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AsHab e Badr: And Some Facts About the Battle of Badr

AsHab e Badr: And Some Facts About the Battle of Badr

 By Muhammad Tariq Ghazi

THE Battle of Badr was the first major military encounter between the Muslims of The Madinah and the unbelieving Quraysh of Makkah. The historic battle was fought on 17 Ramadan 2 Hijri / 17 March 624. This battle was very important in Islamic history, as all prominent leaders of the State of Makkah were killed in the one-day confrontation. Abu Jahl Amr Ibn Hisham was slain by two Ansari young men, Mu‘adh Ibn Harith and Mu‘awwidh Ibn Harith. Their mother was Afra Bint Ubayd from the Bani Najjar of the Ansar. Mu‘awwidh Ibn Afra himself attained martyrdom in a retaliatory attack by Abu Jahl’s bodyguards. Others included among the 70 dead mushrikeen were Walid Ibn Al-Mughirah, father of Khalid Ibn Al-Walid; Utbah Ibn Rabi‘ah, his brother Shaybah Ibn Rabi‘ah, and son Walid Ibn Utbah; Umayyah Ibn Khalaf who was killed by Hazrat Bilal Ibn Rabah, his former slave whom he would torture mercilessly; Uqbah Ibn Abu Mu‘ayt, who had placed camel’s offal (stomach filled with filth) on the back of the Rasool-Allah while he was in Sajdah praying near the Ka‘bah, and who also tried to strangle the Rasool-Allah again when the latter was praying; and Aas Ibn Sa‘id. This battle had left the State of Makkah without any prominent leaders to pose a political or strategic challenge to the State of The Madinah.

            The Battle of Badr was result of a Qurayshi aggression and subsequent defense strategy adopted by the Rasool-Allah. The Qurayshi pagans had been planning to destroy the newly established State of The Madinah. They had been oiling their war machine since almost all Muslims had migrated to The Madinah. The evacuee property was “confiscated” by the State of Makkah, sold to bidders and the money thus obtained was put into a war fund.

Hazrat Abu Bakr also had a cloth store in Makkah. Hazrat Marthad Ibn Abi Marthad was a metallurgist-entrepreneur and inventor and owned the Muhannad swords-making factory in Makkah. Hazrat Khabbab Ibn Al-Aratt owned and operated a metal utensil factory and a retail outlet. His factory also manufactured safes, metal doors and window-grills, spears, arrows etc. Hazrat Suhayb Ibn Sinan Rumi had a general store. Hazrat Uthman Ibn Affan, Hazrat Mus‘ab Ibn Umayr, Hazrat Abd Ar-Rahman Ibn Awf were other prominent businessmen. Historians note that landed properties of the Aal Jahsh, the clan of Umm al-Muminin Zaynab Bint Jahsh, were confiscated and sold. Similarly the house of the Rasool-Allah was sold by Aqil Ibn Abu Talib, elder brother of Hazrat Ali. All this money was invested in trade caravans. Proceeds of the caravan led by Umayyah Ibn Khalaf had financed the 1000-strong force brought out at Badr. In the meantime, another caravan led by Makkah President Abu Sufyan Ibn Harb was returning from Ash-Sham, by successfully skirting the sanctions imposed on Qurayshi trade caravans for obvious reasons. Profits earned by that caravan had financed the next year’s Battle of Uhad.

The Rasool-Allah’s efficient intelligence-gatherers had provided information about Abu Sufyan’s caravan as well as an aggressive force led by Abu Jahl marching towards The Madinah. The Rasool-Allah came out of The City to face off either of the two armies. Abu Sufyan’s caravan escaped through the coastal route while Abu Jahl’s force kept on marching and was finally met by a small Muslim army at the Plain of Badr that lay between two sand-hills.

The following is a comprehensive list of the Sahabah who are counted as the “Badriyyin”. Actual number of Muslim fighters in the Battle of Badr under the command of the Rasool-Allah, sall-Allah-u alaih-i wa sallam, was 313, yet this list is much larger. The reason is that several Sahabah were assigned other important tasks and they were given due portions in the war-booty even though they did not see the action in the Badr battlefield. One such person, for example, was Hazrat Uthman Ibn Affan, who was advised to stay back in The Madinah to look after his ailing wife, Hazrat Ruqaiyah Bint Rasool-Allah. Local people were returning from the Baqi‘e graveyard after burying her when the news of Muslim victory at Badr was brought to The Madinah by Hazrat Abdullah Ibn Rawahah and Hazrat Zayd Ibn Harithah. Some other Sahabah were also left in The Madinah to manage state affairs and also as Rear Guard against an enemy strike from within The City or without. A few groups of Sahabah were on espionage missions gathering intelligence for the Muslim high command. Another reason given by Muslim historians for a longer list of the Badriyyin is that many early reporters were unsure about some Sahabah’s presence in Badr; therefore they preferred to include their names in the list for they argued that an error in including them was preferable to the error of excluding their names.

