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S-xting: Kathleen Wynne's Agenda Revealed

S-xting: Kathleen Wynne's Agenda Revealed


Parents of Ontario from all over organized, showed their deep concern, and opposed vigorously, Wynne sex agenda.  A group named “Parents As First Educators” (PAFE) gathered more than 30, 000 petitions against the Wynne sex education curriculum. Dozens of parent groups gathered other thousands of petitions. The media groups that posted polls on their websites for yes/no answer about this issue record more than 85% in the “no” category.

Some poll results (vote and get result):

Parents of all religious faiths are angry, but who will listen them? Kathleen Wynne? It is her well thought out and well planned agenda that she devised since 2010. She already campaigned and passed the Bill 13 (promoting sexual disorientation act) from the Ontario Assembly in 2012. We already swallowed an elephant like evil so what will be problem of swallowing a mosquito now?

She gives a damn toward those parents who believe in traditional family traditions. She only cares about the minority group to whom she personally belongs to. She (her government) already handpicked few parents and surveyed them and decided to enforce the new curriculum.  This is her style of “democracy.” You can’t stop her. After all she has been repeatedly “elected.”

The rally against Kathleen Wynne's sex-education curriculum was planned for Tuesday, February 24 at 11 am, Queens Park. Ms Wynne decided to announce/unveil the curriculum one day before, on Monday morning. Ontario Education Minister Liz Sandals presented the revised Health and Physical Education curriculum at a press conference at Queen's Park in Toronto, Monday, February 23, 2015.

From the new sex curriculum, Grade 3 students would be introduced to the topic of gender identity and sexual orientation. Grade 6 students will “self discover” through masturbation. Grade 7 students will be instructed on how to practice anal and oral sex. A grade 3 student can decide their “gender” based on their preference irrespective of their biological (birth) gender. Grade K to 2 students are already reading the story books of two moms and same sex families.

The new version has added the concept of “sexual consent”(communication and understanding “consent”)  and “sexting.”The Children in Grade 1 will begin learning the names of body parts including penis and vagina. The use of illegal substances is also discussed in Grade 3.

PAFE summarized:

Grade 1 (age 6):  the names of all the sexual body parts  

Grade 3 (age 8):  gender identity and sexual orientation; same-sex families

Grade 4 (age 9):  romantic dating

Grade 6 (age 11): masturbation and rejection of use of words such as "husband" and "wife"

Grade 7 (age 12): anal, oral, and vaginal sex; contraception; STDs

One of the features of this curriculum is “graphic presentation” of teaching material.

You may know what kind of people they are by a news report that appeared recently in the media.  The former Deputy Minister of Education in Ontario, in charge of drafting the hateful new sex education curriculum, the Sabbatean Jew Levin, is pleading guilty to child pornography and counseling sex assault.

In the cover of Toronto Sun a picture of Ben Levin, one of Wynne’s buddies appeared. Apparently, someone leaked a message he had sent to colleagues asking them to write letters on his behalf.

He gave his colleagues specific instructions on what to write.

"For the benefit of the court, letters should indicate that you are aware of the guilty pleas to the three charges. In that regard, you may want to use language such as the following, suggested by my lawyer: I am aware that Mr. Levin is pleading guilty to one count of possession of child pornography, one count of making written child pornography, and one count of counseling a sexual assault."

"I am aware that these charges stem from Internet conversations in which he engages with strangers in explicit discussion of sexual acts with children. I am aware that during these chats he counseled an undercover police officer posing as the mother of a child to sexually assault her child for him. I am aware that 15 images and two videos considered to be child pornography were found in his knowing possession on his computer."

“Canada's first lesbian Premier is vulnerable. Ben Levin was Wynne's deputy when she was Minister of Education; he was also on her transition team. She is attempting to subject millions of Ontario schoolchildren to a radical new sex-ed program that was probably written up by Ben Levin or someone like him, “writes Thomas Carter at

Read the full story:

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