levy fines of up to $70,000, with a maximum of $20,000 payable to anonymous complainants who claim offense.
  3. Increasing the maximum penalties for "hate propaganda" to life imprisonment.
  4. Introducing "protective measures" that would allow a judge to respond to anonymous reports of hate crimes by imposing electronic monitoring, house arrest, public space bans, or restraining orders on accused individuals.

Here's what the authoritarian update to the Criminal Code of Canada (CCC) entails:

  1. Revising the definitions of "hate speech" and "hatred" within the CCC to encompass ambiguous terms like "inciting violent extremism or terrorism," "inciting violence," and "fomenting hatred," particularly in sections 318 and 319 of the CCC.
  2. The definitions of "hate" and "hateful speech" are rendered so vague that they could encompass a wide array of expressions, including critical opinions, political commentary, discussions on social issues, and explanations of geopolitics. Essentially, anything and everything could be subject to control, restriction, and suppression.
  3. The government particularly favors LGBTTIQQ2SA and Israel, meaning that any dissent against them will most likely be classified as a "hate crime."

Take action now before your ability to express your opinions is restricted by law. Your freedom of speech and expression is at risk, starting with the censorship of voices on the internet. If the Trudeau Liberal government succeeds in implementing this, it will become the new norm in Canada.

Can you awaken and stand up now? The least you can do is:

  1. Call, email, and send letters to your MP urging them to vote NO on Bill C-63.
  2. Encourage and pressure your Imams, organizations, and Islamic/Muslim leaders to speak out against Bill C-63. This should be the focus of the Jumuah Khutba. "Al-amru bi-l-maʿrūfi wa-n-nahyu ʿani-l-munkari" should be the main topic of all our Jumuah Khutbas. Your Muslim leaders may be uncertain and may attempt to confuse you with the false narrative of "hate," just as they were confused themselves and you were in 2012 with the false narrative of "bullying," which was actually aimed at introducing and implementing gender identity laws in schools and society.
  3. Hold rallies in front of MP offices across Canada that support Bill C-63.
  4. Additionally, we can initiate and sign petitions.

In the meantime, sign the petition initiated by CitizenGO.

Sign the petition and DEMAND all our elected Members of Parliament (MPs) to resoundingly vote NO! to Bill C-63, the "DEATH of Free Speech."


LEGISinfo: C-63: An Act to enact the Online Harms Act, to amend the Criminal Code, the Canadian Human Rights Act and An Act respecting the mandatory reporting of Internet child pornography by persons who provide an Internet service and to make consequential and related amendments to other Acts


National Post: New Liberal 'online harms' bill to make online hate punishable up to life in prison

True North Centre: Liberals’ “online hate” bill contains $70K fines for speech and life imprisonment for hate crimes

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The Epoch Times: Liberals’ Online Harms Bill Calls For New Hate-Crime Offence, up to Life Imprisonment

The Counter Signal: Trudeau’s latest censorship bill could give Tucker Carlson life in prison

Montreal Gazette: Virani says new measures meant to help prevent hate crimes will come with safeguards

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Not only Muslims, but, All Other Religious Groups, i.e., Christians, Jewish, Hindus, Sikhs, even, many Non-Religious Ones don't believe in these, etc., etc., must be asked to JOIN The Petition against this Bill C-63.

08 March 2024


09 March 2024
Yahya Khan
Yahya Khan

Thanks for your time and effort to educate our community please

12 March 2024



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