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Women's Rights: America vs. Taliban

Women's Rights: America vs. Taliban

Jawed Anwar

THE United States and the entire Western world are deeply concerned about women's rights in Afghanistan. The US, the world's most champion of women's rights invaded Afghanistan in October 2001 with the full support of about 50 countries. There was a Taliban government there at the time. The USA accused Taliban for violating women's rights, not allowing girls’ education, and there is no freedom to live according to the wishes and desires of women. The USA International Coalition Force did extensive heavy bombings in Afghanistan for several days to punish the Taliban for this “crime.”

Whatever the remnants after Soviet bombing left in Afghanistan destroyed by the US.

The United States, which has been a champion of their rights in Afghanistan for 20 years, provides statistics on the casualties of the war when it withdrew from Afghanistan in August 2001. According to a recent report released by the Associated Press, 2,448 US troops were killed in Afghanistan, while 3,846 private contractors were killed. This means that the army of the American private companies was much larger than the US official army.

The number of US puppet government soldiers killed is 66,000. 144 International Coalition troops were killed. The number of martyrs of Taliban and their allied Mujahideen is 51,191. The number of relief workers killed is 444. The number of journalists is 72.

The number of Afghan civilians martyred is 47,245. However, the fact is that the US allied have not counted the deaths of civilians. All independent sources report it in the millions. However, whatever number the United States reports, it is requested to state the number of women and children killed in all these categories separately. But believe me, the global champion of women's rights wouldn’t provide it.

First of all, let's talk about the condition of women in the United States. Number one issue is rape. It should be noted that only 20% of rape cases are reported in the United States. According to reported cases, every sixth woman in the United States has been raped or sexually assaulted. According to the statistics of 2019, the number of reported rape cases i.e. 20% is 652,676. Here, every 93 seconds, a girl or child is sexually abused. More than 41.8% of women have been sexually assaulted.

More than 80% of such attacks took place on girls under the age of 25. 20% of boys are sexually assaulted. A quarter of these are children under the age of 10. These attacks are more common on disabled boys and girls. 20,000 sexual assaults have taken place inside the US military. According to a survey 7.2% of American children are sexually assaulted. About 95% of these victims know for sure who assaulted them. A large number of them were their relatives. As many as 70 women commit suicide every day due to sexual violence. The worst part is that out of 1,000 sex offenders, 995 go unpunished.

The American judicial system; the so-called justice system is only for the protection of criminals. They are afraid of the Shariah because the Islamic Shariah ensures the punishment of criminals.

An American woman journalist met me in 2004 or 2005. She was a new Muslimah. At that time, she was affiliated with an Islamic news agency in Egypt, and had come to the United States to search for and meet Muslim writers. Her husband was an Egyptian Arab. "I'm scared to walk the streets of New York," she said. I asked in surprise “and on the streets of Egypt?” She said that she feel safe and there is no fear. While the general wrong impression in the world is that the roads of America and Europe are safe for women, and the roads of the Muslim world are unsafe.

Domestic violence in the United States is such that every minute 20 women are beaten by their husbands or boyfriends. On a typical day, more than 20,000 phone calls are made to domestic violence hotlines across the country. Weapons are also used in 19% of domestic violence cases. And with the growing presence of guns in the country, the risk of killing women has increased by 500%.

Well, this is the situation of women inside America.

The story of what America has been doing in the outside world is horrible. After World War II, the winners US, British and Russian troops raped 2.5 million women in Germany. 85 million people were killed in World War II, many of them women.

There has been no war in the world since World War II in which the United States has not been directly or indirectly involved. 12 million more were killed.

WW II was fought with American weapons. Countries involved on both sides bought weapons from the United States.

In pre-Islamic Arabia, women were insignificant. Girls were buried alive at birth. A man could have as many women as he wanted. One man could have hundreds of women. The woman had no share in the inheritance.

