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Muslims' Celebration of Disintegration & the Strategy of Collaboration with the Enemies

Muslims' Celebration of Disintegration & the Strategy of Collaboration with the Enemies

Dr. Firoz Mahboob Kamal

The celebration of rebellion!

The division is forbidden (haram) in Islam. But the Muslims celebrate disintegration in the name of national and tribal states. This is the level of deviation of Muslims from Islam. As a result, the Muslims as an ummah cease to exist. They exist only as national, racial, tribal, or linguistic identities –as was the case of pre-Islamic Arab idolaters. A human body can’t survive with its truncated body parts. Likewise, the Ummah can’t stay with divisive body polity, maps, flags, walls, and borders. Causing division among Muslims has always been the job of the worst enemies of Islam. A true believer can never chase such a path. Despite all mutual differences, dividing Muslims has always been considered haram (forbidden) by all Islamic faith schools. But still, little effort is being made to unite the Muslims. The division only helps qualify for heavy punishment from Almighty Allah –as promised in sura Al-Imran verse 105 in the Holy Qur’an. But awfully, not only are they divided but also celebrate the division with high grandeur.

A Muslim can stay as Muslim only if he fully submits to the wish of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. And Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la wishes Muslims’ unity. But they preferred to stand disintegrated into 57 Muslim states. What else could be the worst rebellion against the wish of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la? Every national or tribal state has a specific day of disintegration. They celebrate those days of rebellion against His Qur’anic command as a mark of national pride! Can rituals like five-time prayer, fasting, hajj, and charity undo such grave crime of rebellion? The Qur’anic command “la tafarraqu” (don’t be divided) is binding on every Muslim. Only those who are stubbornly disobedient to Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la can ignore such stern warning. Islam is all about total submission to His orders, and any disobedience to any order is kufr. Those who excel inconsistent compliance to such Qur’anic orders earn His blessing. Otherwise, they qualify for His punishment. No amount of religious rituals are a substitute for submission.

The political map of a country tells a lot about its citizens’ faith, vision, mission, and survival objective. The current map of the Muslim World is indeed an accurate indicator to show how deeply runs disobedience against Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la among the Muslims today. It also shows how far they have deviated from the legacy of the Prophet (peace be upon me) and his rightly guided companions. No amount of religious rituals and attire can hide such deviation. It also shows how the mad obsession with ethnic, linguistic, tribal, and other parochial identities has wholly undermined the concept of Ummah and dismantled Islam’s most powerful institution like khilafa. Under the new US-led occupation, the same process of disintegration has earned a new life in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen.

In comparison to Muslims’ divisive obsession, non-Muslims show far better political sagacity and wisdom. The South Asian Hindus could form the united India, the European colonialists could form the European Union, and the American imperialists could forge the United States. They look cosmopolitan, but the Muslims look tribal. Despite the same language, ethnicity, and geographical landmass, the Arabs have formed 22 states. All-Wise Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la wants the unity of the Muslims, and Shaitan wants disunity. It is a pity that the Muslims have chosen to please Shaitan. Dividing the Muslim World has always been the key strategy of the enemies of Islam. They support them militarily, politically, intellectually, and financially to continue the disintegration of the Muslims. In 1917, the British and the French launched wars in the Middle East to dismantle Osmania Khilafa. With the collaboration of the Arab tribal leaders, they could create 16 Arab states. Thus they could perpetuate the foundation of subjugation of about 300 million Arab Muslims to 5 million Israelis.

The geographical disintegration is the incurable infrastructure of weakness and failure. Even a child knows that. Hence an enemy wants that for the Muslims. In the golden days of Islam, the Muslims had only one state. And the enemies have divided one old province of Syria into five independent states. These are Syria, Lebanon, Jordon, Israel, and Palestine. In 1971, the Indians, with the Russian help, did war against Pakistan to dismantle this largest Muslim country of the contemporary world and create a captive Bangladesh. Now in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen, the US-led coalition is trying to cause further disintegration of Islam’s heartland. It is also their key strategy to do war against anyone who tries to dismantle the divisive walls. So the Muslims are not allowed to break the barriers of the prison cells –raised in the name of tribal or national identities. That is why while Saddam Hussain took back Kuwait –the former integral part of Iraq, the USA and its allies declare war against Iraq. But when India took Kashmir, Israel took Palestine; the same western countries stay silent. The western imperialists don’t keep it hidden that their security interest lies in the divided political map of the Muslim World. Again and again, they have shown their total commitment to protecting the current infrastructure. Although they call it the stability of the status quo, it is indeed the strategy to keep the Muslims disintegrated, powerless, and subjugated.

