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COVID: Few Questions from the Government

COVID: Few Questions from the Government

Jawed Anwar

One person, age 77, died in Ontario on March 11, considered the reason for death is COVID.

However, the spokesperson of the Ontario Health Minister, the person dead, was never listed as a confirmed COVID person.

He was declared dead from COVID after his death.

Even if it considered being the death from COVID, the first death in Ontario, the total death in Ontario is one from January 25 (first case).

Ontario Ministry of Health should also release the numbers of death during this period from other diseases, particularly from viral infections for public knowledge.

At least one data I have handy from the government records:

Flu causes about 12,200 hospitalizations and 3,500 deaths in Canada each year.

After one death from COVID, Ontario Premier Dough Ford ordered Tuesday to ban public events of over 50 people, including parades, events and services within places of worship until March 31. 

We have following questions from Premier Ontario, Ontario Ministry of Health, Health Chief officers, Prime Minister of Canada, and from all concerned government officials Ontario and Canada;

  1. Can Canada independently inquire about the actual reason for COVID, its outbreak, its widespread, and media hype?
  2. How come to Thermo Fisher and Roche developed testing kits of the virus (well known) and why all big Pharmaceutical companies were unable to produce vaccines?
  3. At what time and stage and how much fear and how much demand will be generated before launching the vaccination?
  4. Will the government test the side effects of the vaccination before its release and inform the public?
  5. How many more products and services, we people have to use and consume after the destruction of current news media bombardment?
  6. If Canada nationalizes the pharmaceuticals and were forcing them to do research and cure the diseases instead of maximizing the profit by “managing” diseases, will we be in the same situation as the COVID outbreak?
  7. We failed to understand first the limit of more than 250 people events, then now second reducing it to 50 people event. Why less than 250 was not dangerous, and why more than 50 more dangerous far?
  8. We are witnessing the limiting of 50 at places of worship, but no limit for bus, subway, malls, shopping centers, industries, and casinos. Are god of PROGRESS is a better protector than the God of the Universe?
  9. If a person dies, what about the funeral congregation. If the dead person has more than 50 relatives and close friends, can they not gather for the congregation (an event)?
  10. We are living in a building where more than 250 families live. Even if we quarantine ourselves in our apartments, we have to go to throw garbage, touch the doors to open, and faced mandatory interaction with many. Are we safe?
  11. If COVID cases increase till March 31, how long these restrictions will prevail? What will the administration do if it continues for several months or years?
  12. If it is proved that coronavirus was used as a biological weapon to curtail the fastest economic growth of China, can Canada stop the American hand to save Canada and all humanity? Any biological, chemical and atomic weapon will not limit the death and destruction under human-made national boundaries.


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