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Sex Ed: Ontario Liberal’s Social Fascism and Rallies

Sex Ed: Ontario Liberal’s Social Fascism and Rallies


THOUSANDS of parents (about 7,000) rallied at Queens Park on Tuesday, April 14 (a working day) against the new sex education program of Physical & Health Education that should actually be called “sex perverted curriculum”. It was massive public outrage to oppose the design of liberal and gay fascists who are imposing their life style to all Ontarians. The new sex education reform is continuation of changing the curriculum and school environment by passing various bills such as Bill 13 and Bill 33; derived in new Laws; Accepting New Education Act and Freedom of gender expression Act, etc to promote sex perversion and gayism in the public schools from early childhood KG to grade12. These laws were introduced in the envelope of “anti bullying” and Ontario parents did  not paid much attention. The Ontario Liberals have tried to camouflage the above mentioned laws as best as they could, however, their plans had been exposed by us.

Parents rallied at Queens Park on April 14, 2015 against Ms Wynne's sex agenda
Parents rallied at Queens Park on April 14, 2015 against Ms Wynne's sex agenda

The document of K-12 Homosexual curriculum was removed from the ministry and board website in the fear of public outrage. However, it has not removed from the public schools curriculum.

Those New Acts implemented in the public schools and public washrooms are Satan’s work of evil. New sex education curriculum of Physical Health Education is like a mosquito compared to those big changes which are already in effect in the public school curriculum and system (such as pink day, gay pride week, gay-straight alliance club, sex orientation and identification on the basis of choice of the student  from early ages, gender free washrooms, etc) in 2012.

However, the current revised Sex education chapter of Physical & Health education from early ages introduced in such a blatant way that parents who have any moral and/or family values will be appalled. In this new/revised curriculum, the classes would have offered explicit instruction on body/sexual parts at an early age, as well as explaining homosexuality to third-graders.

It gave fuel to the fire when people came to know that Benjamin Levin was convicted in child pornographic and on line sex chatting. Ex deputy education minister Benjamin Levin was one of the authors of the revised sex curriculums, Acts, and laws. Levin was originally charged with seven child-pornography-related offences. Now he claimed to have had sex with his own daughters in online chats in a court hearing.

Levin, who was a member of Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne’s transition team and has pleaded guilty to the making of written child pornography, possession of child pornography and counseling to commit sexual assault on a child.

On April 14, in the court hearing, Levin, the 63-year-old married father of three repeatedly and consistently claimed to have had sex with his own daughters, starting at age 12 (though, as he told one of the officers, “I wish we’d started younger.”).

Levin repeatedly highlighted his role as overseeing curriculum issues. In a 2009 newsletter, the then-deputy minister said he was “responsible for ... everything that they do” and to “implement” the “new” approach. (Toronto Sun)

These people planned to make the children sexual crazy, disorientated and sunken them in the gutter civilization.

On Saturday, April 12, from my neighbor hood and Premier Kathleen Wynne own riding, about 500 parents from the platform of Thorncliffe Parents Association protested in front of Valley Park Public school where Premier Kathleen Wynne was visiting to attend a local ethnic community event. She ran away from the emergency door number 4 of the school to avoid the public anger.  About 2,000 parents rallied on March 16 in Thorncliffe Park from the TP Public library to Thorncliffe Park Public school organized by the same group.

 About 2,000 parents rallied on March 16 in Thorncliffe Park
About 2,000 parents rallied on March 16 at Thorncliffe Park Drive
Parents protested in front of Valley Park Public school on April 12, 2015. Ms Wynne ran away.
Parents protested in front of Valley Park Public school on April 12, 2015. Ms Wynne ran away.

Interestingly, majority of the protestors are liberal voters in the all provincial previous elections. Kathleen Wynne won fourth time from this riding in the last election.

Despite 80-90% parents of Ontario said “NO” to the “new sex ed-curriculum” (Polls conducted by different media groups) Kathleen Wynne’s liberal government insisted and forced “yes” and imposed it all the parents. This government believes that they are parents of our children. We as a parent don’t have a right to say what is right and what is wrong, what to educate and not to educate our own children. Now the liberals and LGBT activists will decide our destiny; education, policy, curriculum, our social and religious values, our fate and our future. This is the Liberal’s social fascism we are facing and we have to figure out how to liberate ourselves from these fascists.

It is not necessary that fascist will come from the military, king or authoritarian arrangement of power. Benito Mussolini of Italy and Adolf Hitler of Germany were all elected by the people. Kathleen Wynne has been elected from Don Valley West four times in a row. The election issue was never “same sex marriage,” gay promoting life style laws in the education system and society, gender free washrooms, and/or any of the social and cultural garbage. The election was always presented with issues that lured people easily. It is the lust of jobs, economy, and development and fear and havoc of Conservatives. Not one mention on the social and cultural issues. On the high beat and noise of multi cultural drums, they hide and envelope every dirt of the liberal worshippers of desire.

It is high time we say good bye to the Ontario liberals and bring a leader who can commit to correct this havoc of social and educational moral corruption. We need a revolutionary person not the conformist of status quo.

(Syed Jawed Anwar can be contacted at

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