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The Ideal Muslim & The Ideal Muslimah

The Ideal Muslim & The Ideal Muslimah

 Shamim A. Siddiqi

Different brothers define in their way that who is an ideal Muslim. Those are the qualifications of a "routine" or a "traditional" Muslim whereas the need is that of an Ideal Muslim and for that we need extra efforts to find out who are they, where they are found, what they constitute, how they can be built, how they live, act and behave, and how they would look like as living human beings in the context of the modern world.

* The Ideal Muslim - He is a twentyfour servant [Abd] of his Master, leading a consciously life that his “Salah, sacrifices, life and death all are for his Lord”, seeking help only for “Rabbunnas” [The Sustainer of humans] and constantly feeling accountable to Him for all his actions and deeds on earth.

* He always tries to seek the pleasure of his Master, obeys His commands to the maximum possible extent and keeps away from all that He has prohibited not to go nearby it

- ‘Whenever his Lord said unto him: “Surrender”, he said: Lo! I have surrendered to the Lord of the cosmos” [Ref: Verse # 131 of Al-Baqarah] 

* He always sustains the vision as how to get the world streamline for Truth and bring it under the control of its Creator and Sustainer?

* That Ideal Muslim would always be thinking as how to manage his life for the prolong struggle against Batil forces who are occupying the abode of man “forcefully and wrongly” and filling the earth with all kinds of torture, corruption, confusion, oppression, exploitation, fraudulent practices, filth and  wrongful usurpations? 

* That Ideal Muslim is the most obedient servant of Allah, maneuvering always as how to get the Deen of Allah introduced, spread and establish His authority ultimately on self, family and the society in which he pulsates;

* That ideal Muslim would always champion the cause of the poor, the needy, the incapacitated and the have-nots through the prescribed self-sustained welfare system of Islam with justice to all at equal footings;

* That Ideal Muslim will always fight for human rights at all levels and constantly struggle to deliver Justice [Adl and Qist] to all and sundry;

* Thus, his whole life will be a living embodiment of total fight against Batil and to continue that fight ceaselessly, he would require a life long companion to give him comfort in life, bear and rear the new generation to continue this struggle for ages to come till the Batil and the untruth is rooted out from human society altogether and Haq is established in its place as ordained by Allah in Verse # 18 of Chapter # 21, Al-Ambiyah

-- “Nay, but We hurl the truth against falsehood [Batil], and it crushes/breaks the latter’s head. And lo! It vanishes or withers away”.

* The Muslim society must be constantly busy and immensely pre-occupied in creating, producing and sustaining that ideal trustworthy character in its sons and daughters in transforming them into Ideal Muslim and Ideal Muslimah as its prime obligation on earth and making them complimentary and supplementary to each other.

* That “Ideal Muslimah” will then emerge as the prime need of the aforesaid “Ideal Muslim” to produce the ideological "fighters" ceaselessly for the dominance of Haq over Batil as ordained by Allah in Verse # 18 of Surah Al-Ambiyah (21) as quoted above.

* These ideal Muslims and Muslimah through their determined and sustained joint and concerted efforts will fill the earth with peace, justice, compassion and harmony and will inhabitate their next world, the “Jannah” after death as the  reward of the sacrifices that they both would render for the whole of their life in the way of Allah to attain His pleasure.

* Muslim society, our fathers and mothers and the Muslim leadership would have to produce and culture a generation like that towards the resurrection of the fate of Muslim Ummah as the prime most obligations of Muslims on this earth.

In my humble way, I appeal the Muslim leadership to rise to the occasion, feel the onerous responsibility that is lying on their shoulders, accept this most sacred challenge of time and put tremendous efforts in producing the requisite generation of Ideal Muslims and Muslimah. The Muslim Institutions of the USA and that of the Muslim world at large must undertake this task forthwith as their life-long mission to accomplish. 

Let Muslims resolve to produce the requisite team of Ideal Muslims and Muslimah as early as possible. If they resolve today it would take a generation or so to abridge the gap towards resurrection.

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