The Ummah doesn’t exist

Ummah is a pure faith-based construct. It doesn’t embrace or glorify any racial, ethnic or national connotation. The physical existence of the Ummah is the most distinguishing marker of the Muslimness of a people. To know the true belief of the Muslims doesn’t need any soul-searching effort; it gets expressed through their political polity, identity, ambition, and actions. Ummah is indeed the collective political, ideological, cultural, and civilization embodiment of all Muslims. The trans-ethnic common global identity of the believers is a solid foundation on their identical faith, values, laws, and political cum civilizational ambition. The conceptual construct of Ummah provided the early Muslims with the much-needed massive infrastructure to emerge as the global civilizational power. Only because of such a faith-based groundwork, the Muslims with diverse ethnicities like the Arabs, the Persians, the Kurds, the Moors, the Turks, the Afghans, the Andalusians, the Balkans, and others could work shoulder to shoulder to bring victories in Asia, Africa, and Europe. In the whole history of humanity, such a united brotherhood of so many different ethnicities never happened before. Otherwise, there is nothing new in conquering lands and establishing empires. The barbaric Mongol hordes, the genocidal European colonialists, and the trigger-happy US imperialists could also conquer huge lands. But they couldn’t build any trans-ethnic brotherhood, higher values, sound laws or civilization. Instead, they could build massive infrastructures for genocides, ethnic cleansing, slave trading, economic exploitation, famines, wars and World Wars. Because of their moral void, millions of Indians, Red Indians, Africans, Aborigines, Maoris, Incas, and many others were forced to perish from the surface of the earth. The catalogue of their crime is vast. And the legacy still survives. Hence, a culture of occupational wars, genocidal killing, destruction of cities, and economic exploitation still thrives in the modern world. The people of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria witnessed that.

The Muslims have their awful internal problems. The concept of Muslim Ummah can’t survive in a high tide of toxic ideas like monarchism, nationalism, tribalism, racism, secularism, and other manufactured ideologies. Nor can it sustain in the absence of the Qur’anic knowledge. For surviving as a true Muslim, every believer needs constant feeding of Islamic thoughts, vision, mission, and objective. Such knowledge is the vital lifeline for the Ummah. It indeed builds the ideological backbone of a Muslim individual and the Ummah. Hence, in Islam, seeking knowledge is a life-long obligation -no less important than regular foods and drinks. Therefore, seeking Qur’anic knowledge was made obligatory 11 years before the obligatory five-time prayer. In the absence of that, institutions like Muslim Ummah or khilafa can’t survive. That is why the enemies always aim at dismantling the educational and cultural institutions of Islam.

The Muslims have badly lost the ideological war –the cold war. It is indeed a strong precursor of defeat in the hot war –the conventional war. The ideological defeat owes to deep deprivation of Qur’anic knowledge. In the name of education, an enemy project to cause knowledge deprivation was executed during the whole colonial occupation of the Muslim World. The colonialists have left but the political power has been hijacked by those who got fully brainwashed by the secularised education system of the colonial era. So, they continue with the same de-Islamisation project of the enemy. As a result, the Muslims stand defeated, and the Ummah has ceased to survive.

