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Few Imams and Readers' Comment on Gay-friendly Islamic Leadership

Few Imams and Readers' Comment on Gay-friendly Islamic Leadership

Syed Jawed Anwar

Excerpts of two Imams without comment:

One of the Imams (locally educated) once said, “Is it not the issue of LGBT like a racial issue (black) of Americas? People were discriminating black in the past.  Now it is nation of LGBT (discrimination).”

Another Imam: “Homosexuality is a Canadian thing. It has to stay here. We must vote Liberals.”

One of the Muslim readers has written, “If you don’t like the way public schools are teaching children or how the west is standing up for LGBT rights, feel free to leave the country and go back to your country. If not, live and let live. You didn’t have a problem when they accepted you into this country now did you? But you have a problem how they run it and who lives here and what they do with their lives?”

I received these type of comments not from “racist” White Canadians (except few) but from recent “Muslim” immigrants. As a matter of fact many Canadians and Americans appreciate what I write and offer. But Liberal Muslims dislike and reject it.

We Muslims have the last and final book of revelation, Al-Quran for all mankind. We have the best family values and intact parent system. This is the big asset and most precious thing to offer to our chosen and beloved nations (Canada and USA).

Canada, USA, and West lost their family system. Majority lives without marriage. Now a large number is adopting same-sex relationship. Marriage ends up soon with divorce. Largest number of single moms and single dads live here.

I often experience to see the feelings and sentiments of some of our neighbours --the moms whose grown-up children live separately and do not show up even in for festivities and Mother’s Day. I can see the emotions in their faces and tears in their eyes when they saw our family living together.

We should come out with the Islamic values of justice, peace, mercy, piety, and traditional family system. It is our God-given responsibility to correct and fix the society. We as a bearer of the last and final book of guidance are the last hope for humanity.

Another reader’s response:


“You mentioned that homosexuality is so serious that God took it into His own hands. He sent stones, etc on whole nation and thus killed them all. I think there must have been those who were not following this crime.

In any case, could God not change their feelings of sexuality into normal man-woman sex instead of killing them? Was that the only solution? Could He not provide them some medicines? Secondly, there must have been old men, women, and children who got killed for no sin of homosexuality. It specially applies to those old men who had stopped the sin before a prophet came to preach the right path. Now come to today. Homosexuality is most prevalent in Europe and America so much so that it is now legal that homosexuals can get married. This is more serious than what happened to the nation who were destroyed. And it is there for decades now. Why God is not throwing stones on them and kill them ALL? Incidentally, it will solve lot of problems of Muslim countries too when Western nations will be destroyed.”

 The above mention response is the mixture of ignorance, misquote, misinterpretation, and misunderstanding.

  1. There was only one nation, the nation of Lot (A.S.) mentioned in Qur’an, that indulged in homosexuality. The members who were supporting the Messenger of Allah, Lot (A.S.) and who were actively asking the nation not to be involved in this sin were saved, and they were asked to leave the place in the night before the morning of torment. (Quran 15: 65)
  2. Our 10, 20, 50, few decades, or 100 years are nothing for Allah. In fact, our 1,000 years are equal to one day for Allah.
  3. After Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.), his message and presence of his followers, there is always a hope to change. Re-coming of Jesus will change the world completely. So no nation will be destroyed completely from God’s external torment now before Qiyamah (the last day). However, the nation who will indulge in homosexual lifestyle, will be destroyed by themselves because of their inability to contribute in births of children.
  4. Allah sent Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) as a Mercy upon mankind. East, West, North, South all belong to Allah (S.T.). Earth, skies, and all among them belong to Allah. A Muslim can’t desire to see the destruction of any nation or any part of the world. We are tied up in a universal brotherhood and sisterhood as sons and daughters of Adam and Eve. Adam (A.S.) was the first man and the first Messenger of Allah. We are also tied up with a responsibility as a messenger of Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.) to convey the message, the right and straight path.

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