Before Islam there were similar situation in the rest of the world; India, Egypt, Iran and China. Nowhere was there a share in inheritance and property ownership for women. The women were considered only the servant of the men.

When the British occupied the United States and either massacred the local population or forced them to live a life worse than that of animals, in 1769 the occupying government, the ruler of the occupying colonial power, ordered that women should not hold any property nor would hold any of their income.

In 1839, Mississippi became the first state to allow a woman to own property with the permission of a man.

In 1777 the law came that women would not have the right to vote. By amending the constitution in 1866 (Fourteenth Amendment), only men were mentioned in the definition of citizens and voters. That is, a woman was legally neither a voter nor a citizen. In 1873, the Supreme Court ruled that every state had the power to bar a married woman from practicing law. Even today, the status of women in the United States is nothing more than a toy for sexual pleasure.

The United States wants to see a woman prime minister everywhere in the Muslim world, while no woman has ever reached the presidency in the United States.

The respect of women in his recent history can be gauged from the case of sister Aafia Siddiqui.

Aafia Siddiqui, a victim of American oppression and injustice

How the state charged an innocent Pakistani woman, and sentenced her to 86 years. While it was proved that no one was killed by her hands.

Surprisingly, the United States, which has committed the most massacres of women, the most raped, the most oppressed is teaching moral lesson to the world. By depriving women all basic human rights and respect, the US is teaching the Taliban government in Afghanistan the ethics and morality related to women's rights. Isn't that weird?

Did you know that after Russia left Afghanistan, the United States created anarchy there and civil war broke out. In this situation, religious scholars and students stood up to stop the sexual assaults on women and they organized in the name of the Taliban, and these are the Taliban who defeated the army that gathered against them from all over the world.

Did you know that there have been no incidents of rape in the first five years of Taliban rule? No one there would dare to look a woman with bad eye.

The Taliban have given women all the rights that Islam has given them. Women have their  own independent personality and they get all the rights from men, as a mother, as a daughter, as a sister, and as a wife.

She can own property. She can do business. She has share in the inheritance. The new Taliban government has allowed women to remain in their jobs in all hospitals and private institutions. Girls' schools are open and running.

An Afghan devotes his entire life to caring for and protecting his family and elderly parents. Islam has given more rights and less responsibilities to women. Men have more responsibilities, less rights.


An Afghan man walks up the freezing cold, snow-capped mountains, putting his wife and girl baby on a rideÛ” The West still doesn't know women teaching women's rights to Afghans.


Islam has also elevated the spiritual status of women. Heaven is placed under the feet of the mother.

Abu Huraira reported that a person said:

Allah's Messenger, who amongst the people is most deserving of my good treatment? He said: Your mother, again your mother, again your mother, then your father, then your nearest relatives according to the order (of nearness).: Sahih Muslim 2548b

God has included woman in the process of human's creation. Allah Almighty creates human being from the womb of women. They have been given the most important responsibility of nourishing, upbringing, educating, and training the children. Women are not given the responsibility of earning livelihood, because it is a heavy responsibility. They have not been given the responsibility of leadership as it is a very difficult task. Women’s testimony in the court has also been halved. Because it is dangerous to testify. Sometimes it is life threatening duty.

Woman is a precious thing. Therefore, it is covered and taken out in hijab and niqab. The way diamond jewelry, and precious gold are packed and covered. Just like every valuable and beneficial fruit is inside strong peels. If there is no strong cover around the pomegranate, and the banana is in the market without the peel, no one would like to take it.

Men and women have different rights and responsibilities. Therefore, the education system and the school of both will be and should be different. What the Taliban government (Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan) are doing in Afghanistan is in accordance with Islam. They will not and should not build their system according to the wishes of the West and the people of the West.

We ask all our Muslim brothers not to fall prey to American and Western propaganda.

We will also ask our non-Muslim brothers and sisters who have seen the Muslim family system closely to try to understand Islam.

When Islam is understood, it will be easier to understand the Taliban.

And that is the good for all.


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