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A Holistic Vision of Islamic Education-Tarbiyah Curriculum

A Holistic Vision of Islamic Education-Tarbiyah Curriculum

Top Tips To Develop Mental Toughness

LIVING in a society where being Muslim is regularly likened to being a terrorist and where our culture and way of life is constantly misappropriated and misunderstood can take a real toll on our mental and emotional well being.

Fruits of Dishonor

If you are talented, be a scholar; if you don't have such talent, be a student; if you cann't  be a learner, love scholars. If that too is not possible, at least don't  hate those who are knowledgeable. A ruler of half the world gave his citizens this small lesson in what we often call civilization or culture.

Accomplishment of the Task

Jawed Anwar Long weekends, holidays, and 2016 have gone. We did everything on these days except the one thing that Allah commanded us to do and for which Allah sent His Messengers (and Books) on earth --warning and glad tidings.

Shebe-Abi-Talib: Oppression of Quraish Arab

THE exile of the entire clan of Banu Hashim, to which Prophet Mohammadï·º belonged, is the worst example of trials and tribulations faced by him and his Companions (R.A.). When the Quraish came to know that the Abyssinian Christian ruler Najashi welcomed the Muslim migrants from Makkah and was moved by the Dawah of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh), they became sad as well as furious. They came down heavily on the Prophet and his Companions and even secretly planned to kill him. A pledge was taken that they would not

Imam Hamiduddin Farahi: Pioneer of Concept of Coherency in Quran in Modern Time

By Afzal Usmani It will not be an exaggeration to say that Maulana Hamiduddin Farahi is the most celebrated Quranic scholar Mohammadan Anglo Oriental College and Aligarh Muslim University have ever produced. He is known for his groundbreaking work on the concept of Nazm, or Coherence in the Quran. He was instrumental in producing highly scholarly works, which proved that the verses of the Quran are interconnected in such a way that the Surah, or Chapters, of the Quran form a coherent structure, having its


By Muhammad Tariq Ghazi Here we have a warning: “Whoever intentionally attributes to me something that I did not say or do has made his abode in the Hellfire.” Here we have the world’s first definite law on copyright and against plagiarism.

Junaid Jamshed, A legend and Daee of Islam Dies in Plane Crash

By Farina Siddiqui Junaid Jamshed, the famous Nasheed (Islamic song) artist, a legend, and famous Daee of Islam died today with his wife in a plane crash. Pakistan International airlines (PIA) plane PK-661 carrying 46 passengers returning from Chitral to Islamabad crashed on mountains near Hawelian Abotabad Pakistan.

Dawah to American Power

Jawed Anwar THERE are concerns, worries, and maybe fear in some quarters due to use of words of threats against Islam and Muslims by President Elect Mr. Donald Trump during the Presidential election campaign, 2016. However, the good part is that it opened the debate in America what exactly Islam stands for and what faithful Muslims intend to do. And this is a good opportunity to all the Muslims living in the United States of America to avail this prospect.

Islam is the Deen of America

Jawed Anwar We Muslims are not just a “community” or just a “nation”; we are a missionary community and we are a missionary nation. We are a faith-based community. We have a mission --the same mission as Prophets and Messengers of Allah brought from Allah directly in the past.

President Elect Donald Trump: Positive Aspects from a Muslim Perspective

By Jawed Anwar Donald Trump has been now elected, and he will take oath on Friday, January 20, 2017 as President of USA. There are many positive aspects and opportunities for Muslims to play their role. And we have to play a major role to present Islam to him and to the nation as a way of life.

Muhammad [Pbuh] Changes the World

Shamim A Siddiqi This is the last hope of mankind to survive. Muhammad (S) is now the only leader for mankind to follow till eternity. Will the arrogant leadership of materialistic world see it through? The fate of humanity hinges on this fatal question. Will the good sense prevail over their obstinacy and the urgency of time over their hate against Islam and the benevolent life pattern of Muhammad Ibne Abdullah (pbuh)?

Forbidding Evil: Our Role

Jawed Anwar Islam is a movement; a peaceful, merciful, and nonviolent resistance movement; to enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong, witness the truth and establish DEEN of Allah. Nothing less, nothing more.

Terrorism and Homosexuality: Say No to Both

Jawed Anwar TERRORISM of any form is not justified whether it is state’s wholesale terrorism or people’s retail terrorism anywhere. Similarly, “homosexual” lifestyle is not justified as it is waging war against nature and killing the next generations before coming into this world. Say “No” to both.

AsHab e Badr: And Some Facts About the Battle of Badr

Muhammad Tariq Ghazi The Battle of Badr was result of a Qurayshi aggression and subsequent defense strategy adopted by the Rasool-Allah. The Qurayshi pagans had been planning to destroy the newly established State of The Madinah. They had been oiling their war machine since almost all Muslims had migrated to The Madinah. The evacuee property was “confiscated” by the State of Makkah, sold to bidders and the money thus obtained was put into a war fund. The complete list of Ashab e Badr Al-Kubra


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