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US President Election Result and Muslim Leadership

US President Election Result and Muslim Leadership

By  Jawed Anwar

The US voters elected 45th President of America; Donald Trump, a better choice over Hillary Clinton.

It was a long campaign and perhaps the nastiest and dirtiest campaign of the US Presidential election history. And it was hard to choose for the voters trying to elect the lesser evil. This election race also proves the total moral bankruptcy of political leaders of the nation; the nation who controls, influences, and dictates the world. It was first time that you couldn’t watch presidential election debates on TV with your family and children because of obscene language.

The matter of extreme moral degradation is the most important issue to address. But it is sad to note that not any single group of this nation is addressing the issue.

The powerful lobbies and special interest groups tried their best to make their most favorite horses winner in the Primary Party’s nomination elections. Final round of US Presidential election is just a circus. It is a stage show. They don’t care who will win. Both are “their men”.

However, it seems that this time Donald Trump was an exception. He was not the “best choice” from Republican nomination. The reason: he is unpredictable and economically independent. He doesn’t need other’s money for political survival.  Therefore, it is the possibility that he might not be influenced and dictated by the powerful lobbies of this nation.

The US is on the path of complete and total occupation of the world. Ms Hillary Clinton was on the job. She was State Secretary in Obama administration from 2009 to 2013. It was the period where Iraq, Syria, and Libya were completely ruined that created a mass exodus and displacement of Syrians; 13.5 million refugees. Death toll from air bombings, and civilian wars is in millions. History has never witnessed this catastrophic situation of human sufferings. It became possible in the administration of “Democrat”, “black”,  â€œBarak Hussain” Obama, and our “favorite” Ms Hilary Clinton.

The occupation of Palestinian lands in Palestine was not possible until the mass migration and displacement of Palestinians. The similar situation has been created now in Syria for a “Greater Israel” map that includes Syria. Hillary Clinton was on the job. All the powerful lobbies had stake on her. The US media of those powerful lobbies were fully supporting Ms Hillary Clinton. That’s why all the “surveys”, “forecasts”, and “predictions” had been confirming her victory.

 The powerful lobbies that dragged US in the war of occupation desires American Muslims’ full endorsement. The position of “silent spectator” is no more acceptable. US Muslim leadership were already “in line” when Bush administration was going to attack Afghanistan and Iraq. However, they were not too much vocal at that time.

Democrats and Hillary Clinton need US Muslim leaders’ full and open support on “war of occupation”.

Furthermore, Democrat liberalists also needs US Muslims’ support on social engineering and complete liberalization of the American society. One of the main components of the modern liberalization is gay-ism and gay-ization of the society. Check the tone of acceptance and solidarity of Muslim leadership with gay community after Orlando shootings.

Canadian Muslim/Islamic leadership (with few exception) in a fear of Conservative leaders already completely aligned with the liberals. From the federal law of same-sex marriage to sex (homo) curriculum of Ontario’s Ministry of education, the Muslim leadership kept silence.

 They endorsed and supported liberal candidates in election and voted open gays and lesbians. Now kids of grade one in Ontario are learning seven genders (LGBTTIQ) and KG kids are learning alternate family of two moms and two dads. Student of grade three has “right” to decide their sexual orientation and practice it. Canadian laws no more accept the biological gender. Freedom of gender expression is in human right clause. A biological man or a boy can use the ladies’ or girls’ washroom, and stopping him from doing so is a human rights violation. A new bill in Ontario assembly is presented by Liberal and National Democratic Party (NDP) leaders in which the use of words of “father” and “mother” will be taboo and all the gender related terminologies will be replaced with the gender-neutral terminologies. More than 3,000 forms of Province of Ontario in Canada replaced the words “father” and “mother” with “parent one” and “parent two”.

This is the gutter civilization for which liberals (Democrats) stands for, and Canadian and American Muslim leadership is falling with velocity into this gutter.

US Muslim organizations from last year campaigned hard and long to enroll Muslims in voters’ list to cast and use the power of votes. They succeeded. Majority of Muslim American citizens registered to vote. I am not against it. But I have a question. How is just having the “power of votes” and casting votes to Mr X or Mr Y is going to make any difference?

US Muslim leadership is looking to safeguard the “Muslim rights”, but they shut their eyes and mouth on the evils of the society. They abandon to present Islam as a Deen (complete). This is the real tragedy of the Muslim Ummah and our leadership. They are serious to protect the rights and future of Muslims but they are careless about the rights of Allah and future of Islam in the country.

The teaching of Quran confirms that the future of Muslims depends on the future of Islam in this country. It will be hard to breath in the liberals-created, spiritually polluted environment.

The Quran clearly states that;

(Meaning) Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good, enjoining what is right, and forbidding what is wrong: They are the ones to attain felicity. (3: 104)

If there be not any group; a band of people of this kind, then Allah warns in the next Ayah;

(Meaning) Be not like those who are divided amongst themselves and fall into disputations after receiving Clear Signs: For them is a dreadful penalty. (3: 105)

It means that there must be a group who should do Amr Bil Maroof and Nahi Unal Munkar; enjoining what is right, and forbidding what is wrong (Surah Ale Imran 104) and if they will not do it, then read again Ayah 105: “divided amongst themselves and fall into disputations.”

Does the job of supporting, organizing, campaigning to vote Ms Clinton fall under this category?

Syed Jawed Anwar can be reached at



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