The list begins with the Promised Ten of Paradise – عشرہ مبشرہ – in their life-time by the Rasool-Allah. The top four are, of course, the four Khulafa Ar-Rashidin. After them, the first name is that of Hazrat Abu Ubaydah Ibn Al-Jarrah, because when fatally injured Hazrat Umar Ibn Al-Khattab had said that if the latter was still alive he would have voted for him as his successor. He is followed by Hazrat Abd Ar-Rahman Ibn Awf, who was a member of the six-man Electoral College appointed by Hazrat Umar and finally acted as Islam’s first independent Election Commissioner. Hazrat Abd Ar-Rahman was the first among the six to withdraw from the contest and then acted as Election Commissioner. Then the names of three Sahabah appear in order of their withdrawal from the contest. The last name is that of Hazrat Sa‘id Ibn Zayd Ibn Amr, who was excluded by Hazrat Umar from the Electoral College simply because he was a first cousin and a brother-in-law of Hazrat Umar who did not want to set an example of dynastic rule.

From #12 to #25 are the names of the Shuhada of the Battle of Badr. Hazrat Ubaydah Ibn Harith Ibn Abdul Muttalib leads this part of the list, because he was the first Muslim Shahid in action in Badr. He was a paternal first-cousin of the Rasool-Allah. What is remarkable in his Shahadat is that the first sacrifice in a battle was made by a member of the Rasool-Allah’s immediate extended family. After him the names of the remaining 13 Shuhada (martyrs) appear in alphabetical order.

Names from #26 to the end appear in alphabetical order. Al-Awsi and Al-Khazraji denote two tribes of the Ansar of The Madinah.

Also given are dates of birth and/or death and some other facts in one-lines about some Sahabah. Readers will find in some places a word like “bAjnadin” or “bBridge”. In such instances, a lower-case letter “b” stands for “battle of”: therefore, “bAjnadin” meaning the “Battle of Ajnadin” and “bBridge” meaning the “Battle of Bridge” also known as Battle of Jisr.

In Hijri dating system “bh” before a figure shows a year “before Hijrah”, and “h” after a figure shows Hijrah year. Three-digit figures like 573 or 634 stand for common of Christian era years.


نحمداللہ العظیم الحکیم و نصلی و نسلم علٰی رسولہ الکریم

AsHab e Badr Al-Kubra

1.       Muhammad Rasool-Allah, Sall-Allah-u Alayh-i wa Sallam

2.       Abu Bakr As-Siddiq ‘Abdullah Ibn ‘Uthman         -           -           - bh51-13h / 573-634

3.       Umar Ibn Al-Khattab            -           -           -           -           -           - bh40-24h / 584-644

4.       ‘Uthman Ibn ‘Affan   -           -           -           -           -           -           - bh44-36h / 580-656

5.       Ali Ibn Abu Talib       -           -           -           -           -           -           - bh24-40h / 599-661

6.       Abu Ubaydah ‘Amir Ibn Abdullah Ibn Al-Jarrah             -           - bh43-18h / 581-639

7.       Abdur Rahman Ibn ‘Awf      -           -           -           -           -           - bh46-31h / 578-651

8.       Zubayr Ibn Al-Awwam         -           -           -           -           -           - bh28-36h / 596-656

9.       Talhah Ibn Ubaydullah         -           -           -           -           -           - bh28-36h / 596-656

10.    Sa‘ad Ibn Abu Waqqas Malik         -           -           -           -           - bh23-55h / 600-675

11.   Sa‘id Ibn Zayd            -           -           -           -           -           -           - bh22-51h / 600-671

