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Our Gay-friendly Islamic Leadership (4)

Our Gay-friendly Islamic Leadership (4)

Syed Jawed Anwar

In 2015 parents’ campaign against radical sex-ed curriculum when these Imams (of CCI) came under fierce criticism, they issued a statement on sex-ed curriculum in which they tried to satisfy both government and the community. But they failed. They did not post this statement even to their own website.

Farina Siddiqui, a community and parent activist from Mississauga failed to understand the meaning of the statement. She asked in GTA Muslim leaders google group to explain the statement; do you accept it or reject it? She didn’t get clear answer.

Please check the following link of in-depth analysis of Liberals’ radical sex-ed curriculum:

Ontario's Radical Sex Ed Curriculum: Campaign Life Coalition Analysis

Ontario Health & Physical Education Curriculum More Controversial than Anticipated

Unfortunately, our so-called Imams and leaders completely failed to comprehend or intentionally ignored it.

However, it is good to know that very few Imams are the members of this council. Or maybe few among them have liberal perspective.  The website says, “Some of the Imams from the greater Toronto area, Mississauga, London, Ontario and Niagara Falls are members of the Council but the great majority of the Masajid have no representation.”

Thanks Allah.

Imams and leaders (of Canadian Council of Imam) were aggressively advising all imams to follow their dictates. They are advising imams and making protocols of Jumuah Khutba (Friday sermon) all over Canada:

 “The Canadian Council of Imams (CCI) hereby reminds all congregation leaders and imams, at all facilities of worship, whether permanent or temporary, to uphold the integrity of our faith and responsibility in sermons and supplications,” said the CCI’s statement. “Our sermons (khutbahs) and supplications (duas) are an integral part of the Muslim’s spiritual experience.

“The message, content and delivery of all sermons and supplications must entail the true nature of Islam, which is a message of peace and respect, as per Islamic guidelines.

“Sermons and supplications should not be a platform for discriminatory remarks or hate speech, nor for the sharing of political/partisanship views,” added the Imams’ council. “Sermons and supplications should promote respect, tolerance and harmony.

“All Imams and speakers, including guests and teachers, should adhere to this protocol. We advise management boards of Islamic centers to have a written code of conduct for all presenters, speakers and imams to read and sign prior to delivery on stage or podium.”

In all beautiful words of the message, the key message is that in Jumuah Khutba, don’t say any words that fall under the category of “Nahi Unal munkar (forbidding evil). And more important, don’t say anything against the “community” belonging to a particular “lifestyle”. For them this group is similar to a faith-based group or color/ethnic group established by Kathleen Wynne. They are asking imams to address in Jumuah Khutba from their own “spiritual experience” (“true nature of Islam”) --not from the guidelines of Qur’an and Sunnah. You don’t have to pass “discriminatory” remarks and “hate speech” even against Shaytan. Because Shaytan has also “right” to practice whatever faith and “lifestyle” he wants to follow.  

This is the culture promoted by few liberal imams and leaders in Ontario and Canada in which young imam and self-acclaimed “Mufti” like Yusuf Badat flourishes.

Homosexuality is a major sin. Qur’an confirms it. Jewish and Christian Bibles confirm it. All other religious books confirm it. Science confirms it is not genetic; it is adopted and it is harmful.

Psychology confirms it as a mental disorder.  American Psychiatric Association confirmed it, but later, from the enormous pressure from gay lobbyists and groups, withdrew it in 1987.

The first nation involved in this sin was nation of Lot (Lut A.S.). The nation was severely punished by Allah. Wrath of Allah came from the sky by a showering of stones and an earthquake.

The nation was completely destroyed except Lut A. S. and those actively trying to stop them from this sin. All those were sinners and silent spectators (no matter how religious were in their personal matter).

“When Our Decree issued, we turned (the cities) upside down, and rained down on them brimstones hard as baked clay, spread, layer on layer.” (Qur’an: 11:82)

There are only a few sins so severe and serious that Allah didn’t suggest any punishment by men. He took the punishment in His own hand. Being involving in Riba (interest-based economy) and the homosexual lifestyle are two major sins for which Allah took the punishment in His own hand.

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