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Conspiracies of the Mainstream and Vaccination

Conspiracies of the Mainstream and Vaccination

Jawed Anwar

Scene 1


New York Times, CNN, and all the mainstream media and evil states reported Iraq of Saddam Hussain had Weapons of Mass Destruction. The entire country was bombed and levelled. 

Saddam Hussain had not sufficient weapons even to defend himself. He had nothing that can be called WMD. 


Mainstream proved wrong. The mainstream was conspiracy theorist. Alternate media and experts were right, informed right, and finally everyone accepted they were right.


Scene 2


All the mainstream media and the state reported World Trade Center was collapsed due to hit by two planes. 

Alternate media and experts were reported it is impossible to demolish these huge high-rise buildings by planes. It was razed due to heavy explosions in the base of the building. These people were labelled as conspiracy theorists. 


Mainstream proved wrong. Thousands of American engineers and experts in the field, and now large numbers of the public, believe that buildings have been collapsed from the base due to underground explosions. 

It is proved that the American administration, the agencies, the state, and the media were conspirators. Alternate media and experts were reported right and proved they were right.


Note: Omitting many similar scenes to make this column short. 


Scene 3


In 2009, the influenza A (H1N1) pdm09 virus spread throughout the world. The virus was first detected in the United States. According to an estimate by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it ultimately led to 60.8 million cases of influenza and 12,469 deaths.

The governments, Big Pharma, and mainstream media had been reporting that all vaccines are safe and the public should rush for the vaccination.

Alternate media and other experts were warning the people from its adverse events.


The vaccination administered across Europe—Pandemrix—had been implicated in a report by Peter Doshi, associate editor of The BMJ, who suggested that the vaccine had serious safety issues that led to an influx of adverse events and that these safety concerns were not communicated to the public.

The mainstream proved wrong. Alternate experts and media proved correct.


NOW the Covid-19 in the scene

This time, mainstream media and social media also joined together to kill all news regarding side effects and adverse events. Experts and doctors were threatened to face the repercussion of reporting and informing right. 

In the very beginning, Canadian experts warned the government, media, and the people:

  1. The Government of Canada does not conduct independent safety testing of vaccines;
  2. COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers are being granted legal immunity and will not be legally or financially liable for injuries or deaths caused by their products;
  3. COVID-19 vaccine development is being rushed;
  4. Standard, prudent safety protocols, such as prior animal testing, are being waived;
  5. COVID-19 vaccines currently under development are not tested against an inert placebo and are utilizing never before implemented technology that injects manufactured genetic materials;
  6. Long-term adverse effects of COVID-19 vaccination may not be known for many years;
  7. No coronavirus vaccine has ever been approved because of serious adverse effects, including death to test animals, due to pathogenic priming;
  8. COVID-19 vaccines are not designed to prevent infection or transmission;
  9. Bypassing proper safety protocols means COVID-19 vaccination is effectively human experimentation.

But all of them ignored these warnings and played in the hand of science (controlled by special interest groups), administration (follow WHO blindly), and media (sponsored and bribed by Big Pharma corporations).

Malcolm Kendrick, doctor and author who works as a GP in the National Health Service in England, writes;

"In my opinion, Covid-19 succeeded in breaking my last vestiges of faith in medical, scientific research. I cannot believe anything I read. I accept no mainstream facts or figures.

We are told such utter nonsense. For example, the 'fact' that vaccination protects against Covid-19 more effectively than having had the disease itself… This is just utter nonsense.

We were told that the virus was spread by touching contaminated surfaces… Really? We were told it spread through droplets, not aerosols, which are complete garbage. We were told that everyone has to wear a mask. We were told it could easily be passed on by asymptomatic people. Based on nothing at all. I could go on.

Yet, no one seems remotely bothered by any of this nonsense. The public seems to lap it up and attack anyone who questions the current narrative."

New addition:

This time many Islamic scholars worldwide also joined this world machinery of dajl, lies, and deceptions. It is not a healthy sign. 

Report and complain to your Islamic scholar in every adverse event you notice now or later. 

Natural People:

In villages, farmers and those living in the countryside live a natural lifestyle, and those who are not polluted from the cities' "intelligent" people and media, resisted vaccination worldwide.

Naturally, they were scared of the vaccination. The villagers threw stones at health officials in India who were camping and pushing them for the vaccination. 

The reason is apparent. These people's natural sixth sense is strong enough to judge what is right and what is wrong. 

Their intuitive wisdom is powerful.


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