With the demise of the Ummah and its political infrastructure called khilafa, the Muslims now face the most catastrophic calamity in the whole history of Islam. In the absence of the political cum military infrastructure of khilafa, the Qur’anic guidance and the Prophet’s tradition remain non-functional. True Islam lives only in the Holy Qur’an. Such a state of affairs has indeed generated a perfect recipe for further defeat, occupation, exploitation, and killing. That is why trillions of unearned petrodollars of the Middle East and about 1.5 billion population couldn’t help Muslims come out of the current quagmire. Instead, day by day, they are sinking to a new low. They are growing only in number but not in faith and commitment. Like a diseased man, the Muslims are the seat of their own disease and rotten from inside. The crisis is so deep that the Muslims are no more known for their adherence to the Qur’anic guidance. The Qur’anic laws, the pan-Islamic brotherhood, the trans-ethnic institutions like khilafah and jihad in the way of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la find no place in the Muslim World. They have embraced ideas, laws, values, cultural practices, warfare, and the concept of state-building based on pre-Islamic jahiliya. That is why these so-called Muslim states show little dissimilarities from those of the kuffars. 

The visible dissimilarities of today’s Muslims from the early Muslims are not in the field of religious rituals, names, and nomenclature but the purpose of survival. The early Muslims survived to serve the agenda of Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la. It is to bring victory for His deen. But today’s Muslims survive to serve national, tribal, monarchical, or party agendas. Allah Sub’hana wa Ta’la’s agenda hasn’t had any place in their life. All these dissimilarities owe to detachment from the Holy Qur’anic. Most of them finish their college and university education without understanding a single verse of the Holy Qur’an. In the golden days of the Muslims, even a farmworker, a shepherd, and a poor vendor had a better understanding of the Holy Qur’an than a university graduate or a Ph.D. scholar of today. To them, intellectual feeding was no less important than physical feeding. They didn’t have any doubt that their iman will surely die if they don’t take regular feeding from the Holy Qur’an. Hence, learning Qur’an was no less important in the early Muslims’ life than eating and drinking. Since the Holy Qur’an has lost its importance in Muslim life today, the huge dissimilarities in faith and action from the early Muslims could crop up so easily.  

The early Muslims, at their highest point, didn’t have a huge population. Nor did they have a big army. Neither did they have trillions of dollars of unearned wealth like today. But they didn’t experience a similar scale of occupation, genocide, rapes, destruction, and eviction as it is the norm in Palestine, Kashmir, India, Myanmar, Uighur, Bosnia, Mindanao, Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq. Rather, they made the history of miraculous successes against the contemporary big powers. They could raise the Muslims as the most powerful World Power. But today, the Muslims are the most defenceless people on earth. They have armies and weapons, but these are not to protect Muslim men and women. These are only to protect the despotic rulers and bomb the freedom-seeking people –as currently happening in Syria and other Middle East countries.

Moreover, arms and ammunition don’t decide the fate of a people. Arms don’t fight any war; instead, the people who carry the arms do the job. Hence, the quality of the soldiers is decisive that the quality and quantity of components. The current state of the Arab World gives testimony to it. It is reported that from the year 2000 to 2019, Israel received arms from the USA, UK, France, Spain, and Germany of value 9.6 billion dollars. Whereas in the last 20 years, Saudi Arabia alone received arms of 29.3 billion dollars. In the same period, the arms sale to UAE was 21.1 billion. It was 17.5 billion dollars to Egypt and 6 billion dollars to Qatar. (The Daily Dawn, Karachi, 29.05.2021). But, what is the outcome of such a huge amount of arms in the Arab hands? Did it increase their military might? The jointly run war by Saudi Arab and UAE is failing badly against the poor fighters in Yemen.   

The strategy of collaboration with the enemies

The enemy’s crusade against Islam and the Muslims never ends. It only changes the strategy and frontiers. They start new wars on new frontiers. The First World War ended in 4 years. The Second World War ended in 5 years. But the US-led current war against Islam and the Muslims doesn’t show any sign of ending even in its 20th year. They are inventing more clues and new narratives to enter into new territories. The current crusade –declared the same as a crusade by President George W. Bush, started in Afghanistan in 2001 to dismantle the Islamic rule of Taleban. It has now expanded to Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Mali, Chad, Central Africa, and other territories. It is also true that the enemies of Islam have stopped winning any of their wars. They can only continue the killing and the destruction. Even the former US President Donald Trump acknowledged the fact in one of his speeches. Even the US-led coalition of 60 countries couldn’t gain control over 20 percent of Afghanistan in 16 years. The same is true in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen. They can only prolong the war to delay Islam’s resurgence as a global power. So, the current war will continue for many more decades to add more devastating miseries. Hence, there exists little doubt that more difficult days are lying ahead for the Muslims. Many more Muslim countries are in the queue to receive the same brutalities, deaths, and destruction as happening now in Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Mali, and Yemen. That is the price that the Muslims are now subject to pay for their division, deviation and servile adherence to the established enemies of Islam. Such a punishment is indeed an unfaltering Qur’anic promise. For failing to do the assigned job, more severe punishment is waiting for them in the hereafter.