12.   Ubaydah Ibn Al-Harith Al-Muhajir Shahid           -           -           - First martyr of Badr

13.   Aqil Ibn al-Bukayr Al-Muhajir (Ibn Afra) Shahid

14.   Awf Ibn Al-Harith Al-Khazraji (Ibn Afra) Shahid

15.   Dhu Ash-Shimalayn Ibn Abd ‘Amr Al-Muhajir Shahid

16.   Harithah Ibn Suraqa Al-Khazraji Shahid  -           -           -           - Pre-action 2nd shahid

17.   Mihja‘ Ibn Salih Mawla Umar Ibn Khattab Al-Muhajir Shahid- Pre-action First shahid

18.   Mu‘awwadh Ibn Al-Harith Al-Khazraji (Ibn Afra)  Shahid       - Killed Abu Jahl, with 228

19.   Mubashshir Ibn Abd Al-Mundhir Al-Awsi Shahid

20.   Rafe‘a Ibn Al-Mu‘alla Al-Khazraji Shahid

21.   Sa‘ad Ibn Khaythama Al-Awsi  Shahid

22.   Safwan Ibn Wahb Al-Muhajir Shahid

23.   Umayr Ibn Abu Waqqas Al-Muhajir Shahid

24.   Umayr Ibn Al-Humam Al-Khazraji Shahid

25.   Yazid Ibn Al-Harith Ibn Fus'hum Al-Khazraji Shahid

26.   Abbad Ibn Bishr Al-Awsi        -           -                                   - bh18-11 / 602-632

27.   Abbad Ibn Al-Khashkhash Al-Khazraji

28.   Abbad Ibn Qays Ibn ‘Amir Al-Khazraji

29.   Abbad Ibn Qays Ibn ‘Ayshah Al-Khazraji

30.   Abd Rabbihi Ibn Haqq Al-Khazraji

31.   Abdullah Ibn Abd Munaf Ibn An-Nu‘man Al-Khazraji

32.   Abdullah Ibn Abdullah Ibn Ubay Ibn Salul Al-Khazraji

33.   Abdullah Ibn ‘Abs Al-Khazraji

34.   Abdullah Ibn ‘Amir Al-Khazraji

35.   Abdullah Ibn ‘Amr Al-Khazraji

36.   Abdullah Ibn Jadd Ibn Qays Al-Khazraji

37.   Abdullah Ibn Al-Humayr Al-Khazraji

38.   Abdullah Ibn Jahsh Al-Muhajir            -           - Shahid in Uhud 3h / 625

39.   Abdullah Ibn Jubayr Al-Awsi  -           -           - Shahid in Uhud 3h / 625

40.   Abdullah Ibn Ka‘ab Al-Khazraji

41.   Abdullah Ibn Makhramah Al-Muhajir

42.   Abdullah Ibn Mas‘ud Al-Muhajir        -           - Faqih. Died in Kufa 31h/651

43.   Abdullah Ibn Maz'un Al-Muhajir

44.   Abdullah Ibn An-Nu‘man Al-Khazraji

45.   Abdullah Ibn Qays Ibn Khaldah Ibn Khalid Al-Khazraji        -           -

46.   Abdullah Ibn Qays Ibn Sakhr Al-Khazraji

47.   Abdullah Ibn Ar-Rabi‘ Al-Khazraji

48.   Abdullah Ibn Rawahah Al-Khazraji    -           - Shahid as III Commander  in bMuta 8h/629

49.   Abdullah Ibn Sahl Al-Awsi

50.   Abdullah Ibn Salamah Al-Awsi

51.   Abdullah Ibn Sharik Al-Awsi

52.   Abdullah Ibn Suhayl Ibn Amr Al-Muhajir

53.   Abdullah Ibn Suraqa Al-Muhajir

54.   Abdullah Ibn Tariq Al-Awsi    -           -           - Shahid in Raji’e 4h/625

55.   Abdullah Ibn Tha‘labah Al-Khazraji

56.   Abdullah Ibn ‘Umayr Al-Khazraji

57.   Abdullah Ibn ‘Urfutah Al-Khazraji

58.   Abdullah Ibn Zayd Ibn Tha‘labah Al-Khazraji

59.   Abdur Rahman Ibn Jabr Al-Awsi

60.   Abs Ibn ‘Amir Al-Khazraji

61.   Abu Abs Ibn Jabr Ibn ‘Amr Al-Awsi

62.   Abu Al-A‘war Al-Harith Ibn Zalim Al-Khazraji

63.   Abu Aqil Abdur Rahman Ibn Abdullah Al-Awsi

64.   Abi Ayyub Al-Ansari, Khalid Ibn Zayd Al-Khazraji  - Host, KatibWahy. bh37-48 / 587-668

65.   Abu Dawud Umayr Ibn ‘Amir Al-Khazraji

66.   Abu Dayyah (ابو الضیَّاح) Thabit Ibn Nu‘man Al-Awsi

