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Doug Ford: Doing Things that was Not Promised

Doug Ford: Doing Things that was Not Promised

Jawed Anwar

Doug Ford is doing things that he had never promised, and people were not voted for it. And he is ignoring the things that he promised, and people are voted.

In last August, he slashed Toronto City Council representations in half. The people have not voted him for this.

The current Toronto City was already made of much bigger after dissolving many City Councils that merged into Toronto. It was done previously in the name of saving the government expenses.

Now the largest populated City of Canada has again been further cut into half from 47 to 25 in the number of seats of City Councilors. Toronto contributes a major share in tax in the national economy.  It was an apparent disrespect and an act of ignoring Toronto voters. 

Ford government again claims the cut will save the province money; despite the fact the councilors salaries being funded solely by Toronto taxpayers.

Premier Doug Ford and Education Minister Lisa Thompson proposed cuts to education—especially an increase in class sizes and a decrease in the number of teachers. The people had not voted him for this.

However, it doesn’t matter for the parents who are not sending their children to the spiritually polluted public schools.

Doug Ford did nothing to repeal 2015 sex education curriculum and to fix the “liberal ideology” (of gender identity and LGBTQ2 issues) from the Ontario public funded schools. He promised this in his leadership campaign and the final race of last October 2018 election. People were voted for it.

The "first People’s government” of Ontario as Mr. Ford claims, ignored and betrayed the Ontario parents. 

Premier Doug Ford and his Education Minister Lisa Thompson are now under the heavy influence of an organized and well-funded minority of LGBTQ2 full-time activists.

When the Ministry of Education of Ontario was dragged to court in January 2019 by the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario (ETFO) the Canadian Civil Liberties Union (CCLA) for their claim the new/old sex-ed –(so-called new 2018 version)- “violates their constitutional rights.”

The government lawyers have declared that teachers can teach any of it at any grade. And nothing has changed. 

If you check the history of Liberal Kathleen Wynne government, she also did the same. She did all the things that she never promised and never mentioned in her election campaigns, and never did the things that she promised. She never promised for social engineering of society and education. But she did it.

What will be the outcome? Kathleen Wynne has been thrown into the dustbin of Ontario political history. Her party has currently mere six seats in the Ontario Legislative assembly.

We would not like to see the same fate to Ford government. But to save him from the same fate he must fulfill his promises.

Parents’ voice and their demand are clear.

Jawed Anwar can be reached at



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