Now it is the policy of the US-led coalition to reinforce their war machines to drop more bombs, drones, and missiles on the Muslim cities and villages. Every year they increase their defence budget and desperately search for new killing machines. Russia, China, and India are doing the same. Now the whole Muslim world is under the constant surveillance of the multi-racial imperialists. They have divided the area of influence among themselves. What Israel is doing in Palestine, India is doing the same in occupied Kashmir. And China is doing the same in occupied Eastern Turkistan called Xing Xiang. More bombs are dropped in Syria than were dropped in any single country like Germany, Japan, France, or England in the First or the Second World War. Whoever raises the head in the name of Islam is labelled as a terrorist. His home is marked as a target for a drone attack. For being killed, he doesn’t need to engage in any war on the US or European soil. This is the new reality imposed on the Muslim World.

In the name of fighting Islamists, cities after cities are bombed to rubbles in Muslim countries. Drones are hitting homes in Pakistan, Yemen, Afghanistan, Syria, and Somalia. Thousands of innocent men, women, and children are being killed. About sixty countries are drawn into the US-led war against the Muslims. Such a huge number of states were not involved even in World Wars. Therefore, apart from occupations, destructions, and killings, they have attained spectacular success to create a global ummah of kufr. This Ummah of kufr is also glued together by similar faith, values, political aim, and commitment. To resist the resurgence of Islam, they are ready to make any war in any part of the world. To solidify their occupation and install their cronies in the occupied lands, they have imposed a policy of forced eviction of people from their own homes -as Israel did in Palestine.

Readiness for the surrender

Muslims have now reached a new phase in history. They do not have any strategy to face the enemies. Instead, they are in haste to make complete surrender. They even search for ways to work as the enemies’ partners in occupation, arson, and genocidal massacre. Therefore, President Erdogan of Turkey decided to work with killer President Vladimir Putin. President Putin has occupied Syria and has appeared as the sole protector of killer Bashar al-Assad. The Russian soldiers are also working in Libya and Central Africa. The Turkish Army also worked with the US Army in running the occupation in Afghanistan. They call such collaboration with the enemy wisdom (hikmah). While working with the devils, one can’t avoid doing evil. In the past, Sheikh Abdullah of Kashmir, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman of Bangladesh, President Musharraf of Pakistan, and Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan followed the same strategy of collaborating with the occupiers. The lust for worldly gains inspires these stooges to forget the consequence in the hereafter. Likewise, millions of de-Islamised Muslims join the US-led Ummah of kufr to kill their fellow Muslims. Many of them are engaged in the intellectual war against Islam and Muslims. This is an unprecedented event in Muslim history. Even the tyrants like Pharaoh, Nimrod, and the Arab infidels couldn’t think of such recruitment of Muslims as their foot-soldiers in the past.

The enemies of Islam didn’t make any error in discovering the real source of Muslims’ strength. They correctly found that the Holy Qur’an and the unity of the Muslims stand against their agenda. So, they are at war on both fronts. During their colonial rule, they built religious schools to create a class of ulama who will encourage people to recite the Qur’an and not to understand it. And causing geopolitical disintegration of the Muslim World is their key. Hence they created 22 Arab states. Now they drop bombs to destroy the physical infrastructures like the roads, bridges, homes, and hospitals. Thus they are doing everything to block the emergence of Muslims as a united and viable ummah. As a part of the same project, Israel is not the only creation. They have created countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Syria, Jordan, Bahrain, Oman, and others to serve the same imperialistic agenda. This way, the 22 Arab states didn’t increase Muslims’ power, instead of enhanced the security of Israel and the USA.

