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Madrasa 11: Business and Technology

SYED JAWED ANWAR MUSLIMS had intellectual, moral, geographical, scientific, and industrial superiority and vast human and natural resources over the West before Muslim lands were occupied by Western powers. The West had no edge over the Muslim world other than that attributed to political and military conspiracy, lies, deception, and propaganda --all fueled by disinformation and misinformation. With no concept of selfish nationalism, Muslims allowed Western companies, businessmen, and professionals in

Madrasa 12: Western Educated Ulemas, Mullahs and Maulvis

SYED JAWED ANWAR IN GENERAL, people think that English and Western Education started in India after the British occupation and after the educational movement of Muslim scholars (for example, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan) who cooperated the British occupiers. Historically, however, this notion is not accurate. Several British historians have noted that only few nations throughout history can match the educational tradition that Indian Muslims had. The scholars of Muslim India were always trying to learn every knowl

Madrasa 13: The Complete Destruction

SYED JAWED ANWAR WHEN the British first started controlling India, Muslims were the ruling power and the heart and mind of the society. They held intellectual and physical superiority over other communities. Therefore, the British East India Company instigated a policy to humiliate and degrade Muslims from all spheres of life. Governor General George Hilario Barlow (ruled from 1805 to 1807), in his letter to Lord Willington, wrote “I can’t shut my eyes to the fact that this race [Muslims] is basically

Madrasa 14: Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and Aligarh

SYED JAWED ANWAR DURING the complete destruction and occupation of India under British rule in 1857, over 7,000 Muslim scholars and educationists were executed, and the rest were deported or forced to leave. This left an abnormal situation in which to revive the Muslim education system. The only alternative for remaining Muslims was to adjust and compromise as they accepted the harsh reality that Muslims were eliminated from government, politics, business, and education and that the Muslims of greatest ge

Madrasa 15: Deoband and Its Movement

SYED JAWED ANWAR AFTER British occupation, India was in a situation in which financial resources were completely under control of the new government and it was extremely unfavorable to run an Islamic educational institution. There was a danger of discontinuation of Imams and educators of Qur’an, Hadith and Fiqah. A group decided to establish institutions in which Imams and Mudarris (teachers) could be continuously produced. This group decided to separate itself from the affairs of politics and business a

Madrasa 16 & 17: Efforts of Merger of Two Systems

SYED JAWED ANWAR VARIOUS efforts have been made to merge the two systems --secular, Western education and Islamic education in India-- but unfortunately most of them failed. Here are two examples:

Madrasa 18: Pakistan

SYED JAWED ANWAR MUSLIMS had their comprehensive education system during the period of their rule in India. The system was uniform, cohesive, and provided the people with in-depth knowledge with a holistic look in different fields of life. When British occupied India, they ruined the economy of Muslim education, de-educated the masses and massacred the intellectuals. After a gap of about a century, a small group of people was educated under the new policy of British educationalist Lord Macaulay in 1835. Th

American Kids, Dumber than Dirt

MARAK MORFORD Warning: The Next Generation Might Just Be the Biggest Pile of Idiots in U.S. History I HAVE this ongoing discussion with a longtime reader who also just so happens to be a longtime Oakland high school teacher, a wonderful guy who's seen generations of teens come and generations go and who has a delightful poetic sensibility and quirky outlook on his life and his family and his beloved teaching career.

4 Reasons to Change the Way We Think About School

By MARY HICKCOX THE way in which we view education has a lot to do with our past; how we grew up, societal influences, and the way we were schooled ourselves. It is the legacy that we pass on to our children. Tragically, the current way our education system is engineered, it appears our children seem doomed to be unsuccessful.

The Masjid-School Concept

By CRISTINA (MARYAM) IGNAT DURING the early days of Islam – and when Islam started being strong, or “the Golden days of Islam” – the education system of the child was “complete” – right from the beginning. The role of the Masjid was to introduce the kids to Qur’an and Hadith (which is still being maintained in the madrasahs nowadays) – but also to provide necessary education to the potential students (children and adults) with the “dunia education (Math, Arabic, science, medicine, etc.

Allama Shibli and Aligarh Movement

By Prof. Ishtiyaq Ahmad Zilli Director Darul Musannefin Shibli Academy, Azamgarh (UP) India MUHAMMAD Shibli Nomani (1857-1914) more popularly known as Shibli Nomani or even simply as Shibli was born in a respected family of landed aristocracy in Bindawal, a village of Azamgarh district in eastern U.P. in 1857. Thus Shibli was born while the first war of independence was at its peak. Azamgarh and surrounding areas were particularly affected by its patriotic fervour.

Humanity Needs Trusworthy Character On The Pattern Rasulullah (S) Made

HUMAN society has reached to the state of complete moral bankruptcy, especially after great global economic disaster of 2008-09. It needs men of character in every field of life to set its house in order and deliver goodness in each and every sector to make its abode worth living with dignity and honor.

Prophet Muhammad’s Methodology of Revolution

THE Qur’anic verses revealed on Prophet Muhammadﷺ in the first thirteen years of prophethood in Makkah dwell heavily on one topic. Only the way of address, the syntax, style, and approach differed in accordance with the situation. According to the Qur’an, the Oneness and Unity of Allah and subordination of human beings before Him and the relationship between the two are the most central issue of this Deen (Way of life) called Islam. The very foundation of this faith depends on this s

Do Animals Have Rights?

KLYDE was an old camel who had worked hard for many years. He had been faithful in carrying heavy packages for his owner Bar Barak. Klyde was standing under the blazing sun of a scorching day. The camel’s reins were tightly tied to a post. Bar Barak had forgotten to leave any water or grain for Klyde. Besides being thirsty and hungry, Klyde was beginning to feel uneasy. He could hear his owner and the owner’s wife in another of their many arguments. Klyde remembered that he had been beaten many times af

Muhammad (s.a.w.): The only Hope of Mankind

By SHAMIM A. SIDDIQI AT the end of sixth century AD, humanity had lost all the guidance that came from its Creator and Sustainer as how to live, act and behave on earth. There were no human rights anywhere in the world. Under the domination of both the superpowers of the time, the Roman and the Persian Empires, only the ruling class was enjoying rights and privileges. The common man had no rights worth and was treated as serfdom. Women were treated in Christianity as “untouchables.” Under the fold

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