67.   Abu Dujanah Simak Ibn Kharashah Al-Khazraji        - Shahid bYamamah against Musaylamah in 11h / 632

68.   Abu Habib Ibn Zayd Al-Khazraji

69.   Abu Al-Hamra Mawla Al-Harith Al-Khazraji

70.   Abu Hannah Ibn Malik Al-Awsi

71.   Abu Hasan Ibn ‘Amr Al-Khazraji

72.   Abu Al-Haytham Malik At-Tayyihan Al-Awsi           - Died in bSiffin 37h / 657

73.   Abu Hayyah (ابو حَیَّۃ) Ibn ‘Amr Ibn Thabit Al-Awsi

74.   Abu Hudhayfah Mihsham Ibn Utbah Al-Muhajir

75.   Abu Kabshah Mawla Rasool-Allah Al-Muhajir

76.   Abu Khallad Ibn Qays Al-Khazraji

77.   Abu Kharijah Amr Ibn Qays Ibn Malik Al-Khazraji

78.   Abu Khuzaymah Ibn Aws Al-Khazraji

79.   Abu Lubabah Rifa‘ah Ibn Abd Al-Mundhir Al-Awsi

80.   Abu Makhshiy Suwayd Ibn Makhshiy Al-Muhajir

81.   Abu Marthad Kannaz Ibn Hisn Al-Muhajir

82.   Abu Mas‘ud Al-Badri Uqbah Ibn Amr Al-Khazraji

83.   Abu Mulayl Ibn Al-Az‘ar Al-Awsi

84.   Abu Al-Mundhir Ibn ‘Amir Al-Khazraji

85.   Abu Qatadah Ibn Rib‘iy Al-Khazraji

86.   Abu Qays Ibn al-Mu‘alla Al-Khazraji

87.   Abu Sabrah Mawla Abu Ruhm Al-Muhajir

88.   Abu Salamah Abdullah Ibn Asad Makhzumi Al-Muhajir       - Shahid after Uhud 4h/625

89.   Abu Salit Asir Ibn Amr Al-Khazraji

90.   Abu Shaykh Ubayi Ibn Thabit Al-Khazraji

91.   Abu Sinan Ibn Mihsan Al-Muhajir      -           - Died during Siege of Qurayza in 5h / 627

92.   Abu Sirmah Ibn Qays Al-Khazraji

93.   Abu Talhah Zayd Ibn Sahl Al-Khazraji

94.   Abu Yasar (Al-Yasar) Ka‘ab Ibn Amr Al-Khazraji

95.   Adiy Ibn Abu Az-Zaghba‘ Al-Khazraji           - Spy with Basbasah Ibn ‘Amr

96.   ‘Ajlan (Al-‘Ajlan) Ibn an-Nu‘man Al-Khazraji

97.   Akhnas (Al-Akhnas) Ibn Khubayb

98.   Amir Ibn Al-Bukayr Al-Muhajir

99.   Amir Ibn Fuhayrah Al-Muhajir            -           - Shahid at Bir Ma‘unah 4h/625

100.  Amir Ibn Mukhallad Al-Khazraji

101.  Amir Ibn Rabi‘ah Al-Muhajir

102.  Amir Ibn Sa‘ad Al-Khazraji

103.  Amir Ibn Salamah Al-Khazraji

104.  Amir Ibn Umayyah Al-Khazraji

105.  Ammar Ibn Yasir Al-Muhajir             -           - Son of first martyr. d. in bSiffin. bh55-37 / 570-657

106.  Amr Ibn Abu Sarh Al-Muhajir

107.  Amr Ibn Awf Al-Muhajir

108.  Amr Ibn Al-Harith Ibn Tha‘laba Al-Khazraji

109.  Amr Ibn Al-Harith Ibn Zuhayr Al-Muhajir

110.  Amr Ibn Iyas Al-Khazraji

111.  Amr Ibn Al-Jamuh Al-Khazraji          -           - Shahid in Uhud 3h/625

112.  Amr Ibn Ma‘bad Al-Awsi

113.  Amr Ibn Mu‘adh Al-Awsi

114.  Amr Ibn Qays Ibn Zayd Al-Khazraji

115.  Amr Ibn Suraqa Al-Muhajir

116.  Amr Ibn Talq Al-Khazraji

117.  Amr Ibn Tha‘labah Al-Khazraji

118.  Anasah, Mawla Rasool-Allah Al-Muhajir

119.  Anas Ibn Mu‘adh Al-Khazraji

120.  Antarah Mawla Sulaym Ibn ‘Amr Al-Khazraji

121.  Arqam (Al-Arqam) Ibn Abu Al-Arqam Al-Muhajir - Owner of Dar Arqam. bh30-55 / 594-675

122.  As‘ad Ibn Yazid Al-Khazraji

123.  . Asim Ibn ‘Adi Al-Awsi

124.  Asim Ibn Qays Al-Awsi

125.  Asim Ibn Thabit Al-Awsi       -           -           - Shahid in Raji’e Tragedy in 4h / 625

126.  Asim Ibn Al-‘Ukayr Al-Khazraji

127.  Atiyya Ibn Nuwayrah Al-Khazraji

