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Farmers Protest and Capitalism-1

Farmers Protest and Capitalism-1

Cemented nails, barricaded with concrete, barbed wires, and trenches. The “largest democracy” of the world, India learned a lot from the “only democracy” of the Middle East, Israel. Indian State and People relation is like Israeli State (occupiers) vs Palestinians (occupied). Photo: Twitter/KisanEktaMarch


Jawed Anwar

INDIA is now ample open pastureland for the world’s giant elephants. 

Capitalism, wherever it goes, must create the economic classes; upper class, upper-middle-class, lower-middle-class, and poor (labour) class. In India, from ancient times, this social/economic class exists with the religious sanctions. The class system is “ethically” and religiously allowed. 

The Manuvāda Hindu religion’s Varna system divides society into four varnas; classes (Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishya and Shudras). The Varna’s responsibility is religiously defined; 

Brahmins: priests, scholars and teachers.

Kshatriyas: rulers, warriors and administrators.

Vaishyas: agriculturalists and merchants. 

Shudras (Dalits): labourers and lowest service providers.

According to the book Rig-veda; four caste systems developed from the four castes have been created from the body of the great god Brahma;

“The Brahman was his mouth, of both his arms was the Rajanya (Kshatriyas) made; His thighs became the Vaishya, from his feet the Shudra (lowest caste) was produced.

Downtrodden labour is the cheapest in the world without the fear of unrest from them.

India is the capitalists’ heaven, the most favourable destination. 

British left golden bird India after world war 2 (WWII) when she bankrupted after engaging in a long battle (6 years and one day). In that war, America had ensured that no one could win. The winner was only America who supplied arms to both the rival groups. 

After the war, America financially rescued Britain with the condition that they will leave their colonies for American gazing. History tells us America never helped or loaned anyone without “the condition.” 

India divided and was handed over to the USA in 1947.

In few years, the founding fathers and leaders of both sides were assassinated or dead. 

Indian National Congress (INC), under Jawaharlal Nehru’s leadership, controlled the power at one side. The Britishers formed the INC in 1885. Mr. Nehru was the best friend of the last British Viceroy and Governor-General of India, Louis Mountbatten (In office: 21 February 1947 – 21 June 1948)

Pakistan’s rule was given to the civil and military bureaucracy that served Britain for long with complete obedience and loyalty. 

Pakistan obeyed the new empire, America, from day one. 

However, the drafting committee of India’s Constitution chaired by Dalit leader Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar constituted the state as “socialist”, secular, and democratic Republic.

Mr. Nehru, the British Imperial partner, had later adopted socialist views that aligned India with the socialist Republic, “Soviet Union.”

It took a long for the USA to enter India after the British departure. It started from Rajiv Gandhi led INC era. India moved fast in the path of economic colonization of America after Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination in 1991.

The global Corporate’s most favourite economist Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister (In office: 22 May 2004 – 26 May 2014), facilitated the USA to enter India’s land. 

Similarly, “secularism” of India does not suit capitalism. The Varna based Hindu nationalism (Hindutava) and Hitler style Hindu nationalist force best works for them.

Corporate brought Hindutva force (RSS-BJP) to power. Disputed Kashmir, which had special separate status even in the Indian Constitution, was handed over to India as a bribe. The empire asked Pakistan to keep silent and do nothing on the issue. Kashmiris were persecuted and forcefully suppressed by the heavy presence of the Indian military. 

In exchange, all the doors of India are now open for capitalists and capitalism. 

Over 2,000 USA Corporations are doing business in India.

Almost every State-owned organizations and properties are on sale now and going to the private sector. 

Current Hindutva rulers are planning to shred the Ambedkar’s Constitution and imposing Manuvādi Constitution (that divides the society in Varna). 

Approximately 60 percent of the Indian population of 1.36 billion works in the agriculture sector, contributing about 18 percent to India’s GDP. Eighty-two percent of farmers being small and marginal. 

To grab their lands and to hand over the Capitalists, the ruling Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) passed three Farm Bills on 20 September 2020 from the parliament in a hurry.

Farmers knew well now what is going to happen to them. The constitution and agriculture experts educated the farmers. They decoded the bills decorated with beautiful words; after few years of contract farming with the capitalists, they will become bonded labor in their lands. Meanwhile, the traditional grain markets of government and mediators will vanish.

Indeed, it is farmers’ life and death issue. They have been protesting for the last 79 days sitting in all the national Capital’s entry routes, Delhi. In the current Indian democracy, they were not allowed to enter Delhi for their protest. The administration of the Central government cemented nails, barricaded with concrete, and the border sites are sealed with barbed wires and trenches. Journalists and other visitors were denied entry to the protest sites. Internet connections were suspended. 

Farmers have been treated like the citizens of an enemy country and behaved with them like animals.

In 73 years of independence, the “largest democracy” of the world, India learned a lot from the “only democracy” of the Middle East, Israel. 

 Indian State and People relation is like Israeli State (occupiers) vs Palestinians (occupied).


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