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US Election 2020 Outcome: An Analysis

US Election 2020 Outcome: An Analysis

Jawed Anwar

DEMOCRAT Joe Biden is now elected 46th President of the US election that divided and fractured America. It is the most polarised nation than ever. However, the election 2020 confirms the largest poll turnover in the US history of one century.  

Due to Covid 19 pandemic, many voters cast their ballot posted through the US Post that made counting unusually delayed. President Donald Trump's campaign has filed legal suits challenging the authenticity of the election results in several states and blaming fraudulent practice and irregularity in casting and counting the votes. They claimed that votes were cast on behalf of the family's dead persons and the voters who were already moved to other states. Republican Presidential Campaign is also asking not to count the votes that were received after Election Day. 

Not accepting the election result by Donald Trump may escalate tension and violence in the US and may hinder the power's smooth transition. 

Pre-election surveys indicated the top issues in front of the US voters were; Economy, Health care, Racial Tensions, Coronavirus, Immigration, Supreme court appointments, Foreign policy, Gun policy, Economic equality, Climate change, and Abortion. The percentage of concerned issues projected depends on the survey companies and special interest groups and on which population they are focusing.

Genuinely speaking, US Presidents had never been the people's representative in US history. Special interest groups; Mega Corporations (mainly war and oil industries), CIA, Pentagon, Israeli -American Council (IAC), and Christian right (call it all together; the Deep State) brought their horses in the Primary elections. Most of the time, the winners are their consensus and compromised candidate from both parties. Voters have no choice to vote other than either of two selected consensus candidates. That's why US Presidents never told a single "truth" in US history. 

Fact checker database of the Washington Post noted President's Donald Trump's 22,247 false and misleading claims (lies) till August 2020. The question should be asked why Washington Post fact-checker never counted the previous US presidents' lies. Furthermore, the Washington Post, The New York Times, CNN, and other mouthpieces of special interest groups should also make self-assessment through their fact-checker database; how much false and misleading news you published and broadcasted in history. Just count your false stories against Saddam Hussain and the Taliban, and you will supersede Donald Trump's lies.

Friends! Something went wrong in the US election in 2016. Donald Trump was not the consensus candidate of the deep state. That's why most of the Israelite Corporate US media outlets have been targeting Trump 7/24. 

White supremacism was at an all-time high in the last four years. If white supremacist movements strengthen, it is not good news for all coloured minorities, including US Israeli Jews. 

Joe Biden, 77, the oldest President of the US don't have his plan for anything. He had only one point agenda to defeat Donald Trump. He had been campaigning with the rhetoric of the failure of Donald Trump. 

Biden will most probably destroy the US economy built by Trump in the last four years. That will bring a more significant crisis. 

Pro-abortion and pro LGBT groups may get some legislative and legal advantage in the Biden era. 

Few million undocumented immigrants who have US born children may be legalized this time. However, Democrats' promise of immigration relief was historically false. Obama has brought some peanuts for them in the last year of his two terms Presidency. He knew for sure that it would not be materialized in his tenure if the Democrat will not be re-elected.

As Joe Biden is the most favourite of Wall Street, the world may witness the war escalation and re-interference and involvement in all the war zones. 

Mr. Biden has not presented his plan to deal with systematic racism, institutionalized police brutality, inequality, and injustices in the US society. 

Celebrating Biden's victory is not a good idea. It is premature. Experience proves that the nation has everything except patience. 

May God guide the right path to the power and the people of the USA. May God protect the American people. May God protect world from the evil designs of the empire. 


(Jawed Anwar is the editor, publisher, and blogger of You can reach him at



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