128.  Aws Ibn Khawli Al-Khazraji

129.   Aws Ibn As-Samit Al-Khazraji

130.   Aws Ibn Thabit Al-Khazraji

131.  Ayyadh Ibn Zuhayr Al-Muhajir

132.  Ayidh Ibn Ma‘is Al-Khazraji

133.  Basbasah Ibn ‘Amr Al-Khazraji         -           - Spy with Adiy Ibn Abu Az-Zaghba‘

134.   Bahhath Ibn Tha‘laba Al-Khazraji

135.   Bashir Ibn Sa‘ad Al-Khazraji                        -           - Sh. In bAynTamr,NrKufa,Iraq 12h/633

136.   Bilal Ibn Rabah Al-Muhajir   - Muazzin of Rasool. Killed Umayyah b Khalaf. bh44-19 / 580-640

137.   Bishr Ibn Bara' Ibn Ma‘rur Al-Khazraji

138.   Bujayr Ibn Abu Bujayr Al-Khazraji

139.  Dhahhak Ibn Abd Amr Al-Khazraji

140.  Dhahhak Ibn Al-Harithah Al-Khazraji

141.  Dhakwan Ibn Abd Qays Al-Khazraji

142.  Dhakwan Ibn Sa‘d Al-Khazraji

143.  Dhamrah Ibn ‘Amr Al-Khazraji

144.  Fakih Ibn Bishr Al-Khazraji

145.  Farwah Ibn ‘Amr Al-Khazraji

146.  Ghannam Ibn Aws Al-Khazraji

147.  Hamza Ibn ‘Abd Al-Muttalib Al-Muhajir      - Shahid in Uhud 3h/625

148.  Hamza Ibn al-Humayyir Al-Khazraji

149.  Hani Ibn Niyar Al-Awsi

150.  Haram Ibn Milhan Al-Khazraji           -           - Shahid at Bir Ma’una Tragedy in 4h / 625

151.  Harithah Ibn An-Nu‘man Ibn Zayd Al-Khazraji

152.  Harith Ibn Abu Khuzamah Al-Awsi

153.   Harith Ibn Anas Al-Awsi

154.   Harith Ibn ‘Arfajah Al-Awsi

155.   Harith Ibn Aws Ibn Mu‘adh Al-Awsi

156.  Harith Ibn Aws Ibn Rafe‘a Al-Awsi

157.  Harith Ibn Hatib Al-Awsi

158.  Harith Ibn Khuzamah Ibn ‘Adi Al-Awsi

159.  Harith Ibn Khuzamah Al-Awsi

160.  Harith Ibn An-Nu‘man Ibn Umayya Al-Awsi

161.  Harith Ibn Qays Al-Awsi

162.  Harith Ibn Qays Al-Khazraji

163.  Hatib Ibn Abu Balta‘ah Al-Muhajir

164.  Hatib Ibn ‘Amr

165.  Habib Ibn Al-Aswad Al-Khazraji

166.  Hilal Ibn Al-Mu‘alla Al-Khazraji

167.  Hilal Ibn ‘Umayya Al-Waqifi Al-Khazraji

168.  Hubab Ibn Al-Mundhir Al-Khazraji

169.  Hubayl Ibn Wabrah Al-Khazraji

170.  Hurayth Ibn Zayd Al-Khazraji

171.  Husayn Ibn al-Harith Ibn Al-Muttalib Al-Muhajir

172.  Ismah Ibn al-Husayn Al-Khazraji

173.  Itban Ibn Malik (Ansari) Al-Muhajir

174.   Iyas Ibn al-Aws Al-Awsi

175.   Iyas Ibn al-Bukayr (Ibn Afra) Al-Muhajir

176.   Jabbar Ibn Sakhr Al-Khazraji

177.  Jabir Ibn Abdullah Ibn Riab Al-Khazraji       -           - Scholar. bh15-78 / 608-697

178.  Jabir Ibn Khalid Ibn ‘Abd Al-Ash’hal Al-Khazraji

179.  Jabr Ibn ‘Atik Al-Awsi

180.  Jubayr Ibn Iyas Al-Khazraji

181.  Ka‘ab Ibn Jammaz Al-Khazraji

182.  Ka‘ab Ibn Zayd Al-Khazraji

183.  Khabbab Ibn Al-Aratt Al-Muhajir      -           -           - Swordsmaker. d. in Kufa 37h / 658

184.  Khabbab Mawla ‘Utbah Al-Muhajir

185.  Khalid Ibn Al-Bukayr ((Ibn Afra) Al-Muhajir           -           - Shahid in Raji’e 4h/625

186.  Khalid Ibn Qays Al-Khazraji

187.  Khalifah Ibn ‘Adi Al-Khazraji

188.  Khallad Ibn ‘Amr Al-Khazraji            -           -           - Shahid in Uhud 3h/625

189.  Khallad Ibn Qays Al-Khazraji

190.  Khallad Ibn Rafe‘a Al-Khazraji

191.  Khallad Ibn Suwayd Al-Khazraji       -                       - Shahid during Siege of Qurayza 5h

