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Thank You, Laura! Thank You, Islamophobe!

Thank You, Laura! Thank You, Islamophobe!

Jawed Anwar

LAURA Loomer, an American woman from Arizona, crossed the Canadian border to protest against ICNA Canadian Muslims convention in Mississauga held at Thanksgiving weekend. She came to protest against two American speakers Imam Siraj Wahhaj (previously Jeffrey Kearse) and Linda Sarsour attending the conference.

She is making serious allegations against Imam Siraj Wahhaj and Linda Sarsour on Canadian soil that American courts never claimed.

Laura Loomer didn’t find courage to protest against Siraj Wahhaj and Linda Sarsour anywhere in the USA because her blatant lie and her stupid action would be exposed.

Most of the weekends are booked for Imam Wahhaj and Sister Sarsour in America, so Laura could go anywhere in USA to protest against them. Instead, why did she cross the border to disrupt a convention with much less attendance than any of the USA’s Islamic conventions?

She should dare to tell us the fact that she came here to create an Islamophobic environment to support Toronto mayoral candidate Islamophobe Faith Goldy and Mississauga Mayoral candidate Islamophobe Kevin Johnston for the Oct 22 election. Faith Goldy joined her in the protest.

Did she succeed? The answer is no. However, she did at least one good job providing a topic (badly needed) to write a column for another Islamophobe Tareek Fatah in Toronto Sun. Tareek is an open enemy of Islam and a hate-purveyor.  He loves and waits for these topics.

Mr. Fatah was in India, had hurt 200 million Muslims’ sentiments as a weekly TV program host. Delhi High court banned his program. He had actively pursued Indian citizenship that shows his dislike of Pakistani and Canadian citizenship. India doesn’t allow dual citizenship. Several Muslims and Hindu groups in India complained that Mr. Fatah is propagating hate in India that will inflame Hindu-Muslim riots.

On the other hand, many Indians believe that Mr. Fatah is a Pakistani agent planted in India with anti-Islam and anti-Pakistan facial coverup  (burqa).

Laura spread her hate video that goes to viral complaining that ICNA Canada organizers didn’t allow her to enter the convention despite their announcement that the convention will be open for all on Sunday for free. She alleged that one of the organizers told her, “It is for Muslims only.”

The fact is quite contradictory. Yes! The convention was free for all. And many non-Muslims were there. It was an Islamic convention for educating and understanding the true message of Islam and Quran for both Muslims and Non-Muslims. Laura, with some of her local followers (from Islamophobic group), were trying to enter the convention to disrupt its proceedings. They were there with placards, slogans, and planned protest. ICNA organizers didn’t allow “miscreants” inside the convention hall. It was their paid organized program/event in the convention hall. They had all rights not to allow anyone they wanted. And in fact, they allowed all except Laura and her masked protestors.  The convention was open for Muslims, peace lovers, and saviors of humanity, and not for the miscreants like Laura and her hate group.

Some of the activism of Laura Loomer mentioned at Wikipedia:

“Loomer attended the March 2018 trial of Noor Salman under press credentials, which were revoked after Loomer harassed Salman's family. Loomer returned to the trial the next day and was removed by a U.S. marshal.

Loomer disrupted an event promoting James Comey's book ‘A Higher Loyalty’. She was taken out of the building by security.

In August 2018, Loomer confronted Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar and Michigan House candidate Rashida Tlaib at a campaign event for Omar. In the edited video Loomer shouted to Tlaib, "Rashida, are you willing to admit as a congresswoman that Hamas is a terrorist organization?" Loomer then asked Omar why she was hateful toward Israel and why she married her brother. Omar had previously denied those rumors concerning her personal life.”

Laura said it was “Sharia law” that didn’t allowed her inside ICNA Canada Convention and didn’t gave her team “freedom to protest” inside Muslims’ sponsored event.

Imagine for a moment if an Israeli organization were organizing such a conference and Muslims youth in mask were protesting outside and asking to come inside to protest against Israeli terrorism. How would that group, media, and government behave?

But there is another perspective and is quite valid.

Believe me! Laura Loomer is showing us a path and teaching us “freedom” to protest. 

In any convention, gatherings, meetings, if there is a speaker who supports Israeli terrorism in Palestine, Muslims must go there with the placards and banners:  “Israel! O Israel! How many Children Did You Kill Today”, and try to enter.

In any gathering of homosexuals and gay society, the practicing real Christians should protest with the placard, enter in their meeting halls with the writing of their own “Sharia Law”:

And if a man has sex relations with a man, the two of them have done a disgusting thing: let them be put to death; their blood will be on them.Leviticus 20:13

Imagine what will be the reaction of these organizing groups in the above mentioned two scenarios. What happened in the near past?  What happened to Christian activist Bill Whatcott?

However, thank you Laura! Thank you Islamophobe!

You are waking us up.

Syed Jawed Anwar can be reached at



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