The USA’s love for the autocrats

Like Israel, these artificial Arab states also received quick recognition by the imperialist countries, the imperialist-owned League of Nations, and later on by the UN. The imperialists drew the map of the Arab world to protect the interest of the imperialists. Never a plebiscite took place to know the opinion of the native people. That is the type of democracy that the US-led imperialists prescribe for the occupied Muslim lands. In each of these Arab states, they installed a dynasty of the most submissive and servile clients who never show any willingness to give any share of the political power to their own citizens. The US government and its allies have shown their intense love for these cruel autocrats. They also take the full burden of protecting them. They have already shown their readiness to fight any war to protect them from their people.

In return, the rulers of these oil-reach Arab states follow a strategy of full collaboration with the imperialists. Protecting the economic and strategic interests of the western imperialists is the core agenda of these rulers. Hence, the USA enjoys the full liberty to build bases for its Air Force, Land Force, and the Navy in any part of the heart of the Muslim World. They can easily target any Muslim city, industry, bridge, or home with better precision from these bases. Western companies also enjoy the full monopolistic access to drain oil and gas from these countries. As a result, trillions of dollars of the Muslim World do not stay in the Muslim lands, instead go directly to those who have already declared an unending crusade against Islam. The US dollar could attain the status of an international currency only because of this Muslim money funnelled into the US economy. Due to the continuous flow of this Muslim money, the USA could sustain its ongoing war in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, and Syria -an area much larger than the whole of Western Europe and for a period much longer than the total duration of two World Wars. So, they do war against the Muslims with Muslims’ money.

In the creation of these new states, the imperialists had another sinister objective. It prevents the spill-over of their enormous unearned wealth to the poor Arabs living in neighbouring Yemen, Jordan, Palestine, Syria, Egypt, Sudan, and Mali. Such dispersion of wealth to the poor Arabs would have reduced the share of western imperialists; hence could badly damage their economic interest. Restrictive borders of these oil and gas-rich states thus provide immense protected wealth for the imperialists’ consumption. This is why the US and its ally do not hesitate to tell that the economic interest of the West, as well as their national security, lie in this Middle Eastern oil and gas. As if this oil and gas belong to the western companies. And to keep this ownership, the imperialists are keen to protect these servile rulers at any cost.

Thus, extreme western selfishness works here to protect this ugly status quo. Unless the oil and gas reserve gets finished, there is little chance that the imperialists and their cronies will come to the sense to remove the disastrous division of the Arab World and end the ongoing war. Whoever protests against this robbery of the Muslim wealth and stand for the democratic right of the people are blamed as a terrorist. Bashar al-Assad has killed more than two hundred thousand people in Syria, and half of the population is driven out of their homes. He used chemical bombs, cluster bombs, and barrel bombs on the civilian population. The western countries who lecture on human rights didn’t throw a single stone against his Army. Now they are lecturing on making peace with this murderous devil.

Bashar al-Assad is not the only dictator engaged in a genocidal mission. Israel is doing the same crime for more than 70 years. Other despots in the area are ready to commit the same brutal massacre if the people come down to the streets for their democratic rights, like the brave Syrians. Their deep hatred against human rights and people’s participation in politics is not unknown. Like Bashar al-Assad, these despots are fearful of their own people. Hence, they are highly fearful of the so-called Arab Spring. The US-led coalition is worried, too. Therefore, it is the common strategy of these despotic rulers and the US-led imperialists to dismantle or contain the Arab Spring. So, they got common ground to celebrate the overthrow of the Egyptian President Dr. Mohammad Morsi ­-the first elected President of the country by the Army. Thus the USA government’s fake love for democracy and the real love of autocracy is exposed. 

In order to stop the wave of Arab Spring, the rulers of Saudi Arabia and UAE –the US partners in an anti-democracy coalition gave billions of dollars to the Egyptian Army and other anti-democratic forces in Egypt to overthrow President Morsi. The rulers of Saudi Arabia and UAE are now extending their arms to embrace Syria’s killer Basher al-Assad to include him in the same club of criminal despots. General Abdul Fatah al-Sisi of Egypt –the brutal killer-also taken a partner to kill and suppress the Islamists. 



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