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Farmers Protest and Capitalism-2

Farmers Protest and Capitalism-2

Jawed Anwar

IT is sad to note that more than 200 farmers died due to cold, heart attack, and suicides during the protest. There are large numbers of women, and older people are also participating. They demand to repeal the three Farms Bill and make another law for Minimum Support Price (MSP) for their produces. 


The government has been ready to treat them high handedly, and the administration has been using all-powerful state tools to crush the poor farmers.  

98% of national media is the mouthpiece of Modi’s fascist regime. The national media is popularly known as Godi Media (Media sitting on the lap of Modi and capitalists; Ambani and Adani). 

Social media is also now following and obeying States and Corporations. 500+ Twitter accounts are suspended in India during the current farmers’ movement with the requests of the government. 

Judiciary is also aligned with the “democratic” dictatorship. There is no hope of justice. Hundreds of protesters, including few journalists, are in jail. Many were charged on sedition cases that are unbailable. They tortured men and assaulted women sexually.

The farmers’ movement is spreading fast all over India, mainly in the Hindi belt. They organized Panchayat and Maha (big) Panchayat (old traditions of community assembly and consultation). Khaps (community groups and organizations) and their hundreds of thousands of members and followers join the movement.

Indian farmers have read the writing of the wall of their bleak future. 

The probability of their success is uncertain. One thing is sure that the movement may last long, and the struggle is hard. Modi’s government is confident that the empire USA and the global Corporate world are behind him.

In democracies, you have the freedom to cry but will find no solution for the reason of crying. 

BJP also knows the movement can’t affect their vote bank. They can Mastermind and Manage the Money, Muscle, and Media to win the election.  

The Indian election has always been held on religious and caste factors. 

The negative campaign against Indian Muslims, Hindu-Muslim riots, and fear-mongering against neighbour Pakistan historically helps the government. A Pulwama type incident in Kashmir and small skirmishes with Pakistan at the election time will bring them a landslide victory. 

If there is still doubt, the rest of the work will be done by software engineers by manipulating EVMs (Electronic Voting Machines) supplied by India’s big electronic Corporations. 

Even the most advanced Western states don’t use the “direct record electronic voting machines” as India is using. 

Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Kazakhstan, Nepal, Netherlands, Norway, Paraguay, and United Kingdom completely abandoned the electronic voting methods due to security reasons and lack of faith in e-voting methods.

EVM suits best for Bhartiya Janata Party. 

Kings, dictators, and democracies all enslaved the people of the world. If we need freedom, we should go to the Book of Guidance, Al-Qur’an. The Qur’an is the last and latest edition of the divine books that confirm all the previous books revealed. It is the only God’s book that is available in its original form and the shelter of God for all human beings.  

We should read the Sunnah (Hadith) and life of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), and his freedom movement to derive a new strategy to free the people of the world whose mothers gave birth to them as an independent.


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