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Establish Masjid Schools Everywhere with Integrated Curriculum

SYED JAWED ANWAR History: THE Muslims’ system of Taleem wa Tarbiyah (education and training) has been continuously working since the advent of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.). In the beginning, as the people of Makkah started accepting and embracing Islam, they were admitted themselves in the Dar-e Arqam. (Dar: a house, a place, a school). Muhammad (s.a.w.) as the teacher and Messenger of God, the beacon of light of knowledge and wisdom, had been teaching and training them by himself. After migration from M

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty Left a Filthy Legacy

SYED JAWED ANWAR IF Pharaohs of Egypt to Hitler of Germany could ever know how to eliminate a human race, if they could have an education plan like McGuinty’s, and if they could bring a bill like Bill 13 and an education “Act “ like “Accepting” (Homosexual) Education Act, and if they could produce a curriculum like TDSB’s Challenging Homophobia and Hetrosexism-a KG to 12 Curriculum for sons of Israel in either Egypt or in Germany, you might not find a single son of Israel (Jew) in the world

Is Ontario “Accepting Education Act” (Bill 13) Neutral? Does it not Change the Curriculum?

SYED JAWED ANWAR A MUSLIM from Scarborough told me that an Imam and Khateeb of a Masjid spoke in his khutba (sermon) last Jummuah (Friday) that the “Bill 13 (the new Ontario’s Accepting Education Act) is harmless; it is neutral and doesn’t change the curriculum.” Similar messages have been posted by some so-called “Islamic leaders” of GTA in different discussion forums/groups. The question should be asked, “Who told you and how did you know? How and why are you interpreting the bill differe

Ontario Homosexual Curriculum K-12 Resource Guide

Following is the curriculum resource guide developed by TDSB, sponsored by Ontario Ministry of Education. This curriculum will be implented in all the boards of Ontario. This is a plan to brainwash and confuse the young minds on the gender issue. Furthermore, as a matter of fact this is a plan to impose gay-life style on all others and declaration of revolt against relegious family values. Peel Board of Education refused the parents for relegious accomadation and Toronto School Board even not bothered to r

How the Ontario New Education Act Will Affect You and Your Children

SYED JAWED ANWAR BILL 13 is an act (law) now; Accepting School Act. It is a biased act promoting homosexuality and seven-gender sex in public funded school. It is not an anti-bullying act as told by some politicians. It is promoting gender fluidity by denying the gender of birth. It is a culture-shift mandate to embrace the homosexual agenda. It is an act to corrupt the minds and souls of young children.

An Ontario Father Is Taking His Children’s School Board to Court

The Canadian Press TORONTO — An Ontario father is taking his children’s school board to court in a bid for advance notice on lesson plans that might contradict his Christian beliefs. Steve Tourloukis is asking Ontario’s Superior Court to force the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board for a heads-up when topics such as marriage, family and sexuality will be discussed in his kids’ classes.

Bill 13: Ontario Gay Politicians Bully Parents

SYED JAWED ANWAR HOW an organized minority controls the government, the media and people, the Ontario’s legislation of Bill 13 is its shining example. The minority LGBTTIQ group lobbied, manipulated, lied, confused, and imposed the bill 13 with school curriculum amendments and changes, keeping parents completely unaware and ignorant.

Ontario Bill 13-A Culture-Shift Mandate: Embracing the Homosexual Agenda

A Biased Education Act By PHIL LEES On June 6th, 2012, the Liberal government passed Bill 13, known as the Accepting Schools Act. It was presented as legislation that would tackle the issue of bullying in schools.

How to Start Home Schooling

By ZOHRA SARWARI What Is Home Schooling? HOME SCHOOLING is simply schooling school aged children at home. Many people are choosing to home school their children today for many reasons. Some people believe that children should be taught at home and some people like the freedom that it gives the family to do other things and still teach the children to read and write. Home schooling has gotten more popular in recent years but it was used all the time in families long ago. Farmers that keep the kids home

Freedom from School: 10 Reasons Why Families Homeschool

SHEHNAZ TOORAWA AS the new school year begins, more than 80,000 children in Canada and 2.5 million children in USA will not enter a school building. What motivates these parents who remove their children from the long-standing, and sometimes free, school system and educate their children themselves? Consider the ten reasons that follow. Many families choose to homeschool their children because they want to:

The Sally Ride Legacy

ELDER GEORGE ON July 23, 2012 we learned that Sally Ride died. Sally was a scientist and the first American woman to travel in a space capsule; she hoped her activities would serve as an inspiration to all women. The Christian Science Monitor wrote, “Sally Ride, a physicist, proved that women could be equal partners with men in space.” Perhaps she proved that she could learn to do what men had done first. Something else that men do that Sally Ride also did is to marry a woman. The desire on the pa

Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling

Book: Dumbing Us Down: the Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling By JOHN TAYLOR GATTO Reviewed by Samuel L. Blumenfeld First Published The Blumenfeld Education Letter - May 1993 It Is Time to Try Something Different NO one in America today is better qualified to report on the true condition of our government education system than John Taylor Gatto, the now-famous educator who spent 26 years teaching in six different schools in New York City and quit because he could no longer take part in a s

Qura'nic Concept of Education and Our Education System

SYED JAWED ANWAR THE prevalent education system of the world (both of East and West) lowered the character of the people at the lowest and brought the world at its complete destruction. Human beings of the “modern world” are behaving worse than beasts. No other creature of the world ever harms its own flock. However, humans are ready to destroy and cleanse out their own races. There is something seriously faulty in the education system.

Generation Killers' "Pride" Parade

SYED JAWED ANWAR First Published in July 2011 in the Muslim on the eve of "Pride Day Parade" . AFTER his great grandfather had an intimate relationship with the woman who would become the grandson’s great grandmother, the grandfather was born. After the grandfather had an intimate relationship with the woman who would become the grandson’s grandmother, the father was born. The father had an intimate relationship with the would-be mother, and soon the son was born. Now, the son has a relationship w

Ontario’s Homosexual Curriculum and Bill 13: The Background with a Muslim Perspective

SYED JAWED ANWAR A LARGE number of Muslim community members living in North America considers building a Masjid as the greatest rewarding deed on this earth. They spent millions of dollars in building and hundreds of thousands of dollars in decorations and erecting high minarets. They spent hundreds of hours in volunteering for these Masajid. However, does any one of them ever think for a second whether the second or third generations would be able s to pray in these Masajid? A group of the Muslim commun

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