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Muslims' Downfall: The Reason

Muslims' Downfall: The Reason

Dr. Firoz Mahboob Kamal

 Neglect of the greatest gift

How can a sick man get cured of the disease when he ignores the only prescription for its cure? 

The Holy Qur'an is the only prescription from Allah Sub'hana wa Ta'la for all moral, social, political, spiritual and economic ills of the whole humankind. Iman (belief) of a believer is very inclusive; believing only in Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala, His prophets, His angels, and the hereafter (akhirah) is not enough. Iman of a man is not true iman if he denies accepting the Holy Qur'an as the only cure. Any doubt on it makes one a full kafir. Iblis became a cursed Shaitan not for disbelieving in the existence of Almighty Lord and His attributes but for disobeying only one of His commands. The rule of "all or none" works here. A believer has to believe all of Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala's commands. If he disbelieves only one of His commands, he indeed denies Him. Hence, any disobedience or betrayal against any of the Qur'anic rules makes one kafir. That is why believing and obeying the Divine prescription -as revealed in the Holy Qur'an works as a litmus test of iman.

About the Holy Qur'an, Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala reveals His powerful statement: "Thus, We send down through this Qur'an all that give health (to the soul) and is a mercy for those who believe (in Us); but it only adds to the ruin of the evildoers." - (Sura Isra, verse 82). The above verse works as the guiding compass for every Muslim. It also makes it clear that the Holy Qur'an doesn't help those who are disbelievers in the Holy Qur'an and persistent wrongdoers. Hence, steadfast faith in all elements of this Divine prescription must be an integral part of iman of a believer. In the sight of Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala, such faith works as a key for acceptance of any of the good deeds. In the absence of such faith, rituals like five times prayer, month-long fasting, hajj, and charity go in vain. Moreover, without such inclusive iman, how can one get motivated to invest all of his efforts, energy, intelligence, wealth, and even sacrifice his life to practise the Qur'anic prescription?

Even a perfect prescription can't help cure a patient if the medicines are not taken as per the doctor's guidance. Picking up an item according to the wish and ignoring the others doesn't cure the disease. Reciting and kissing the prescription even a thousand times doesn't help either; rather speeds up the journey towards death. But now, the Muslims are doing the same foolish practice with the Holy Qur'an –the Divine prescription for all spiritual, moral and societal sills. They respect this Holy Book but do not follow it. Some people have taken five times prayer, month-long fasting, hajj, and zakat as the complete Islam. They have disregarded the core mission of Islam like al-amr bi-l-maÊ¿rÅ«f wa-n-nahy Ê¿ani-l-Munkar' and the establishment of the Islamic state with its obligatory components like shariah, hudud, Khilafah, shura, jihad, and the pan-Islamic Muslim brotherhood. Such non-compliance with the Qur'anic prescription is indeed an explicit disrespect of Allah Sub'hana wa Ta'la, who has given this most incredible gift to humankind for full implementation. Such disrespect to His prescription makes them very dissimilar and far deviated from the path of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and the early Muslims. Such deviation could only add speed onto a wrong path –as mentioned in the above verse. In the Holy Qur'an, the Jews and the Christians have been repeatedly condemned for such deviation from the prophetic path. 

Failing the test

While making a journey, knowing the correct roadmap is most crucial. Without knowing the roadmap, no sane man starts moving. It is far more crucial for the journey towards Paradise. Any failure to take the right roadmap takes one to the hellfire. Hence, nothing is more important in life than rightly knowing the Siraatal-Mustaqeemthe Qur'anic roadmap. Therefore, while standing in prayer, the greatest and the most important supplication is not asking the Almighty Lord for any professional, political, economic, or marital success, but seeking the right path called Siraatal-Mustaqeem. To emphasize this most crucial point in life, the recital of "Ihdinas-Siraatal-Mustaqeem" (O Allah! Show me the right path) –as embedded in Sura Fatiha, is made obligatory in every rakaÊ¿ah (unit) of five-time prayer. After being blessed with the right path from Allah Sub'hana waTa'la, it becomes obligatory to follow that path. It is also crucial to stay protected even from the slightest deviation. Hence, seeking such protection from the Almighty Lord is also embedded in the same supplication. A man's most important issue in life indeed gets expressed in his supplication. Truly, by making recitation of sura Fatiha obligatory in every unit of prayer, Allah Subhana waTa'la guides in setting the prime priority in humans' life. Staying focused on the right path is so crucial that it made repeated supplication a norm in Muslims' life.

