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The Source and Necessity of Order and Structure

The Source and Necessity of Order and Structure

Elder George

THE universe contains the structure and order enabling all life to function, preserve itself, and propagate. Structure provides parameters to function within, and order provides reliability of events and responses to action.

Imagine not knowing the time of the phases of the moon or of sunrise, the constancy of the pull of gravity, the temperatures at which liquids vaporize and solidify, the frequency, duration, and height of tides, and the change of seasons. Life could not function and would soon cease if such a lack of order prevailed.

The order and structure of the universe and everything within it comes from the masculine principle, which manifests in the male and provides it with conceptual thinking, a powerful build when compared to the female, and an instinctive desire to protect and propagate the species, which enables it to provide the environment and means for the female to bring forth life and nurture it.

The feminine principle requires structure and order in which to function. Its nature includes high levels of responsiveness and adaptability, characteristics that enable nurturing but also lead to inconstancy and chaos without the presence of structure and order.

An ancient Egyptian politician wrote “Inconstancy, thy name is woman.” In the 3,500 years that have elapsed since then the validity of that statement has not diminished. Adaptable and responsive personalities cannot be constant.

In all species of life (with few exceptions and aberrations) the male will determine and provide the environment enabling the female to raise her offspring. An example of this activity can be found in a pride of lions, in which the male selects a territory that has adequate game and water and that he can defend before settling the pride in it.

The lion’s structure and order includes the conduct of the pride. The male lion mates with many lionesses, who when they return to the pride to give birth will receive the help of the other females in raising their cubs; however, if the lion does not recognize her scent the cubs are killed and she is driven from the pride. This is the lion’s method of keeping the pride disease free. He wants what comes out of her to be what he put into her, not what some other lion put into her. The propagation and preservation of the species requires more than food and shelter, it requires behavior that benefits the group and the elimination of behavior that is detrimental to it. Males establish and enforce behavioral standards.

Men have always established the behavioral standards of women and children. When women were raised to be chaste, forbidden to smoke, and drink alcoholic beverages the incidences of unwed motherhood, adultery, divorce, and children in foster care, were minimal compared to current standards.  Alcoholism, drug addiction, and venereal diseases have all surged since men have lost their authority  resulting in increases among women of lung cancer, cirrhosis of the liver, and the illnesses caused by drug addiction such as HIV, hepatitis, breathing irregularities, and heart attack. A tragedy of these illnesses is the effect on the unborn and the newborn who are addicts before they draw their first breath. All of the foregoing result from the lack of  familial and societal standards caused by the neutering of the Western male by law and media intimidation.

The lack of standards necessary to provide the structure and order to prevent these diseases and their hardships do not get addressed by government or the media; instead the feminine visual thinking of Western society focuses on effects such as how to treat and pay for treatment for drug and alcoholic addiction of the unborn, of their mothers, and their fathers. How to treat and pay for counseling for juvenile delinquents and academic under performers raised by single mothers without any structure or order in the home. The government as the new man and the new God is expected to provide and pay for these services. It is an irony that the government that destroyed the authority of men, which lead to the weakening and/or disappearance of the family and the moral structure and order that it provided, is the same government that women go to for help.

Women have become enslaved; they go to the government for their every need. They attempt to replace moral conduct and the structure it provides with birth control pills, condoms, and abortions, and all the mental, physical, and emotional havoc they create in the mothers. They seek pre-school, in school, and after school programs for their children as a substitute for a natural home environment with both their parents present, and perhaps the added benefit of extended family. They call upon the government to provide Ritalin or other drugs to be administered to their children who suffer from a lack of nurturing love and parental attention. They seek governmental medical programs to provide them with sleeping pills, anti-depressants, and psychological counseling. The government and media has convinced these women that they are “liberated” and live a more worthwhile life than their mothers and grandmothers.

The breakdown of the structure and order necessary for the development of the human race has left Western society awash in mental, physical, and emotional diseases as it continues on its self-inflicted moral decline and ultimate demise.

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