192.  Kharijah Ibn Al-Humayr Al-Khazraji

193.  Kharijah Ibn Zayd Al-Khazraji

194.  Khawli Ibn Abu Khawli Al-Muhajir

195.  Khawwath Ibn Jubayr Al-Awsi

196.  Khidash Ibn Qatadah Al-Awsi

197.  Khirash Ibn As-Simmah Al-Khazraji

198.  Khubayb Ibn ‘Adi Al-Khazraji           -           - Shahid at Tan‘im after Raji’e 4h/625

199.  Khubayb Ibn Isaf Al-Khazraji

200.  Khulayd Ibn Qays Al-Khazraji

201.  Khunays Ibn Hudhafah Al-Muhajir    - Husband of Hafsah Bt Umar/Sh. Uhud 3h / 625

202.  Khusaym Ibn Fatik Al-Muhajir

203.  Libdah Ibn Qays Al-Khazraji

204.  Ma‘an Ibn Adiy Al-Awsi

205.  Ma‘an Ibn Yazid Al-Muhajir

206.  Ma‘bad Ibn ‘Abbad Al-Khazraji

207.  Ma‘bad Ibn Qays Al-Khazraji

208.  Malik Ibn Abu Khawli Al-Muhajir

209.  Malik Ibn Amr Al-Muhajir

210.  Malik Ibn Ad-Dukhshun Al-Khazraji

211.  Malik Ibn Mas‘ud Al-Khazraji

212.  Malik Ibn Numaylah Al-Awsi

213.  Malik Ibn Qudama Ibn ‘Arfajah Al-Awsi

214.  Malik Ibn Rabi‘ah Al-Khazraji

215.  Malik Ibn Rifa‘ah Al-Khazraji

216.  Ma‘mar Ibn al-Harith Al-Muhajir

217.  Ma‘qal Ibn Al-Mundhir Al-Khazraji

218.  Marthad Ibn Abu Marthad Al-Muhajir           - Shahid in Raji’e Tragedy 4h/625

219.  Mas‘ud Ibn Abd Sa‘ad Ibn ‘Amir Al-Awsi

220.  Mas‘ud Ibn Aws Al-Khazraji

221.  Mas‘ud Ibn Khaldah Al-Khazraji

222.  Mas‘ud Ibn Rabi‘ah Al-Muhajir

223.  Mas‘ud Ibn Sa‘ad Ibn Qays Al-Khazraji

224.  Mas‘ud Ibn Zayd Al-Khazraji

225.  Midlaj Ibn ‘Amr Al-Muhajir

226.  Miqdad (Al-Miqdad) Ibn ‘Amr Al-Muhajir   -           - Faqih. bh37-33h / 586-654

227.  Mistah Ibn Athathah Al-Muhajir

228.  Mu‘adh Ibn ‘Amr Ibn Al-Jamuh Al-Khazraji

229.  Mu‘adh Ibn Al-Harith Al-Khazraji (Ibn Afra)           - Killed Abu Jahl, with brother Mu‘awwidh #18

230.  Mu‘adh Ibn Jabal Al-Khazraji            - Aqabah II. Gov of Palestine. bh23-18 / 602-639

231.  Mu‘adh Ibn Ma‘is Al-Khazraji

232.  Mu‘adh Ibn As-Simmah Al-Khazraji

233.  Mu‘attib Ibn Awf Al-Muhajir

234.  Mu‘attib Ibn Qushayr Al-Awsi

235.  Mu‘attib Ibn Ubayd Al-Awsi

236.  Mu‘awwadh Ibn Amr Ibn al-Jamuh Al-Khazraji

237.  Muhammad Ibn Maslamah Al-Awsi -            - First Ombudsman. bh35-46 / 589-666

238.  Muhriz Ibn Nadhlah Al-Muhajir

239.  Muhriz Ibn ‘Amir Al-Khazraji

240.  Muharriz Ibn Rafe‘a Al-Awsi

241.  Mujadhdhar (Al-Mujadhdhar) Ibn Ziyad Al-Khazraji

242.  Mulayl Ibn Wabrah Al-Khazraji

243.  Mundhir (Al-Mundhir) Ibn ‘Amr Al-Khazraji           - Shahid at Bir Ma‘unah in 4h / 625

244.   Mundhir (Al-Mundhir) Ibn Muhammad Al-Awsi     - Shahid at Bir Ma‘unah in 4h / 625

245.  Mundhir (Al-Mundhir) Ibn Qudama Ibn ‘Arfajah Al-Awsi

246.  Murarah Ibn ar-Rabi‘ Al-Awsi

247.  Mus‘ab Ibn ‘Umayr Al-Muhajir         -           -           - Shahid in Uhud 3h / 625

248.  Nasr (An-Nasr) Ibn al-Harith Al-Awsi

249.  Nawfal Ibn Abdullah Al-Khazraji

250.  Nu‘ayman Ibn ‘Amr Al-Khazraji

251.  Nu‘man Ibn Abd Amr Al-Khazraji

252.  Nu‘man Ibn Abu Khazamah

253.  Nu‘man Ibn Amr Ibn Rifa‘ah Al-Khazraji

254.  Nu‘man Ibn Al-A‘raj Ibn Malik Al-Khazraji

255.  Nu‘man Ibn ‘Asr Al-Awsi

