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The Israeli Crime & the US Complicity

The Israeli Crime & the US Complicity

Dr. Firoz Mahboob Kamal

Israel: a product of terrorism

 Israel is created by terrorism, survives by terrorism, and now expands by terrorism. Terrorism has become the national culture cum politics of the Israelis. Terrorism has a dictionary meaning. It is the use of force to terrorize people for political purposes. Hence terrorism needs necessary weapons and a political agenda. And Israel has both. And with the US help, Israel has become the most powerful state in the Middle East. Since its illicit creation in 1948, Israel has been deploying terrorism to drive out the native Palestinians from their ancestral homes. And to hide their own crime, the Israelis shout at Palestinians as terrorists. The USA & the EU give Israel the full right to defend as well as to take offence. But they don't give the same rights to the Palestinians. So Israel can bomb Palestinians as it likes. But if the Palestinians try to defend themselves, they call it terrorism.

Israel is the product of British colonial imperialism. Jews were only 7 percent of the population before the British occupation and now own a state called Israel. As per the Balfour Declaration, the British Empire promised to create a Jewish state in Palestine. To fulfil the promise, eviction of the native Palestinian population and implanting the Jews from all over the world was the British policy since day one of its occupation in 1917. Hence, Israel is the perfect British colonial legacy, and it pursues the same imperialistic colonial policy. The whole western world has taken the responsibility to protect the illicit child of imperialism. In imperialism, military occupation, genocide, ethnic cleansing, and stealing of assets are considered the lawful rights of the imperialist occupiers. These are the wildly cherished western values. Burning to death in gas chambers was the latest addition to these values. Israel practices these western values in Palestine. Hence, the way the western imperialists cleansed the Red Indians from America, the Aborigines from Australia, and the Maoris from New Zealand, the Israelis are carrying out the same policy against the Arabs in Palestine. 

When the European colonialists occupied the weaker Asian and African countries, liberty, human rights, and civilized living were never an option for the natives. Total slavery to the whims of the colonial rulers was the only option. The European occupiers had every right to grab the land of the natives at their wish and could torture or kill whoever they liked. The laws were framed only to support their injustices. The same colonial values are put into practice by the Israelis. Therefore, while the US President or the UK Prime Minister or the French President declares that Israel shares western values, then he or she indeed fully ratifies the historical truth. So, it is recognized both in Europe and in the USA that the Israelis are the ideological and cultural cousins of the western imperialists. Such ideological bondage indeed forms the basis of the USA-led coalition's continuous supports for Israeli state terrorism. And to strengthen state terrorism, the USA gives the needed military, economic and political support. The USA gives 4 billion US dollars each year. Israel flexes its muscle only because of such massive US support.


 Right to kill but no right to defend

In fact, because of the ideological bondage, in the ruling elites in the USA and in Western Europe, only the Jewish lives matter and not the Palestinian lives. This is why, to support the Israeli atrocities, all the Western leaders and the Western media always reiterate that Israel has the right to defend itself. But they never say that the Palestinians also have the right to defend themselves. They condemn the missile attack of Hamas on Israel but never condemn Israeli bombing on residential buildings in Gaza. They never compare the death and destruction caused by Israel and that caused by the Palestinians. The Palestinians attack mostly by stones and occasionally by small homemade missiles. Does that need to defend with fighter jets, heavy missiles, artillery guns, and tanks? These heavy weapons are needed only to attack and cause massive destruction in war fields. Israel has deployed those weapons against civilians of Gaza. But the US and its ally are not ready to ponder on that.

The leaders of the US and the EU countries also praise Israel as the only democratic country in the Middle East. What is democracy? Is it the only election? Is it the governance by the elected warmongers, killers ad racists? Is it apartheid rule with the label of democracy? Is it to frame laws to make confiscation of the Palestinian land and construction of the Jewish settlements on those seized lands legal? In Israel, the law works as the instrument of eviction and legalization of settlements on the Palestinian lands. So there exists no justice for the Palestinians. But the USA and the EU call such infliction of injustices as the rule of law. The USA & the EU have given killing rights to Israel, but they do not give the survival rights to the Palestinians. It is not unlikely that if Israel drops even a nuclear bomb on Palestinians, the evil rulers of the USA & the EU countries will manufacture reasons to call it Israel's defence right.

