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Elect Doug Ford to Diffuse Radical S-x Education

Syed Jawed Anwar If you have concern with radical s-x education in public schools and gender killer education system developed by anti-generation anti human liberal ideologists, Doug Ford is your guy.

What Good Friends Should Tell You

Yvonne Ridley IT IS becoming increasingly clear that the view from this side of the Atlantic is quite different to what most Americans see but despite our differences - let's not go into the US destruction of our common language! - we remain in a special relationship, good friends and strong allies.

Gender Genocide in Canada-8: Change the Ontario Liberal Government

By Syed Jawed Anwar We organized various seminars on the effect of Bill 13 in 2012-2013 in Thorncliffe Park Drive, Toronto and Mississauga. When Phil Lees of PEACE Education Services unfolded Bill 13 and Bill 33, everyone in the hall was stunned and shocked. All were listening and watching his presentation by holding their breath.

The Blame is on US Voters and Not Trump

By Yvonne Ridley I WAS determined not to write about the American president in this column but Donald Trump keeps saying and doing things which make it impossible to ignore, like some needy, spoiled brat that demands the attention of those around him.

Making 2018 Count

By Yvonne Ridley I AM now home from Cox’s Bazar on the `Bangladesh-Myanmar border and appreciate my surrounds like never before. I am sitting here in the secure knowledge that no one is going to threaten or drive me and my family from our home. It makes me feel warm and safe but it also makes me feel sad because it is a feeling that is denied to the Rohingya people.

New Year: To My American Brothers and Sisters

By Yvonne Ridley WELL my dear American brothers and sisters, another year is drawing to a close and it is only natural we look back on the last 12 months before we go charging in to 2018 with renewed vigor and hope.

Gender Genocide in Canada-7: Dealing With Public Schools

Syed Jawed Anwar We will not recommend parents to send their children to public-funded schools of Ontario, Canada (or anywhere in North America) for the reasons given in my various articles on this issue. You can choose anything from home schooling, private, and religious schooling to avoid public schooling.

Diary from Rohingya Refugee Camp

By Yvonne Ridley Well it seems your President Donald Trump and I have found some common ground, at last! POTUS has just imposed sanctions on a Myanmar general accused of leading an ethnic cleansing campaign against the Rohingya people.

Salahuddin, We Are Ashamed

Jerusalem was lost and regained by Muslims several times in history, first to Crusaders in 1099, regained by Salahuddin in 1187 after the battle of Hattin; lost again to the British when General Allenby entered the city in 1917 and declared:

Why Christian Zionists View Jerusalem as the Beginning of the End

By Yvonne Ridley So here we are again, another week and another fine mess your president has created because, like it or not, Jerusalem affects all of us.

Seerah Conference 2017 by IONA Canada

By Abu Saad THE month of Rabiul Awwal started and, with this, Seerah conferences started all over North America. This writer attended the first event of the year on the last day of Safar (one day before Rabiul Awwal), Nov 18, in Thorncliffe Park Banquet Center at Toronto. It was organized by Islamic Organization of North America (IONA), founded by late Dr. Israr Ahmed, great teacher and speaker of Quran (tafseer). The Amir of IONA, Imam Mustafa Elturk, key note speaker, visited from Michigan, USA.

Rational Exoneration of the Prophethood of Muhammad (pbuh)

[Translated from the book "Seerat e Sarwar e Aalam ﷺ", Chapter “The Importance of Prophethood of Muhammad (pbuh)", by Syed Abul A'la Maududi] For a while, close your body’s eyes and open your imaginary eyes, and turn back 1400 years back and see the condition of the world.

MANDELA VISIT: Palestinians and South Africans United in Struggle

Yvonne Ridley NELSON Mandela’s grandson, Chief Mandla Mandela MP, arrived in Palestine on Sunday morning for a historic visit to the nation his grandfather so admired. During his time in Palestine it is expected he will hold several meetings with Palestinian leaders including one with the beleaguered, unpopular 83-year-old President Mahmoud Abbas.

Gender Genocide in Canada-6: Home-Schooling / Alternate of Public Education

Jawed Anwar Since 2013, we (Seerah Education Movement) have organized several home-schooling workshops/seminars in our neighborhood in Toronto with the help of Muslim homeschoolers and ICNA local chapter.

Golden Nuggets in the Alternative News Networks

Yvonne Ridley The news which reaches this side of the Atlantic usually revolves around some insulting tweet or the latest weird appointment your president has made from The White House. Donald Trump dominates the news so much, he is the news when it comes to events in the USA and so distracts all meaningful discussion and debate of what is really happening elsewhere in America.

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