256.  Nu‘man Ibn Malik Al-Khazraji

257.  Nu‘man Ibn Sinan Al-Khazraji

258.  Qatadah Ibn An-Nu‘man Al-Awsi

259.  Qays Ibn Amr Ibn Zayd Al-Khazraji

260.  Qays Ibn Mihsan Al-Khazraji

261.  Qays Ibn Mukhallad Al-Khazraji

262.  Qays Ibn as-Sakan Al-Khazraji

263.  Qudamah Ibn Maz'un Al-Muhajir

264.  Qutbah Ibn Amir Al-Khazraji

265.  Rabi‘ah Ibn Aktham Al-Muhajir

266.  Rabi‘ Ibn Iyas Al-Khazraji

267.  Rafe‘a Ibn Al-Harith Al-Khazraji

268.  Rafe‘a Ibn Malik Al-Khazraji

269.  Rafe‘a Ibn ‘Unjudah Al-Awsi -           -           -           - Shahid in Uhud 3h/625

270.  Rafe‘a Ibn Yazid Al-Awsi

271.  Rashid Ibn Al-Mu‘alla Al-Khazraji

272.  Rib‘i Ibn Rafe‘a Al-Awsi

273.  Rifa‘ah Ibn ‘Amr Al-Khazraji

274.  Rifa‘ah Ibn Al-Harith Al-Khazraji

275.  Rifa‘ah Ibn Rafe‘a Al-Khazraji

276.  Rakhilah Ibn Tha‘labah Al-Khazraji

277.  Sa‘ad Ibn Khawli Al-Muhajir

278.  Sa‘ad Ibn Mu‘adh Al-Awsi    -           -           - Shahid in Ahzab 5h / bh33-5h / 590-627

279.  Sa‘ad Ibn Ar-Rabi‘ Al-Khazraji         -           - Shahid in Uhud 3h/625

280.  Sa‘ad Ibn Sa‘ad Al-Khazraji

281.  Sa‘ad Ibn Suhayl Al-Khazraji

282.  Sa‘ad Ibn ‘Ubadah Al-Khazraji          -           - Aqabah II. d. in 15h/637

283.  Sa‘ad Ibn ‘Ubayd Al-Awsi

284.  Sa‘ad Ibn ‘Uthman Al-Khazraji

285.  Sa‘ad Ibn Zayd Al-Awsi

286.  Sa‘ad Mawla Hatib Ibn Abu Balta‘a Al-Muhajir

287.  Sabrah Ibn Fatik Al-Muhajir

288.  Sabih Mawla Abu Al-Aas Al-Muhajir

289.  Sa’eb (As-Sa'eb) Ibn ‘Uthman Ibn Maz'un Al-Muhajir

290.  Sahl Ibn ‘Atik Al-Khazraji

291.  Sahl Ibn Hunayf Al-Awsi       -           - Ali’s Governor of Madinah. d. in Kufa 38h / 658

292.  Sahl Ibn Qays Al-Khazraji

293.  Sahl Ibn Rafe‘a Al-Khazraji

294.  Salamah Ibn Aslam Al-Awsi

295.  Salamah Ibn Salamah Al-Awsi

296.  Salamah Ibn Thabit Al-Awsi

297.  Salim Ibn ‘Umayr Al-Awsi

298.  Salim Mawla Abu Hudhayfah Al-Muhajir

299.  Salit Ibn Qays Al-Khazraji     -           - Shahid in bBridge, Iraq, against Persians 13h / 634

300.  Sawad Ibn Ghaziyyah Al-Khazraji

301.  Sawad Ibn Razam Al-Khazraji

302.  Sayfiy Ibn Sawad Al-Khazraji

303.  Shammas Ibn ‘Uthman Al-Muhajir

304.  Sharik Ibn Anas Al-Awsi

305.  Shuja‘ Ibn Wahb Ibn Rabi‘a Al-Muhajir

306.  Simak Ibn Sa‘ad Al-Khazraji

307.  Sinan Ibn Abu Sinan Ibn Mihsan Al-Muhajir

308.  Sinan Ibn Sayfi Al-Khazraji

309.  Subay‘ Ibn Qays Al-Khazraji

310.  Sufyan Ibn Bishr Al-Khazraji

311.  Suhayb Ibn Sinan Ar-Rumi Al-Muhajir         --          - bh34-38 / 590-659

312.  Suhayl Ibn Rafe‘a Al-Khazraji

313.  Suhayl Ibn Wahb Al-Muhajir

314.  Sulaym Ibn ‘Amr Al-Khazraji

315.  Sulaym Ibn Al-Harith Al-Khazraji

316.  Sulaym Ibn Milhan Al-Khazraji

317.  Sulaym Ibn Qays Al-Khazraji

318.  Suraqa Ibn ‘Amr Al-Khazraji

319.  Suraqa Ibn Ka‘ab Al-Khazraji

320.  Suwaybit Ibn Sa‘ad Ibn Harmalah Al-Muhajir

321.  Tamim Mawla Bani Ghanm Al-Awasi

322.  Tamim Mawla Khirash Ibn As-Simmah Al-Khazraji

323.  Tamim Ibn Yu‘ar Ibn Qays Ibn Adi Al-Khazraji       (Lived in Sindh. Descendants in Chiniot. Buried in Kovalam, Kerala, India)