The leaders of Israel, the USA, and the EU argue that Hamas and its rockets are the sources of all problems. As if, when there was no Hamas & rockets, there was full peace and tranquillity in Palestine. Hamas was not there in 1948, in the fifties, in the sixties, in the seventies, and in the eighties. Was there any peace in those times? War, occupation, eviction, destruction, killing, ethnic cleansing started from day one of Israel's creation. Israel now continues with the same policy. As long as Israel is there, there exists no chance of peace. 


The USA: the worst evil state

The USA has proven to be the worst evil state on earth. An evil state always supports another evil state. In the USA, the government changes but the policy towards an evil and illicit state like Israel doesn't. With the blessing of the USA, Israel has turned into a full apartheid state. And when it comes to condemning Israel's bombing and killing campaign against the Palestinians, the morality of the Americans & the Europeans comes down to zero. They turn equally inhuman and brutal like the Israelis. Like other former US Presidents, President Biden says that Israel has the right to defend itself. The truth is otherwise. The USA gives the right to kill the Palestinians. It gives Israel the right to destroy their houses and grab their land. On the other hand, if the Palestinians defend their rights, they call it terrorism.

Moreover, the USA has proven to be the worst enemy of democracy in the Middle East. Brutal Israel and all the cruel Arab dictators like President Abdel Fatah Sisi of Egypt, the Saudi King, the Bahraini Khalifa, and many others survive with the USA's help. While the Egyptian military junta made a coup against the first democratically elected President, Dr. Muhammad Morsi, US President Obama called it the military's restoration of democracy! What a mockery with democracy? This is the US standard. With the same venom against democracy, the USA engineered a coup against the democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran, Mr. Musaddeq, and installed the deposed Mohammad Reza as the monarch. Recently China and Norway asked for the UN Security Council's immediate meeting to discuss the ongoing Palestine issue. The USA opposed it. This way, the USA wants to give Israel more time to cause more deaths and destruction in Palestine. So Palestine continues to burn with American approval. More than 100 –many of them are children are already killed, and the killing continues. Only an evil country like the USA that could drop nuclear bombs in the past can support such Israeli crimes without any remorse!


Failed UNO & failed OIC & the Palestinian option

Anyone can see the crimes of Israel from any corner of the world. TV networks and social media are making crimes visible everywhere. But there is no punishment for the criminals. As if the indiscriminate killing of Palestinian men, women, and children and the destruction of buildings is no crime. As if these are the legitimate rights of Israel. The world looks like a deep jungle. There is no law, no court, and no prosecution team; therefore, the beasts can pray at their wish. The same way the beasts in human form can go on hunting as they like in occupied Palestine. Israel has bombed the Al-Jazeera media office and many high-rise buildings in Gaza. The USA and its European partners are ever-ready to support such wild hunting. Not only the USA and the EU, even the Muslim countries like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Bahrain, Oman, Morocco, and many other Muslim countries feel proud to be the friend of Israel. They maintain a diplomatic tie to show solidarity with the Israeli policy.

The UNO has no policy. The OIC looks dead. And the common Muslims are mostly silent. So the beasts enjoy the full liberty to do their beastly business. And the Palestinians have nowhere to go. There exist only one option. They must unite and rely on All-Powerful Allah and fight against the criminal occupiers. And if Almighty Allah helps, who can defeat? Who can be powerful than the All-Powerful Allah? 

Israel is not stronger than Soviet Russia and the USA. Soviet Russia and the USA –each one several hundred times larger than Israel couldn't win in Afghanistan. How Israel dare win in Palestine? 



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