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Ontario S-x Ed Curriculum: What is the right option for religious communities?

Ontario S-x Ed Curriculum: What is the right option for religious communities?


Ontario’s ex McGuinty liberal government and present Wynne’s government have polluted the spiritual environment of Ontario in such a way that religious communities have had to hold their breath.

Let’s re visit and re check the changes and its purpose regarding sex education curriculum (proposed) in the light of “Accepting Education Act” and “Freedom of gender expression act”. This curriculum has already been implemented in the school system for several years. Changes have been made as such that now in public schools, a boy can use girls washroom and a girl can use boy’s washroom and stopping them to do so is a “human rights violation.”This has also extended to all the public washrooms. While your wife, mother, sister or daughter will use a public washroom, all of a sudden a man can enter the same washroom and you can’t stop him. Freedom of gender change and expression at any time, provides opportunity for sexual predators for sexual crime by using ladies washrooms and gender neutral washrooms.

Now, in the new sex education curriculum, a new generation of sexual perverts is going be raised. Grade 3 students would be introduced to the topic of gender identity and sexual orientation. Grade 6 students will “self discover” through masturbation. Grade 7 students will be instructed how to practice anal and oral sex. A grade 3 student can decide their “gender” based on their preference irrespective of their biological (birth) gender. Grade K to 2 students are already reading the story books of two moms and same sex families.

The whole purpose of these laws, practices, and change in curriculum is indoctrination, brain washing, perversion and moral and spiritual pollution.

Ontario Liberals (McGuinty and Wynne’s government) are pioneering a new civilization; a gutter civilization. Other major political parties include conservatives have already fell in this gutter.

I have been warning people living in Ontario from 2009, first by writing columns in an Urdu magazine Aafaq; on education section and a satire column “Mullah Ibnu Maghrib ki diary.” In the satirical column, there is a character “Mr. Chingar” who discovered the remains of "Lot" in Canada and imposed them on the riding where Muslim voters are in significant numbers. Later I started writing for an education blog (

To Do List:

Short term:

  • Check your own ward. Liberal activists already neutralized religious organizations and religious activism.  Major Islamic organizations and centers have been neutralized through continuous lobbying and pressures from Ontario liberal activists and members; several of them work (paid) at Queens Park and Liberal caucus offices.
  • Start getting petitions in large numbers signed (physical) from all religious gatherings, centers, and place of worships and send it to the Premier of Ontario; Kathleen Wynne and education minister Liz Sandals. Start calling them to show your resentments (ASAP).
  • Organize public meetings all over Ontario and rallies in Queens Park against the curriculum.
  • If your child is still going to a public school, submit a letter (signed) for exemption from sensitive curriculum. Check the attached letter linked. However, you must note that in the presence of “Accepting Education Act” the exemption from the sensitive part of curriculum is not working. It may work in Hamilton (local white population) but not in Toronto and Peel (immigrant population). However, if you still chose public school, must submit the letter.

Long term:

  • Start your own schools; private and religious. Make sure that your children must go to private and religious schools. Add schools in your religious centers and building. A school (minimum KG to 8) should be an integral part of our religious centers. Don’t take a risk by sending them in the public school system; the learning centers of a degraded way of life.
  • Struggle to establish Deen (way of life) of Allah; Deen of Ibrahim (Abraham), Ismail (Ishmael), Ishaq (Issac), Yakub (Jacob), Yousuf (Joseph), Issa (Jesus), and Muhammad (peace be upon all of them). Establishment of Deen of Allah in politics, society, education, economics, and in all spheres of life is the only long term and everlasting solution of all our maladies.  Dawah (communication, outreach, presenting Deen to all the people) is the first step.

Good thoughts about Islamic Schools but currently it is catering for few rich people and is beyond the reach of average middle class.

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