324.  Thabit Ibn ‘Amr Al-Khazraji

325.  Thabit Ibn Arqam Al-Awsi    - Shahid before bBuzakhah against Tulayhah 12h / 633

326.  Thabit Ibn Hazzal Al-Khazraji

327.  Thabit Ibn Khalid Al-Khazraji

328.  Thabit Ibn Khansa Al-Khazraji

329.  Thabit Ibn Tha‘labah Al-Khazraji

330.  Tha‘labah Ibn ‘Amr Al-Khazraji

331.  Tha‘labah Ibn Ghanamah Al-Khazraji

332.  Tha‘labah Ibn Khaatib Ibn Amr Al-Awsi

333.  Thaqf Ibn ‘Amr

334.  Tufayl Ibn Al-Harith Ibn Al-Muttalib Al-Muhajir

335.  Tufayl Ibn Malik Al-Khazraji

336.  Tufayl Ibn An-Nu‘man Al-Khazraji

337.  Tulayb Ibn ‘Umayr Al-Muhajir          - Shahid in bAjnadin against Byzantine, 13h / 634

338.  Ubadah Ibn as-Samit Al-Khazraji       - Aqabah I and II. d. in Jerusalem 34h / 654

339.  Ubayd Ibn Abu ‘Ubayd Al-Awsi

340.  Ubayd Ibn Aws Al-Awsi

341.  Ubayd Ibn At-Tayyihan Al-Awsi

342.  Ubayd Ibn Zayd Al-Khazraji

343.  Ubayi Ibn Ka‘ab Al-Khazraji           - Katib Wahy.First Imam of Tarawih. d. in Damascus 29h / 649

344.  Ukasha Ibn Mihsan Al-Muhajir          - Sh before bBuzakhah against Tulayhah 12h/633

345.  Umarah Ibn Hazm Al-Khazraji

346.  Umarah Ibn Ziyad Al-Awsi

347.  Umayr Ibn ‘Amir Al-Khazraji

348.  Umayr Ibn Haram Ibn Al-Jamuh Al-Khazraji

349.  Unays Ibn Qatadah Al-Awsi

350.  ‘Uqbah Ibn ‘Amir Ibn Naba Al-Khazraji       - Gov of Egypt. d. in Cairo 58h / 677

351.  ‘Uqbah Ibn ‘Uthman Al-Khazraji

352.  ‘Uqbah Ibn Wahb Ibn Khaldah Al-Khazraji

353.  ‘Uqbah Ibn Wahb Ibn Rabi‘ah Al-Muhajir

354.  ‘Usaymah Halif of the Bani Ashja‘ Al-Khazraji

355.  ‘Utbah Ibn ‘Abdullah Al-Khazraji

356.  ‘Utbah Ibn Ghazwan Al-Muhajir        -           - Died in 18h / 639

357.  ‘Utbah Ibn Rabi‘ah Al-Khazraji

358.   â€˜Uthman Ibn Maz'un Al-Muhajir       -           - Died soon after Badr 2h / 624

359.  ‘Uwaym Ibn Sa‘idah Al-Awsi

360.  Wada‘ah Ibn ‘Amr Al-Khazraji

361.  Wahb Ibn Sa‘ad Ibn Abu Sarh Al-Muhahjir

362.  Waraqa Ibn Iyas Al-Khazraji

363.  Waqid Ibn ‘Abdullah Al-Muhajir

364.  Yazid Ibn Al-Akhnas Al-Muhajir

365.  Yazid Ibn Hiram Al-Khazraji

366.  Yazid Ibn Al-Mundhir Al-Khazraji

367.  Yazid Ibn Ruqaysh Al-Muhajir

368.  Yazid Ibn As-Sakan Al-Awsi

369.  Zayd Ibn Aslam Al-Awsi

370.  Zayd Ibn Harithah Al-Muhajir            - Shahid as I Commander in bMuta 8h bh46-8h/578-629

371.   Zayd Ibn Al-Khattab Al-Muhajir       - Shahid in the bYamamah against Musaylamah 11h / 632

372.  Zayd Ibn Al-Mu‘alla Al-Khazraji

373.  Zayd Ibn Al-Muzayyin Al-Khazraji

374.  Zayd Ibn Wadi‘ah Al-Khazraji

375.  Ziyad Ibn ‘Amr Al-Khazraji

376.  Ziyad Ibn Labid Al-Khazraji

377.  Ziyad Ibn As-Sakan Al-Awsi -           - Shahid in Uhud 3h / 625

378.   Zuhayr Ibn Rafe‘a Al-Awsi


87 Muhajir Incl Rasool-Allah


Compiled by Muhammad Tariq Ghazi (referenced to several authentic sources like Hadith and Seerah Books).

Author of The Cartoons Cry – Objective Muslim response to blasphemous Danish newspaper cartoons of 2006. ISBN: 978-1-42594-764-4

 Muhammad Tariq Ghazi can be reached at


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