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Ford vs Elliott in PC Ontario Leadership Race

Ford vs Elliott in PC Ontario Leadership Race

Syed Jawed Anwar

IF you watched the last two debates of Progressive Conservative (PC) Ontario and if you consider yourself an interviewer for the job of Premiership of Ontario, I believe no one will have any choice other than Doug Ford. You will find him ready and qualified for Premiership. Furthermore, he is the only one in the race who can defeat Kathleen Wynne.

The disadvantage with Doug Ford is that the mainstream media is against him. The reason: liberals and special interest groups’ dominance in the media. They are telling us that it is Christine Elliott, not Doug Ford, who can win the June 7 Ontario election.

First of all, it is still a big question as to why Christine Elliott, defeated in the last two PC leadership elections, is running for a third time. Is there any precedent in the past? Who told her to run a third time?

If she were so serious to get PC party leadership, she should have at least kept herself away from Wynne government and administration. However, quite the contrary, she accepted the post of patient’s Ombudsman in the Ministry of Health of Wynne’s Ontario Government.

Ms. Elliott comes to us as an employment opportunist and a job-seeker, not as a leader. She says that she will audit “line by line” the Wynne’s government expenditure. Mr. Ford rightly suggests, “Maybe we should audit what Christine got up to when Kathleen Wynne gave her a salary of $220,000 per year to be the Patient’s Ombudsman.”

Then Mr. Ford presents some facts:

Out of 1,984 complaints (patients), they conducted only 2 investigations. With Christine in charge they spent $2,447 on every complaint.

Mr. Ford rightly asks, “Does that sound like good use of tax dollars?”

Furthermore, columnists of liberal media is telling us that Ms. Elliott can defeat Ms Wynne. In other words, they are saying an employee of Ms. Wynne’s government will defeat her own boss. In the real world, it never happens. I know my cat can’t defeat me.

Christine Elliott’s leadership platform is all borrowed from her main rival Doug Ford. She was pro carbon tax and now she is against carbon tax (Ford platform). But she still says she can reconsider in future (this future may be the time immediately after election).

Ford started his campaign to reconsider “sex-ed curriculum”, and now he is promising complete repealing of sex-ed curriculum. Following with Ford, now Elliott is saying she will make adjustments in sex-ed curriculum and will make it age appropriate. Still Ms. Elliott’s platform is far behind on sex-ed from Doug Ford and Tanya Allen Platform.

Religious and traditional family will not allow teaching of “oral” and “anal” sex in any age. They will not allow promiscuity, adultery, sexual and gender confusion, and perversion in any age.

Christine Elliott (PC MPP) has supported most of the gender-killing bills brought by Liberal and NDP in Ontario Assembly.

How can a PC liberal defeat Wynne’s Liberal?

Conservatives Doug Ford and Tanya Allen combination can make a difference by cleaning the mess and filth of public education and society and corruption in economy and governance brought by Kathleen Wynne.

Syed Jawed Anwar can be reached at

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