But awfully, such supplication in five-time prayers shows little impact on Muslims' practical life. It is limited within the rote recitation in prayer rituals. In practice, they consciously and deliberately follow the deviations in every crossroads of political, cultural, social, and economic life. Thye pay little or no attention to seek the right path towards Paradise. Whereas, Siraatal-Mustaqeem –the Qur'anic roadmap is not hidden from public eyes. It has robust, distinctive signposts. Whoever has the spiritual insights, the Qur'anic knowledge, and familiarity with the history of the early Muslims must not miss those clear signposts. These are the Islamic state, shura, sharia, hudud, khilafa, dissolution of ethnic and linguistic boundaries, trans-ethnic Muslim brotherhood, and jihad for "al-amr bi-l-maÊ¿rÅ«f wa-n-nahy Ê¿ani-l-Munkar " Those who ignore those signposts indeed get deviated from the Qur'anic roadmap.

The satanic path, too, has its own eye-catching signposts. These are visible in ideological, political, educational, cultural, judicial, and economic arenas. The ideologies like tribalism, nationalism, secularism, capitalism, socialism, despotism, monarchism are distinctive satanic inventions. The political and social institutions like autocratic statecrafts, civil and military infrastructures, kufr judiciary, kufr law, gambling, prostitution, and divisive state boundaries based on ethnic and linguistic differences also display the devilish deviations. The political and military coalition with the kuffar imperialists reinforces such deviation among the Muslims. Whoever has some Islamic knowledge must not fail to figure out such deviation. Those who are spiritually deaf, dumb, and blind ( Summum bukmun 'umyun ) 

 -as per the Qur'anic narrative) and don't bother about knowing the Siraatal-Mustaqeem; fail to recognize such robust devilish diversions. They are the people who follow the road towards the hellfire arrogantly.

 The correct and the most crucial test of intelligence of a man or woman doesn't take place in exam halls, but in figuring out the true path towards Paradise from the hell-bound paths+. The test instantly starts in everyone's life on every crossroad while he or she stands face to face with various paths. Such crossroads appear in personal, familial, social, political, cultural, judicial, economic issues of life. In fact, every decision in life till death –whether private or public works an important test outpost. The intellectual ability to identify the Truth from falsehood and the moral courage to cut off bondage from the evil forces are tasted at those crossroads.

For success in any test, it needs knowledge. But the test that examines one's ability to figure out the Divine Truth from falsehood needs an understanding of the Holy Qur'an. In the absence of that, even intellectuals, imams, mullahs, and Nobel prize-winning scientists may fail the test poorly. Such failed people may turn to be the foot-soldier of the worst devil on earth. All the horrendous criminal acts like dropping nuclear bombs, chemical bombs, barrel bombs, mother of all bombs are indeed the works of these intelligent criminals. Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and George W. Bush had many of them in their armies; hence could occupy countries and slaughter millions of people.

On the other hand, because of the Qur'anic understanding, even a shepherd can pass the test with high marks –as happened in the early days of Islam. The finest and the greatest men and women in the whole span of human history indeed come only from this category of people who could pass the moral test. The success in the test leads to eternal pleasure in Paradise, and the failure takes to infinite hellfire. But awfully, most of the ulama, mullah, imams, darwish, and sheikhs in the Muslim countries show their dismal failure to take the right path –as happened with the ulama of bani Israel. In the past, despotic rulers like Yazid bin Muawiah, Hajjaj bin Yousuf and others had a large number of such people in their armies. Today, the situation is not different either. A very few people are seen on Siraatal-Mustaqeem; the absence of the Islamic state, the disunity among Muslims, and the abolition of sharia in the Muslim states give testimony to that. Whereas they heavily embed the ranks and files of the worst despots of the Muslim World.

The ideological ignorance

An idolater doesn't show any distaste for idolatry. So he or she feels proud to be a practising idolator. Likewise, a racist, nationalist, fascist, colonialist, or imperialist hasn't any distaste against his or her ideology either. Hence, racial hatred, ethnic cleansing, colonial occupation or imperialistic ambitions play a dominant role in their behaviour, politics, culture, and warfare. Because of such ideological alignment, they do not possess any distaste for their criminal practices. Instead, the former colonial powers still celebrate their worst crimes committed in the occupied land. British colonialism is an example in this regard. The Palestinians are bombed, humiliated, and ethnically cleansed from their ancestral land because of the Balfour Declaration and the creation of Israel. But the British imperialists still boastfully celebrate such a colonial legacy. The old colonial empire has collapsed, but colonialism still survives. Hence they get incentives to commit the same occupational wars and brutalities in weaker countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. And such crimes never get condemned in the imperialists' international club like the UNO.

