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Essentials Towards Understanding the Quran & Its Message

Essentials Towards Understanding the Quran & Its Message

 Shamim A. Siddiqi

 1.      What is our position today: Our life is far away from the Qur’an.


     * Ignorance of the language of the Qur’an
     * Non-availability of the Islamic society or environment; 
     * Limited concept of Deen â€“just limited to some worships, traditions, name and

        nomenclature and observing some festivals; 
     * Domination of Batil over Muslim lands and endless compromises in every field;
     * Failure of Muslim scholars to address the situation with a few exceptions and

        that too could not succeed.
2.  Let us understand what this Qur’an is? â€“ It is a Book of Guidance revealed by Allah to Rasulullah (S) who was assigned with the mission to establish His authority on earth: â€œQum wa Anzir wa Rabbeka Fakabbir” [Rise and warn & glorify thy Lord [Al-Muddathir -2-3]

3.  Now you must know: Who is Allah?  His knowledge is essential for you to know – the more you love Him, the more you will love Him and are more obedient to Him:

4. Allah is the Creator, Sustainer and Regulator of this cosmos: [114: 1-3]
- Al-Baqarah: 255; Al-Imran: 26 -27; Al-Hadeed: 4;

5.  He created man with Three strong urges and One freewill to fulfill his urges the way he/she likes;

6.  Allah created this universe and what it contains for man and harnessed it to be explored and used for his/her benefit:
- Luqma’n: 20; Al-Baqarah: 29;

7.  What man possesses is an Amanah [trust] in his or her hands from Allah. He/she is the trustee not master: [Al-Ana’m: 165] and he/she is accountable for that. --Concept of accountability in Akhirah stems out of the concept of Amanah. How you treat with your Amanah on earth – the way you like or the way Allah ordains you to do.  If you use it for your blind urges the way you like, you are doomed but if you use them the way Allah ordains you may get into Jannah.     
- Do you know what Amanah you have?  - Time, talents, energies and resources.
- Do you know how and where are you using them?
- What would be your answer when Allah will ask you on the Day of Judgment: -  where you used them on earth – in the way of devil or for His pleasure?

8.  Man’s position on earth: As vicegerent he has the choice to be good or bad: 
- Al-Dahar: 2 -3; Al-Mulk: 2; Al-Baqarah: 30; 

9. Allah was well aware of human weaknesses. So He committed to send Guidance to humans when he/she is in need of it as how to live, act and behave on earth?
- Al- Baqarah: 38-39;

10.  Guidance comes from Allah as committed in a continuous process: Torah, Zabur, Bible the Qur’an + Suhafe-Ibrahim;

11.  Man’s treatment with Guidance: man lost nit time and again till 600 Ad when there was no guidance on earth –all stood lost, innovated or mutilated.

12.  Now Qur’an was revealed as the Book of guidance form Allah to guide the mission of Rasulullah (S): Al-Saf; 9; Al-Fathey: 28; Al-Tawbah: 33

13.  To fulfill his (S) mission, he (S) needed Two things: 1. Guidance that came in the form of the Qur’an; 2. A trusted team of workers –Da’ees [Sahabah]

14.  Guidance came directly from Allah (SWT) in the form of “Khutbat [short and long lectures] as and when needed with the growth of the IM and the Team of Da’ees was built by Rasulullah (S)   

15.  Qur’an is a running commentary on local and international developments of events, rise and fall of nations, war between Haq and Batil Kufr and Islam, reconstruction of Islamic society on the basis of justice, peace and strong family system:

 16.  Subjects elaborated in the Qur’an: Tawhid, Prophethood, Akhirah, Amanah, Ebadah, accounts of past nations who denied the authority of Allah,  genesis of socio-economic and political infra structure of the Islamic society, human rights and sanctity of individual’s life, property  and honor,  and many more,  

17.  Guided the Islamic Movement of Rasulullah (S) for 23 years till it is accomplished:

- Exhorts the followers of Islam to call the people to the fold of Allah, struggle for the Iqamah of Allah’s Deen, eradicate Munkar and establish Ma’roof and sacrifice everything for its sake; [Al- Imran: 104 & 110]

- Establish Justice [Al-Quist] in the human society as life-long obligation of their existence on earth. [Al-Hadeed: 25];
- Presents the life of Rasulullah (S) as the only model to be followed till eternity in all respects.
- Be the conscious Muslim and Muslimah and an integral part of the Jamaah â€“collective efforts

18.  It entails that we all study and understand the Qur’an in depth, study the Seerah of Rasulullah (S) and that of his beloved companions in detail, be obedient to Allah and His Prophet (S) in our personal and family life, struggle hard to introduce the Deen of Allah to our fellow citizens and get the society reformed accordingly in due course of time. That is our obligation as DI and we have to do it, come what may.

19. The golden AXIM: Reading, Practicing and Preaching will all go together
- We will study the Qur’an, keeping this all constantly in view as its recurring features.
-  On our part, we will elaborate these points in detail during the course of our study as and when they would occur;
- On your part, you would follow what would you learn and be its model for others.

20.  May Allah give us Tawfeeq to emerge as effective Da’ee Ilallah in American perspective and make us the pioneers of Islamic Movement in the Western hemisphere!    Amen!

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