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Our Gay-friendly Islamic Leaderships(1)

Our Gay-friendly Islamic Leaderships(1)

Syed Jawed Anwar

A Gay Bible is now available for those who feel the need to have their gay lifestyle justified by Scriptures. Verses condemning homosexuality are now re-written gay friendly scripture. 

Similarly, things are changing so fast in the “Islamic” leadership that it is not beyond the comprehension that gay-friendly “shariah” might be developed soon.

Several imams and preachers of Canada and USA, educated in modern, liberal universities to earn Master’s and PhD degrees in Theology, are available for this task. “Qualification” is not the issue now. Internet and web-based universities are available to sell these degrees at affordable prices. A student without going to any university can now get these degrees. Even those who are traditionally educated in a Madrasah feel its importance and “need of the time” to get some feathers of MAs and PhDs in their caps.

It is not fun. I am going through so much pain in writing these lines. But I feel an obligation to expose their deeds and designs to protect our Muslim brothers and sisters from the Fitna that is already passing over our heads. The Day of the Judgement will not be established before Qiyamah (doomsday); the reason:  every good and bad deed have a ripple effect that goes on for generations till the last day. A person who sows seeds of evil will be like a thorn in God’s side. A person who seeds good will cultivate ever-lasting paradise.

As Muslims, we should be extremely sensitive on the issues of Maroofat (good deeds) and Munkirat (evil deeds). But unfortunately, Dunya is enveloping us, our people, and our leaders so much that it seems we are all blind and dumb.

I was curious as to how a person (a Muslim leader in Don Valley West Riding) found a nation from the ruins of the nation of Lot (A.S.) and empowered them with political leadership.  A senior Muslim fellow living in my apartment building told an eye witness account.

He said it was the time of Member of Parliament (MP) John Godfrey (1993 to 2008) from Don Valley West riding. Mr. Godfrey, a gay (practicing a homosexual lifestyle) came to the Masjid Darus Salam (Islamic Society of Toronto; IST) to meet the management. Abdul Haq Ingar who was the President of the Masjid/Centre was Mr. Godfrey’s key supporter in the Muslim/Islamic community.

Mr. Godfrey said to the management that if you protect our “right”, we will protect your “right”.  “We have to protect each other’s rights to survive in this country.” “And everyone was silent after him,” he said.

What were the “rights” Mr. Godfrey was talking about during those years? It was the right to “marry” with same-sex person. Mr. Godfrey came to the IST to get Muslims “consent” for same-sex marriage (before it passed in 2005 from Federal Parliament). And he got the “Muslims’ consent”. 

Mr. Godfrey said in Parliament that he got consent for same-sex marriage legislation from the Muslim/Islamic community of my riding that has the largest Muslim neighborhoods (Thorncliffe Park and Flemingdon Park) in Canada.

How did Godfrey get this consent?

Br. Ahmed Abdulla, a member of the General Assembly of the Masjid, who has been living in Thorncliffe Park for 40 years said:

“I was present in the meeting. Ingar and Godfrey were talking to each other. We were just sitting and watching them. Ingar didn’t allow anyone to ask any question.”

The deal under the leadership of Mr. Ingar has been made to support the “rights” of gay politicians (“to rule”?) and for the same-sex marriage legislation.

Now ask Ingar, after giving and allowing these “rights” to gay politicians, what “rights” of yours are protected?

We have lost even our constitutionally granted religious rights and freedom. We have no more say in the public education of our own children, and you are not allowed to say what your religious and family values are.

Mr. Ingar never supported any straight politician in his life.  He and his cronies were well aware of liberal philosophy of “rights” (worshiping the nafs, desire, and lust), but they were “unaware” of the responsibilities given by Qur’an to the Muslims:

“You are the best of peoples, evolved for mankind, enjoining what is right, forbidding what is wrong, and believing in Allah.” (Quran 3:110 part).

They sold their mind, body, soul, faith, and community conscience at a very cheap price.  

(To be continued)

Jawed Anwar can be reached at



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