The Muslims' ignorance of Islam is huge. Because of ignorance, Muslims now survive only with some religious rituals and cultural practices. Such ignorance runs deeper not only in common Muslims but also in so-called mullahs, imams, sheikhs, ulama, and Muslim intellectuals. They commonly proclaim that Islam means peace and there exists no jihad and Islamic state in Islam. They also tell that Islam consists of only five pillars. These are: witnessing the oneness of Allah Subhana wa Ta'la and Mohammad (peace be upon him) as His Prophet (shahada), five-time prayer, month-long fasting, hajj, and charity. They also claim that whoever excels in that five pillars will definitely enter Paradise. Whereas the Prophet (peace be upon him) taught and practised otherwise. His Islam was not limited to five pillars; rather has other elements like the Islamic state, propagation of Islam, sharia, hudud, shura, jihad, and Muslim unity. They rarely tell that the Prophet (peace be upon him) was the head of the Islamic state for 10 years. He was also the Commander in Chief and led 19 wars himself. He had multiple swords, shields, and other war weapons in his own residential quarter. How can one be the true follower of the Prophet (peace be upon him) if he defies such prophetic tradition?

Because of deep ignorance, millions of Muslims who offer five times prayers, keep month-long fasting, perform hajj, and take part in the door-to-door campaign of Tablighi Jama'at show conspicuous compatibility with the most corrupt and criminal rulers of their countries. The Qur'anic decree like "amr bi-l-maÊ¿rÅ«f wa-n-nahy Ê¿ani-l-Munkar" doesn't inspire their souls to eradicate the forces of evil and implement justice. Nor do they show any interest in the revival of sharia, hudud, shura, khilafa, trans-ethnic Muslim unity, and jihad in Muslims' life. Because of such detachment from Qur'anic Islam, these people could easily work as mercenaries of enemies of all ages. Even today, they vote for the enemies, fight for the enemies and even die for the enemies. The enemies they serve can be foreign or native. Their service to the foreign enemies has been very catastrophic for the whole ummah. More than a million Muslims of Arab and Indian origin fought in the First World War as mercenaries in the European armies to dismantle Usmania Khilafah; they didn't bother to kill the Muslim soldiers of Khalifa's Army and occupy the Muslim land to hand over that to the kuffar. Thus they collaborated with the kuffar to disintegrate the heartland of Islam –the Middle East. The creation of Israel indeed owes to their crime against Islam and Muslims. Awfully, such crime still continues. 

The setting for the downfall

Most of the mercenaries who join the enemy were not disbelievers in Allah Subhan wa Ta'la and His Prophet (peace be upon him). Many of them offer five-time prayer, keep month-long fasting, and performed hajj. But, such beliefs and religious practices did not stop them from committing the most heinous crimes against Islam and the Muslims. It owes to the worst inadequacy in their iman. They even fail to understand the full implication of iman. Hence, they could join and align with the enemy's agenda. Because of them, the enemies find it easy to recruit native collaborators to execute their crimes in Muslim lands.

The toxic enmity of these home-grown enemies gets exposed in politics. Their congruity with the kuffar is so complete that they, too -like the worst kuffar enemy stand against Islam and Islamists. 

In August 2012, the Egyptian Army showed its venom. The Army rolled tanks on the streets against the unarmed protestors and killed more than 12 hundred Islamists in the Rabaa al-Adawiya Square in Cairo. 

On 5 May 2013, under the fascist rule of Hasina, the Bangladesh Army massacred hundreds of innocent Islamist protestors in Shapla Square in Dhaka. 

In Pakistan in July 2007, the Army stormed Red Mosque and the adjoining Al-Hafsa women's Madrasa in Islamabad and killed more than 150 female students in the compound. 

Because of them, the colonialists, the imperialists, the nationalists, the autocratic despots, and even the Hindu idolaters do not find it difficult to recruit many mercenaries in the Muslim land. That was seen in 1917 in the Middle East, in 1971 in East Pakistan, in 2001 in Afghanistan, and in 2003 in Iraq. In the early days of Islam, such alignment with the kuffar enemies was unthinkable.

In Islam, the implementation of full Islam in all segments of private and public life is crucial. No space in life, society, or state should be kept outside the rule of Islam. Such space never stays empty; instead it works as the breeding ground for the enemies. A Muslim needs to be a full Muslim not only in faith and rituals but also in deeds, education, culture, politics, trade, and warfare. The Qur'anic command "Udkhulu Fissilmi Kaffah" asks full submission to every rule of Allah Subhana wa Ta'la. Suppose judiciary, law, politics, administration, education, culture, banking, and warfare stay outside the domain of Qur'anic prescription –as is the case in almost every Muslim country. How can one show his or her full submission to Allah Subhana wa Ta'la? 

With such failed or incomplete submission, people can still loudly claim to be Muslim. But such failed or incomplete submission indeed works as the framework of the downfall. The Muslim World gives testimony to that. 

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